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25 March 2012

This is just a quick outfit I shot a week ago. I really like the first photo because my face it like not covered in pimples!

If you follow me on twitter you might have notices I've been to IKEA this weekend and I bought some pretty awesome stuff. I'm going to redesign my room and already bought some things to start a bit. In April when I have a day off of school I will be redesigning it with my dad and I'm pretty excited, not sure if he is but yeah.. hahaha!

Blocked blouse from Hollister Co. // Shirt with Aztec print from New Look // Shorts from H&M // Shoes Unknown // Sunglasses from Ray-Ban



  1. the second pic is very beautiful. nice outfit.


  2. Beautiful look! I love the aztec top!

    ♥ Leigh Fox & Feather

  3. I love your aztec top! Have fun redesigning your room! I've been rearranging mine around like crazy lately, wish I could actually BUY new stuff haha, I literally have a mental shopping list of things to buy but don't have the funds!


  4. Gorgeous outfit as per usual! You're looking great :)
    xoxo, Veena

    Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole

  5. I absolutely love your blog!! I am so glad I found this!! U got a new follower! :)

    Come check out my fashion blog, if u want!

    xx, The Cabinet Of Fashion


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