6 February 2014

New Zoeva make-up brushes // selfie during my stressy exam week // Christmas gifts from the lovely Islay // On the phone with my mum who was in Berlin this month // 
The five favourites post that went up this month, find it here // an outfit post that went up this month, find it here // OOTD // New haircut 
Weekly reading // Detailed shot of an outfit that went up, find it here // You can never have too many black boots // TBT to last summer
another outfit that went up this month, find it here, // gorgeous bronzer // in love with my Boohoo hat // This mineral powder is GORGEOUS

So another month has passed and I since I am in bed with a fever, I decided to post my instagram diary today. It's February now which means that my birthday is this Saturday on the 8th, which I am rather excited for! And I really hope that this month will be better than last month. At least it hasn't been snowing which is a plus. Let's keep it that way. Why not skip the upcoming hectic months and just stop life during the July/Summer period. Yes, that's definitely something I'm looking forward to, Summer!


  1. Your Instagram photos are so gorgeous! Hope you feel better soon, lovely x


  2. Wat een leuke fotos! Aah leuk bijna jarig!
    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

  3. Love those chelsea boots and happy birthday for saturday!

    Julia x

  4. Mooie foto's!
    & die chelsea boots.. Super leuk!

  5. Hele mooie foto's! Ik vind je laarsjes zo ontzettend leuk :) en dat hoedje staat je echt schattig! Liefs xo


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