1 October 2014

Hello October! October has got to be one of my favourite months, as I love autumn. Leaves start to change colour and going for a little stroll around town makes that all lots better! With October beginning, September ended, so that means it's time for a new instagram diary.

Summer's over. It's September, which means back to school! | Planning, blogging and feeding my brain with inspiration from my two favourite magazines | Taking full advantage of my Birks while I still can | Today's essentials | Catching up over lunch

It's not really a surprise anymore. I live in stripes and my birks | Soft and cosy jumpers and Zara fragrances are my life right now | All about texture | The older I get, the prettier these buildings in town become | Off to Amsterdam

New outfit post on S&S | I can't stop buying slip ons | Casual Saturday stroll | Reading material in my handbag is an essential | Routine

Shopping in town | Absolutely spoiled by Ketchum PR and especially by Kim! | Weekend attire | Autumn's here | Best pasta ever!!

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