4 December 2014

I've been meaning to put this blog post up for ages and ages, but I feel like I haven't really got the chance or time to properly sit down and write a blog post about this nail polish. So since I've had some time to kill this afternoon I figured, why not take this opportunity to finally sit down and write this blog post. 

So today I'm going to be talking about a nail polish. A nail polish I've been loving for a good two months now. I've kind of been giving my nails a rest lately, but you may have noticed me wearing this nail polish a lot during September and October. This is Artistry Diva nail polish and as you can see it's a classic red. I'm all over reds on my nails all year around so this red would have to be my absolute favourite. It's a gorgeous, classic red that looks gorgeous with two coats on. The nail polish, to my relief, dried quite quickly so I was able to carry on with whatever I was doing quick.

I didn't use any topcoat when I first tried it out and this nail polish lasted a good 3 days when the first chips came, but considering the state of my nails, I am surprised my nail polish didn't chip an hour after I actually painted them.

To conclude this post, I would say that this is one of my favourite nail polishes I own. It's such a lovely colour and they're very opaque, which is always good. The only downside to this nail polish might be the price. They cost €13,18 which is quite a bit of money to spend on nail polish.

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