5 December 2014

Zara coat, COS tee, ASOS jeans and slip ons, CĂ©line sunnies

This is my go to outfit, I absolutely love the leopard from the slip ons to make a statement in this outfit. It could've been a bit of a boring outfit if I wore just black in this outfit, so that's why I decided to get animal spirit out and wear these. Sadly enough this outfit was taken last week and the thought of wearing slip ons terrifies my toes. So maybe my animal spirit phase will be over now too. All I need this week is to wear scarves, jumpers and possibly even thermal leggings under my jeans because that's just how cold it is. I'm kidding. I would never wear thermal leggings, not even when they're hiding under a pair of jeans.


  1. Love your outfit! I am obsessed with leopard print too! x


  2. You look great! Love the dash of leopard xx

  3. Always so beautiful! Love the sneakers!


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