21 January 2015

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive in Julianne's pure red

I always go through phases of loving make-up and especially during winter, I like putting reds on the lips. So I'm always on the hunt for a pretty red lipstick. During my Christmas shopping last month I stumbled across this beauty of a lipstick in the drugstore and had to pick it up. This is such a beautiful dark pink colour that I couldn't stay away from.

Normally I would never go for pink lipsticks as I am not a pink girl at all and it usually really clashes with my skin tone. However this pink is kinda different. It's more of a dark pink/red than a pink pink, if that makes sense? It also makes my teeth look a lot whiter than they really are, and let's be honest... That's always a plus.

As much as I love wearing lipstick, I always will be afraid of that Miranda Sings effect. So I still tend to stay away from lipstick and just put some lip balm on. However I really do like this colour and I will continue to try and pull of red (or in this case pink) lips in my day to day life. If that will not work, I will have a gorgeous reddy pink lipstick in my beauty stash for a party.


  1. You look lovely - this is such a nice colour red as it is light without being too orange <3 xx

  2. Ah dit is zo'n mooi kleurtje! Staat je super!

  3. gosh adore this color on you, it makes your eyes pop and you look stunning !
    and don't worry about the miranda sings effect, i always put some foundation around my lips that prevents the lipstick from 'bleeding' off of my lips!
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats

  4. The colour really suits you! I wish I had more confidence to wear bright coloured lipsticks because I am dying to try a L'Oreal Collection Exclusive lipstick x

  5. This colour lipstick looks amazing! I will have to keep an eye out for it ☺

  6. You beautiful, beautiful thing! That colour suits you so much! I've just screen grabbed this photo as hair-spiration! I just LOVE IT! xo

  7. Deze is echt heel mooi! Staat je ook heel erg goed :)

  8. Gorgeous colour, suits you perfectly! xx


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