25 January 2015

I've had a bit of an uneventful week that eventually turned into a not so good week. But thank god that it's weekend now, so I can relax a bit. The other day I wasn't having a good day and I was craving pancakes. However I'm still trying to eat as healthy as possible, so I decided to make banana pancakes. And they were good.

For my banana pancakes I used two small bananas and two eggs. That's it. I mashed the bananas and put the mashed bananas and the eggs in a bowl. Use a whisk or a fork to whisk it all together and then just prepare them how you would prepare normal pancakes. It's so easy and quick to make for breakfast or lunch and it's so tasty. Add some fruit to it and you will have the best breakfast/lunch/brunch! 


  1. perfect and easy recipe! thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope you're feeling better now Laura! Also those pancakes look delicious, I'll have to make them soon ☺


  3. i love banana pancakes, they are so yummy, you should try making french toast with the banana pancake mix, that's also heavenly.
    xx ish
    Tiny Heart Beats


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