15 February 2015

Another Sunday, another Sunday post. This week mainly has been about being with friends and family. I went out on lots of birthday dinners this week and celebrated my birthday this Saturday. I got spoiled rotten and am on a post-birthday pink cloud.

I am absolutely exhausted and spent this morning going through the latest Dutch Vogue, which is a collector's issue with Doutzen Kroes and her family on the cover. It's such a gorgeous photo series that I just can't stop staring at. To finish my reading session I started reading It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be. Which is a book I've been interested in for quite some time now! So I'm happy that I got it as a birthday present.

Life is going back to normal now. The birthday festivities are pretty much over and I am perfectly fine with that. I can't wait to get into bed tonight, because as much as I love celebrating birthdays, they can be pretty exhausting.


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