3 March 2015

Ahhh it's March. I am so excited that it's March; if you haven't noticed already as I have been talking about March and spring in the last two posts. Now that February, my birthday month is over it was obligatory to do another style and sushi on instagram post! So here it is!

My bag is a mess | Had so much fun at the @benefitnetherlands event | Making flatlays is starting to become a hobby of mine | Happy Sunday! It's my birthday today! I'm 18, finally!! | Just came back from a yummy dinner with friends! So good to catch up

So many lovely birhtday presents from long lost twin @Islaay!! Thank you babe, I miss youuu!! | I went out for a birthday dinner again, I swear my life isn't always this eventful! | Feeling very inspired so writing down all of my outfit ideas for upcoming blog posts | Pretty marble platters to keep pretty jewellery on | Weekend vibes with friends

The morning after ... | #latergram from the weekend, 'cause I'm stuck in bed with a stomach flu | Could really use summer right about now | Make you banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend now | My little Apple family

Currently wishing I was in London for fashion week | I caved okay | Life is good today | I'm a big sucker for packaging | Amsterdam, you were lovely! 

This month literally flew by. I remember going to the Benefit event early February like it was yesterday! Don't forget to follow @styleandsushi on instagram to have a sneak peek into my life! 

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