15 March 2015

Happy Sunday! Like I said in the latest post, this week has been hectic and uneventful. I've been very busy with school and work and I could feel my anxiety levels starting to rise from all of the stress. That's why I decided to make this weekend as carefree and unstressful as possible. This weekend was all about me-time and me-and-my-blog-time. So I spent yesterday evening, after I got home from work, in bed with multiple good cuppas tea and watched the Hunger Games trilogy. It was great, in a non-sarcastic way!

I slept in for most of this morning, which also felt great. Then I finally got ready and decided to just stay lazy in bed all day. I have spent most of today looking through the Kinfolk magazine pictured above that my friends gave me for my birthday last month and am planning on doing some blog reading tonight, while I slap on this Parsley seed face mask by Aesop. I might actually watch Gone Girl tonight too which I am pretty excited about.

As you can read my weekend was all about down time. Being lazy on a weekend is one of my favourite things in life. What did you do this weekend?


  1. What a way to unstress! This weekend has been hectic for me but after reading this post, I would really like to spend this weekend stress free with tea and a book in my hand. :)

    The Style Roll

  2. Sounds like a great sunday! I think we all need a lazy day once in a while - some of us more then others! Cute post xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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