14 March 2015

ZARA coat, Primark tee, Mango trousers, Adidas superstar trainers, Céline sunnies, Monki bag

Apologies for some of the radio silence that has been going on on the blog this week. I've been really busy. Combining school, work and a blog can sometimes get a bit hectic, as you all probably know as well. Besides that I've also felt really uninspired lately when it comes to outfits. I feel like all of the clothes that I currently own basically are clothes that can only be worn in winter, so now that it's slowly but surely getting to spring, I just have no clue what to wear. 

I basically feel a need to take a night off and just do some blog reading instead of stressing about a gazillion other things. Tonight I will spend lazily in bed, finally catching up on blog posts and lots of magazines that have been some sort of a nightstand next to my bed. Yes, that's actually happening. 


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