19 April 2015

Today has been spent with my brother, we went into town, grabbed a coffee, catched up and eventually ended up in Zara because I had to pick up my order of basic t-shirts. Classic. Then we went to an IKEA like store to get some stuff for his house and went home.

Ever since I got home I've been reading about photography in this book that I got in London. It's called Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs by Henry Caroll and I plan on finishing this book tonight! I love learning new stuff about photography and I have this really cool idea for a blog project but it involves quite some camera skills and since I barely know anything about it, this book comes in pretty handy!


  1. That sounds like a pretty ideal way to spend a Sunday in my view- I bloody love IKEA but I have to be really restrained whenever I go in or I'd end up trying to buy everything haha xx

  2. This looks like a really good book. I've been meaning to pick something like this up for a while so I might check it out! xx



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