31 July 2015

MANGO leather jacket (similar), ZARA dress, Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Monki bag

Does it look like I am off to play tennis or what? To me it looks like I am off to play (stylish) tennis right about now. It totally has to do with the cut of this dress styled with these shoes. I used to play tennis when I was little, and always wore dresses like these. Tennis was my obsession. Then I got an ankle injury, got too lazy to play it again and never wore a tennis dress again. Until now! This isn't a real tennis dress, but the cut of this dress brings back so many memories. There's always room for new "memories" so there's another one of my obsessions included in this dress. Stripes. If you know me, you probably know by now that I am obsessed with stripes. You could say that I own nearly every striped top that's being sold in Zara. 


  1. Heel mooi Laura! Wat heb je trouwens een gave kleur haar <3

  2. Summery but warm at the same time, I love it!



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