22 November 2015

So for today's Sunday post I am writing about a few of the things I look forward to until the end of the year. It sounds quite lame, but December probably is my favourite month of the year so I wanted to list all the things I probably will be doing in December that I look forward to.

  • Sightseeing in London
  • Discovering new places in London
  • Finally meeting up with Ellie again! 
  • Doing my Christmas shopping
  • Giving my Christmas presents to everyone
  • My Christmas break
  • Christmas!!!
  • Going to the cinema with friends to watch The Hunger Games
  • Seeing lots of my family and friends in December
  • The Christmas food
  • Getting my polaroid camera out during December
  • Getting a new diary for 2016
  • Grabbing a Hot Chocolate when it's freezing outside
  • Wear beanies because my ears will freeze off
Is there anything you are looking forward to until the end of the year? Are you going away soon or is there anything else that is happening that you've been looking forward to?


  1. Ik ga ook naar Londen in december! Ik ben er dit jaar al 2 keer geweest, maar nog nooit in de winter. Ik kan niet wachten om mijn favoriete stad zo prachtig versierd te zien :D

  2. I should write a list like this. I'm definitely really looking forward to December!
    Hope you have fun here in London :p

    Joana x

  3. ah leuk dat je naar London gaat! leuke dingen om naar uit te kijken :)


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