29 December 2015

So I am not really a jewellery kinda person, because I normally can't find jewellery that's affordable and that I like. I came across Jewel Rue about two months ago and absolutely loved their minimalistic jewellery, so I put some on my Christmas Wishlist.

Jewel Rue noticed my Christmas wishlist blog post and were kind enough to send me my two favourite bracelets on their website! Now I am hoping to get myself a Cluse watch and some more jewellery so I can finally pull of that minimal jewellery look that I like! So a huge thank you to the lovely ladies at Jewel Rue for starting my minimal jewellery collection! :)


  1. love how dainty the bracelets are. they suit you so well.


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  3. Hi Laura─
    You are so welcome! Thanks for the kind words. We're so happy you love them, they look great on.

    Jewel Rue / www.jewelrue.com


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