26 February 2016

I love myself some food, and whenever I'm stuck on what I want for lunch, I go for this recipe. This is my healthier version of a tuna salad sandwich. This is a really quick recipe that I have been using constantly lately.

The ingredients
1 avocado
1 can of tuna
1/2 of a small red onion 
A slice of the bread of your choice
So I always begin with the avocado. I usually cut it up into cubes and then mash it into a big avocado-y mess. I put that into a bowl and then move onto the red onion. I just cut those up like anyone else would and put the red onion into the bowl too. This is the time to start toasting your bread, so put it in the toaster for as long as you like. Move on to the canned tuna. I usually buy a can of tuna with olive oil, so when I open the can of tuna, I usually let all of the oil go first, and then get all the tuna out and put it in the bowl with the avocado and the red onion. Then I just mix it all together with a fork and that's usually when my toast is now ready. I put the tuna avocado salad on to my piece of toast and get eating.

If you don't feel like actually having a piece of bread with this you could just eat it as a salad! I've done that multiple times!
And if you feel like there's something missing I'd say add a bit of lemon juice; this will give the tuna salad a bit more zingy, which is lovely! 

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