6 March 2016

It's March, Spring is coming and I haven't done my month instagram diary yet. So without further or do here's what I posted on my instagram during the month of February, my birthday month!

Hoping that these will clear up my skin after a hectic and stressful month | Picked up some @kikomilano goodies | Today's pretty essentials | A few of my favourite beauty bits and bops | Lazy Saturdays | Sunday relaxin, dreaming of Paris 

19th birthday today, eeek! | Belated picture of yesterday's amazing birthday gifts! | The latest outfit on S&S (link) | Early mornings | Slow Saturday mornings | Where I'll be today, binge watching making a murderer, Happy V-day 

Preview of the outfit post that will be published later today (link) | Today's flatlay essentials | Today's not so weather appropriate outfit, pretty sure that I have frozen ankles | I'm so late when it comes to this coffee scrub trend, but I love it! Smooth legs all day every day | Today's Sunday bed situation | Spending today working on the blog

Last week's flatlay, back when it was sunny | Off to Amsterdam for the day | Midday chicken soup and magazines to cure this weird stomach flu of mine | Here's what's in my bag | Like I needed another pair of these | New room decor, Love this skull I got at Sissy Boy, it's fake btw! 

I am so ready for spring weather. I am over the cold, grey and rainy days. Let those blossoms bloom and give me back that tan I am after. Now that the days will be longer I hope to incorporate a little spring into my instagram feed too - read show off my succulent and cactus collection. You can always find me on my Instagram snapping away flatlays and other outfits. My username on Instagram is @styleandsushi or you can find me on instagram with the hashtag #styleandsushi. I am also on snapchat and I've been using it more regularly lately! My username on there is lauragroenewoud. 

Happy Sunday!

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