15 March 2016

Primark trenchcoat, ZARA tee (similar), H&M trousers (similar), Adidas Stan Smith trainers, Mango bag (similar)

I wanted to wear something casual back when I wore this outfit last week. I was in a meeting about some uni related stuff, so I wanted to look semi-presentable, so I decided to wear a pair smart trousers, combined it with my favourite striped t-shirt and added comfort with my Adidas Stan Smith. The trenchcoat ended up being a bit too cold to wear on its own so I put on a cardigan underneath the trenchcoat and added a thick black scarf when I went outside to go do some errand running afterwards. I look forward to being able to wear this trenchcoat without having to put another four layers on because it looks like it's warm and sunny outside, when in reality the sun it's out and it's just above zero degrees. Where are thou spring? I am ready for you.


  1. I am loving your coat! Especially with that outfit. Oh I can't wait for spring too, I'm bored of wearing so many layers.

    1. Thank you! Me too! I am so sick of all the layers!


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