3 July 2016

How can it possibly be July already?! June went by so fast, I can barely believe it myself! With June ending there's another month that went by on Instagram! So without further or do, here's what I have been up to during June.

Restocking my all time favourite face mask | Obsessed with this @cosstores sweatshirt | Every blogger's favourite season, peony season | Sun's out, Birks are out 

Summer wardrobe malfunctions | Lighter base for summer | Banana pancakes for breakfast | Currently wishing that this was my view while working on the blog, instead of my room

Peonies! Happy Friday | Sunday dreaming | This outfit is live on S&S now (link) | When you're turning into a beauty junkie and net to buy everything

This outfit from last week is now up on the blog! (link) | Taking daily style inspiration from queen VB | Happy Father's Day! Started my day with banana pancakes | Spending this rainy Monday evening in bed watching some Netflix, so much for summer

Today's bits and bops | Pretty flowers to make me forget about this horrible, rainy day | Summer starts here | 
This outfit is live on the blog right now! (link

Some of the things that I recently got for summer (link) | Happy Monday! Having trouble waking up this morning! What are you up to today? | All of the pretty mess that's in my bag | Looking forward to seeing palm tress again soon!

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