18 July 2016

It's that time of the year where most people leave to go on holiday, and this year all of my friends seem to come to me to ask me what they should bring on holiday with them. So instead of constantly making lists, I decided to make one public packing list that shows everyone what I think are essentials for a minimalist with a minimalist wardrobe.

Instead of just sharing this page with my friends, I also decided to put it online and share it with you, because it might be helpful to some of you! I created a list like this last year, but I realised that some things were missing from the list, so here's an updated list of all the essentials you should bring if you're off on a long, summer holiday soon!

I'd love to know if you're off on holiday soon and where you're off to!
Have an amazing holiday if you're off soon!


  1. Ik ben net terug van vakantie in Portugal, maar ga volgende week naar Ibiza dus dan ga ik je lijstje gebruiken!

    1. Oh wat leuk!! Veel plezier op vakantie! :) x


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