10 December 2016

Ugh, this year literally has been going by so fast. I can't believe we're closing in on already being halfway through December. I feel like as we're getting older, the months just become shorter and shorter. This past month on Instagram has been a whirlwind of cosy knits and lots and lots of my own food. So without further or do, here's my instagram activity from November!

Today was such a perfect day to wear these boots out!  | An outfit from the weekend, now up on the blog! (link| Morning! I am in desperate need of my @skinnycoffeeclub coffee this morning! | Wishing that breakfast would look a little something like this today! | When taking this flatlay is the highlight of your day cause you're starting to get sick and studying for an exam  | Missing the cute and colourful streets of London 

Morning coffee. Happy weekend! | Messy hat hair! (link) | Autumnal wardrobe essentials. Finished my exams today so I'm gonna treat myself with some shopping in town Flatlays for days. Finally got the chance to take things slow again after a few hectic weeks | Got myself a new lipstick from @kikomilano | This outfit is now up on the blog! Have you seen it yet? (link)

Taking things slow on a Sunday | Such a cliché, but Mondays really aren't so bad when your breakfast looks like this! | Started my morning with some @skinnycoffeeclub coffee! Get 20% off your order using the code STYLEANDSUSHI20 | What's in my bag today | #latergram of this beautiful part of town | Waiting to see how long it will take me to get any stains on this top

Have been having a moment with graphic tees lately | This mornings cliché Sunday situation | An outfit post from the weekend now up on the blog! (link) | Doing a bit of work on the blog before switching off for the evening with a book and a face mask | This mornings semi-healthy, boring and late breakfast | New outfit post up on the blog with this blouse! (link)

The latest makeup routine. Post will be up on the blog soon! | Sunny Saturday bag essentials | Sunday's are for late pancake breakfasts! Happy Sunday | New outfit post up on the blog! (link) | I have nothing to post and had such an uneventful day so here are some room details | Planning lots of exciting new blog posts for December!

So those are all of my photos that I took during the month of November on Instagram. If you're interested in catching up on what I do on a day to day basis, you could always follow my on my instagram, which is @styleandsushi. I have been using Instagram Stories lately so you can see my 'not so aesthetically pleasing life' that I also lead - read, go to uni and stuff like that. 


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