20 December 2016

I love Christmas and all the things that come with Christmas. My favourite thing about Christmas is probably getting to spend lots and lots of time with your family and other loved ones. We always have this tradition where my brother and his girlfriend come to our house on Christmas Eve and we have the biggest feast of all time. Mostly including alcoholic drinks, however I am not really a big alcohol lover, so what I like to do is make myself some non-alcoholic drinks and today I am sharing my favourites with you!

Cherry Lime Soda

100 ml grenadine
400 ml Sparkling water (I used San Pellegrino)
2 juiced limes
Maraschino cherries

Put the grenadine and the sparkling water into a jug, add the lime juice, stir and you're ready! Add a few maraschino cherries when you're serving and you're done!

Sparkling Pomegranate and Cranberry

150 ml Cranberry juice
150 ml Pomegranate juice
250 ml Sparkling Water (I used San Pellegrino)
2 juiced limes
Pomegranate seeds 
Ice cubes

This recipe will make two non-alcoholic cranberry and pomegranate drinks. For this first drink all you have to do is put all of the liquids into a big jug. Then squeeze your limes until all the juice came out and put it into the jug with all the liquids. Stir with a spoon and add ice cubes. When serving you can add pomegranate seeds into the drink to  

Faux Champagne

100 ml Grenadine
150 ml sparkling water (I used San Pellegrino)
150 ml ginger ale
100 ml white grape juice

This will make faux champaign for two, just put everything into a jug, give it a little stir and you're good to go! 

These recipes are so quick and easy to make for Christmas! My absolute favourites are the Sparkling pomegranate and cranberry drink and the faux champagne drink! When I was younger I always used to drink faux champagne at New Years Eve, and now that I know how to create my own I might start using it again during New Years! 


  1. Ah fijn deze recepten! Ik drink de laatste tijd bijna geen alchohol dus misschien ga ik rond de feestdagen een van deze drankjes maken :)

    1. Thanks babe! Hopelijk vind jij ze ook zo lekker! :) xx

  2. Sparkling pomegranate and cranberry looks so yum! x

  3. Ze zien er sowieso al heel mooi uit!


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