5 April 2017

If there is something that I always tend to postpone in my life, it definitely is a haircut. I tend to only get my hair cut whenever I feel like it is starting to get too long and I basically can not work with it anymore. Now that I started interning I found that there was not really that much time to go to the hair dressers anymore, while sleeping in, while catching up with friends, but while also seeing family.

So when I shot my latest outfit outside with my friend whom I had not seen in about four weeks, she told me that I really needed a hair cut. And you know that you need a hair cut when people start commenting about it. So I called and made an appointment to get my hair cut again.

Once again I went a lot shorter. I absolutely love my shorter hair. I think it looks so much better than when I had longer hair back in the day. This time however, we added a lot more layers into my hair than we usually do. I love it and I love how much more volume I have now. Anyway, my hair looks a lot more healthy again and I absolutely love it!


  1. You hair looks fantastic! Also, your makeup looks amazing!! I would love to read a post on it in the future ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

    1. Thank you Laila! I will be posting a routine soon! :) xx

  2. Your hair looks lovely! I'm definitely loving the shorter cuts myself too!

    Thuy xo

  3. Love it! You look gorgeous! xxx


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