3 April 2017

Now that it is April, I can really feel the spring weather in the air. Lots of trees started blossoming their beautiful flowers and the weather is really getting quite a lot warmer than it used to be before. That means that I can finally start shooting outfits outside again after I come home from interning all day. It's been quite hard planning to shoot in the evenings, as sometimes sundown comes faster than expected. This outfit for instance is shot just before the sun went down, but we had quite a hard time getting the lighting right, so I really need to look into shooting just before sundown, so my photos come out a little clearer.

This is just a quick casual weekend outfit, that I wore last week. It was quite hot during the day but it really cooled down during the evening so I wore my winter coat on top of this old Mango striped shirt. Combined with a pair of boots, which is perfect for this weather when it really cools down during the evenings!

What I'm wearing
H&M coat
Mango shirt (similar)
ASOS jeans
Sacha boots
Stradivarius bag
CĂ©line sunglasses

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