6 August 2017

Poké bowls are my go to dinner whenever my parents and I don't know what to have. It's such an easy way of eating something healthy with its rice and lots of vegetables. I have absolutely no idea where the name poké bowl comes from. It constantly makes me giggle and reminds me of Pokémon whenever someone says it. Anyway, enough rambles, my version of a Poké bowl includes salmon, carrots, cucumber and avocado.

This recipe is good for 4 persons. 

The ingredients
250 grams of white rice (I use basmati or sushi rice)
200 grams of carrots (I bought julienne so I don't have to slice it)
300 grams of smoked salmon
1 cucumber
2 avocado's
1 chili pepper
3 table spoons of soy sauce
120 mls of rice vinegar

First of you start by cooking your rice. Just follow the instructions on the packaging. Once the rice is cooked, you add half of the rice vinegar. Stir through the rice and let it cool down. 

Then move on to the salmon. Slice the salmon into cubes and slice the chili pepper in half. Remove the seeds and then slice the chili into cubes. Put the salmon in a bowl with the chili pepper and the soy sauce. Stir that around for a little bit and put the salmon in the fridge.

Then peel the cucumber into slices with a peeler. We use a cheese slicer for this, as it's easier. You can dice the cucumber too if you like that better. Then cut the avocado into slices. Because we bought carrots already cut julienne, we just had to add this to the bowl, but you could slice whole carrots with a slicer or a cheese slicer too. 

Put the rice into four seperate bowls and start adding all the toppings. Add the Salmon, avocado, cucumber and the carrots. I usually put a little bit of extra soy sauce to the bowl itself, so it has a bit more flavour. 

That's it. That's how we make our Poké bowls. I have no idea if this is the right recipe, but my mum and I kind of started making it like this after seeing it in a magazine once. 

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