23 April 2018

It can be quite hard to keep blogging while also still being a uni student or when you're working full time. I admire bloggers who are able to blog every single day, get creative content going and are still able to work on the side. Blogging can take up quite a lot of time and it's very important to have things for your blog in order, in order to be able to post regularly, while still also having new and exciting content to show. In this post I am going to share a few tips with you on how I try to stay blog organised and to keep up with everything that has to do with my blog.


18 April 2018

Skincare is something that I love. I am always trying to learn new things about skincare. This all has to do with me trying to find the perfect routine that keeps my cystic acne in check. By reading and learning so much about skincare and skin types, my friends and family are always coming to me for tips and tricks when they have their own skin concerns. Now I am going to be giving a little disclaimer as I am in no way an expert or followed a course for this, so please don’t take whatever I am saying too serious. Throughout the years I found a routine that works for my skin, however this routine of products might not work for you. 

Recently one of my friends was asking advice about what kind of routine they should start using as they have joined the ‘twenty club’. I decided to turn it into a blog post as I thought it would be fun to read and it could be quite helpful to you too. Yet again, I am in no way an expert or have studied for this so please do your own research before creating a routine and buying products too.


16 April 2018

Last week was a bit of an off-week for me. I felt very demotivated by social media and I noticed that I have this love-hate relationship with social media. As much as I love social media and would love to pursue my professional career in social media in the future, I also kind of hate it for a few reasons. Today's Monday and it's a new week. I am feeling much better again and I am much more motivated to blog and post on Instagram again. So to break down this whole thought process I have gone through last week, I thought I would share this post on the blog. Hoping to share something relatable or maybe to bring you a peak into my life.


9 April 2018

After posting my five favourites post, in which I mentioned my Lancaster Mademoiselle Ana bag, I thought it would be fun to actually show you what I carry around in this little bag when I am out and about in town. I usually carry this bag along with me when I am off to run errands or am going to see friends in town. This is the perfect everyday sized bag to carry around with you, as you can still fit lots of stuff into the bag, which you will be able to see in this post.


6 April 2018

March flew by and we're already a week into April. I feel like I say this every month, but honestly, where does time go? And most importantly: How is it every month flying by? It took me a while to sit down and properly think about my five favourites of the month of March, mainly because my brain turned to mush after I turned in all of my assignments for uni. So it took me a little while to think of them all, but I soon realised that I have been loving quite a few fashion bits over the past month. So without further or do, these are the five things I have been loving during the month of March.