20 February 2019

Even though I usually started on assignments right on time, I did find it hard to combine multiple bigger assignments that needed to be handed in on the same day. This usually left me with one assignment that I had to finish very last minute, which is always stressful. If you are anything like me and get stressed on a bit of a bigger deadline, then here are some of my tips on how to power through that last minute deadline.


18 February 2019

These first two months of 2019 have been very focussed on my blog. January has really been all about where I want to take my blog in the future now that I am soon going to be graduating. Before this I had never really sat down and created a strategy for my blog as I always saw it as a hobby and didn’t think about the content I put online too much. This year however, I feel like it’s so important to really know what you want to do and achieve with your blog. This post is totally inspired by the beautiful Vix Meldrew and her blog, as she has motivated to really think and be more aware of my blog.

It can be quite hard if you want to start a blog, so it’s even harder to find your blogging voice in a world where there are so many blogs online. I still find this difficult myself, and am nowhere near as professional as I would like my blog to be, but thankfully I set myself a couple of blogging goals in January to help guide me through this year and to truly rediscover my blogging voice. I am hoping this blog post will be helpful to you too!


12 February 2019

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Yay I am officially 22 now! I now have to find out if I wrote down my age on every online platform and change it... I need to find a better method for that. These past few days have officially gone by in a blur. I think it’s because the weather last week was miserable and most days merged into one as I spent most of the days last week chilling at home. I have always been a person who prefers to stay at home during my birthday instead of overdoing it and going clubbing and getting wasted. I am a true grandma at heart and I am not ashamed about it at all. Anyway, this year I think I spent my birthday the slowest I have ever spent it. These past few weeks I have just felt very anxious, stressed and a bit down by the dreary weather. One look on the weather app and it was clear that it was going to be rainy on my birthday. It didn’t take look for me to decide that I wanted to take things slow and to focus on self-care besides on my birthday before celebrating it with friends and family. So here’s what I did on my chilled birthday.


6 February 2019

It’s my birthday this week! I feel like I have shouted this from the rooftop lots already, but I am just going to be saying it once more, so I can explain the three upcoming posts on my blog a bit more. I am turning 22 on Friday (8 February) and I thought it would be fun to dedicate my birthday week (kind of) to share some more personal things with you on here. I have had this little corner on the internet for over 8 years now, but I haven’t really shared that much about my personal life on here before. I always like to think I am pretty open and honest on who I am and what I do on here, but there might be a few things you don’t know about me just yet.
So to continue last years tradition where I shared 21 things about me, I thought it would be fun to share another 22 facts about me so you can get to know me a little better!


4 February 2019

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Oh hello February! January felt so long and I am so happy it's February. Mainly because it's my birthday later this week. January was a long month and we definitely had a couple of days where it was super gloomy and rainy, which definitely is the thing I hate about winter. But winter will always have those days and the winter depression has definitely been real in January. That's why I had to lift my spirits a bit in different things. There definitely are a couple of things I have loved as well as used lots in January that I can't wait to share with you.