22 April 2019

Over the years I have assembled quite a staple wardrobe with a personal style. I went from a bit of a hipster-kind of phase in 2015 into the complete opposite direction. I was over tie-dye and the semi-gothic/hipster look. I was only 16 years old at the time so it was quite hard for me back then to discover what kind of new personal style I wanted to adopt. I started using platforms such as Instagram and blogs as my inspiration and soon discovered that I am a huge lover of the minimal, Scandinavian, casual chic sort of look, which I hope also shines through into my day-to-day style.


19 April 2019

Ever since I was young Sunday has always been my ‘get your shit together’ day. When I was still in high school I always did my homework on Sundays. Back when I still had homework at university I also used to do those tasks or ‘homework’ on Sundays. Now that I am a bit older and am in charge of some homely tasks I like to ‘get my shit together’ again on Sundays. Over the past few years I have adapted my Sunday plans to start the new week off on good. This has helped me feel a lot less stressed, anxious and has really helped me feel less overwhelmed by all the tasks I have set to do do in my week ahead.


17 April 2019

We’re in this era where we are lucky enough to keep in contact with everyone around us and all over the world at any time of the day. Our phones have made it available for us to always be online, available and ready to share something exciting that is happening in life. As great as that is, it also has some negatives. There are many negative effects I personally suffer from from being on my phone too much, such as headaches, trouble focussing on writing my dissertation my eye prescription slowly getting worse and worse every time I get my eyes checked, being extremely tired throughout the day.
Throughout the past months I have read more and more articles about the effects of having your phone with you 24/7. More people seem to be having the exact same negative effects because of our phones being glued to our hand. I even read young kids have trouble focussing at school, find it hard to fall asleep at night and sometimes fall asleep during class. The negatives of our phones are really being written about recently and let’s be real right now: our phone is a new sort of addiction. I have never smoked or have done drugs in my life, so I’m not sure what addiction feels like, but I am pretty sure my phone is mine is my addiction.


15 April 2019

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It’s been spring for nearly a month now, but we are yet to have actual enjoyable temperature spring days. This has actually been quite confusing to me as I was able to wear a super lightweight jacket while I was away on my trip in Lisbon. The Netherlands is completely different than Portugal though. We are still quite in-between seasons, where lots of days are still quite chilly.

Transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring is always a confusing one to me personally. I find it super challenging to go from wearing a super cosy knit 6/7 days to wearing spring blouses and tops. I have the exact same problem with jackets and some of you messaged me on Instagram that you actually find this quite hard too. Since we both seem to be a bit confused as to what kind of in-between jackets to wear at the moment, I thought I would share a couple of my go-to in-between jackets for when you’re off to uni, work or are going to venture into town for the day.


8 April 2019

Back at the end of March I spent a weekend in Lisbon with my cousins and had such a glorious time. I was already planning on doing a little city guide on Lisbon, but a couple of you lovelies also asked me to do it, which confirmed it to me: I needed to post my Lisbon city guide as soon as possible. It took me a little while to edit the photos and write my post, but it’s finally here: my Lisbon city guide!

Unlike my trip to Milan with my cousin back in August last year, this was actually a trip that my cousins and I booked quite far in advance. We had booked flights in October and booked our apartment via AirBnB in December. We had lots of time to prepare for this city trip we had booked and we did quite a lot of research before we went so we could explore the city to its fullest.