22 May 2019

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It has been a while since I last wrote about my skin. It was the autumn of 2018 and I have made quite a few skin adaptions ever since writing that post. One of the main things that has changed in my skincare routine is that I added hyaluronic acid into my skincare routine. I have read a lot about hyaluronic acids over the years and something that stuck to me is that it’s usually used in anti-aging products. The reason for this is the older you get, the more you lose the ability to retain water in your skin, which can cause wrinkles, dryness and doesn’t repair your skin as fast as you would normally do. So this was always one of the main reasons why I avoided hyaluronic acid. I thought it wasn’t suitable for my skin, as I didn’t deal with wrinkles and dryness as other people do. My skin was always combination to oily, which is why I felt like it wouldn’t be a match for me.


20 May 2019

Last night I started looking through some old holiday photos to get myself pumped for my summer holiday. I have been going to Marbella ever since I was a little kid and absolutely love spending a holiday there. Lots of people always ask me for tips and things to do in Marbella, as I have been going there for so long. It's still one of my favourite summer holiday destinations and I start looking forward to it usually after Christmas has ended.

Marbella can be seen as a super glamorous and rich city that revolves around rich people being seen in their expensive cars and the extremely expensive beach clubs. It's especially like this during the summer time. Call me Dutch or maybe it’s because I am an extreme introvert but that’s not my scene at all. I love to spend my summer holidays in Marbella just chilling and doing things that help me recharge my battery until I am back the next summer. So if you're a bit like me and like to have a chilled holiday in Marbella, then keep reading to discover five of my favourite things to do in Marbella.


13 May 2019

One of my aims this year is to keep it more real on the blog this year. Besides my blog, I also still go to university and do some freelance work every now and again. It means that I actually spend the majority of my free time at home working on my dissertation, doing work for clients or editing photos for my blog. I didn’t have any time to go and shoot new photos for the blog last week because of dissertation work and the glum weather. That’s why I thought I would be fun to share a week of my ‘real’ outfits on the blog instead because my outfits for when I am working from home are quite different than what I normally would share on the blog, as comfort is always key on these sit-down and work days. This post was inspired by the lovely Pinja, who shared this idea on her blog a couple of weeks ago.


10 May 2019

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Spring outfits have really been on my mind this past week. I can’t wait to wear outfits like this one again. The first few days of May have been an actual challenge to survive as it felt like it was autumn or winter with only 8 to 12 degree Celsius weather. It’s not something I am used to in May, as we have had so many gorgeous months in the years before this. Anyway, I decided to brave the weather anyway and tried to shoot an outfit I cannot stop wearing as soon as the weather gets above 15 degrees Celsius weather. The weather really seems to be looking up in the upcoming couple of days so I really hope I can do some more outside shooting soon to share some more spring looks.


8 May 2019

It’s only been about a year since I started calling myself a personal style blogger instead of a ‘fashion blogger’. And I wouldn’t even really call myself a ‘personal style blogger’, as I just tend to throw on things that I feel comfortable in. I would rather classify myself as 'just a blogger' if I had to. The change in this terminology is something I have thought about for over the years, as my blog has gradually matured a bit. I don’t see myself as a classic fashion blogger like we had them in 2012, and even back then I didn't feel like the classic sort of fashion blogger. I have had this blog since 2011, which means it will be 8 years of blogging for me this summer. I have spend almost a third of my life blogging and if you go through my old post - please don't look through them, I am embarrassed by them, thank you - you can really tell that my blog, my style and I have grown up and matured a lot - or at least I like to think I matured. My friends and family might say something else.

And having a little corner on the internet for that long makes you think about stuff sometimes. Back in the day I used to wear lots of colour, liked keep up on fashion trends and looked forward to reading fashion magazines to see what was on trend. That was the main reason I started my blog, because I loved fashion and new fashion trends that much. Over the years a lot has changed, which I felt like I needed to write down.