18 March 2019

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I tend to always go back to write these sorts of blog posts as soon as a new season rolls around. But as soon as a new season starts to appear, I can start to panic. Back when I was younger I classified myself as a fashion blogger. I felt a lot of pressure to buy on-trend pieces and to be up-to-date on what is going on in fashion land. Even if I didn't particularly like certain pieces that are on trend I would buy them, just so I could belong.

Thankfully I have grown up a lot over the past years and have found my own style. That's why I now see myself as a ‘personal style’ blogger instead of a fashion blogger or a super trendy person. These past few years have made me grow up and made me realise that I don't have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and I shouldn't buy clothes just because my friends wear them or because my favourite blogger is wearing it. I have come to realise that style is about you, about what you like and what you think looks gorgeous on you. However, if you're a bit like me and have a slight of a panic as soon as the new season rolls around, then keep on reading for a couple of my tips on how to define your style for the upcoming two seasons this year.


15 March 2019

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If there’s one thing the Dutch and the British people have in common, it’s to talk about the weather a lot. We love to discuss it and as soon as the sun comes out most of us are in short sleeves and shorts. It’s nearly spring, which always makes me super excited. I would like to say spring is probably one of my favourite seasons, but every season has its own advantages that I personally enjoy.

A few of my favourite things about spring are the longer days and we all get spend more time outside as it’s actually enjoyable to be outside again. However, I am sure that I will start to look forward to summer as soon as hay fever will hit me. And I am pretty sure it will be early this year and will probably hit me hard this spring.


13 March 2019

Travelling always makes me feel super refreshed in life. It's one of those activities in life where I usually get a lot of joy and gratitude from. There's just something about discovering new places around the world, as well as getting to know new cultures from around the world. I have always been a curious kid, ever since I was young. Culture and people from different cultures have always interested me and I always want to learn things about other countries. It's no surprise that my middle school projects were always about countries so I could learn about new cultures.

Now that I am older I still love to read about to cultures, but there's something even better about getting to experience a culture. I always feel like there's this magic bubble when you travel and see new places from around the world. It's a feeling I can't really describe, but it honestly brings me personally a lot of joy, new knowledge and gratitude to discover new cities, see beautiful architecture and see how other people in other cities all over the world spend their days.


11 March 2019

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A bullet journal is such a marmite thing. Some people love it and some people hate it. I started bullet journaling in January 2018 and did not love it that much at the time. I felt a lot of pressure to spend a lot of time creating little drawings in there and I could not find a way to use the bullet journal in a way that’s productive for me. In December of last year I decided I needed to give it another go. There are no rules when it comes to bullet journaling and I just needed to realise this. That’s why I decided to buy myself a new bullet journal and just start fresh. Since I am not a big doodler, I decided to keep my bullet journal as minimal as possible. There’s no real doodles or drawings in my bullet journal and I feel like I am finally able to use it in a productive way to get done lots throughout the week.


6 March 2019

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This blog post idea came about when I was talking to my friend Innah from Gather and Brunch, which is such a great initiative to bring women in The Hague, where I live, together to build a community. Anyway, we had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about how we both found it super hard to say no to people. We are both major people pleasers. This got me thinking on why it is so important for people like us, people pleasers, to say no to people more often. Because we both got talking and noticed that we had both been used by people to do a lot of work. Innah had this with her job and I could relate to this at university. More often than not, people tend to know when others are people pleasers who find it especially difficult to say no. This conversation as well as a coaching session with one of my friends from university inspired me to write this blog post, not only to hopefully inspire me to say no more often, but also to hopefully inspire you to say no more often.