19 September 2018

Autumn probably is one of my all time favourite seasons. There is just so many great things about autumn. The weather, the orange and brown leaves, the fashion! Especially the fashion. As much as I love summer and just getting away for the summer for a while, I'm also always so excited for this season to come around. In today’s post I thought it would be fun to share what I love and look forward to most this season.


17 September 2018

This year has been a bit of a struggle for me style-wise. I don’t know what it is, but I always tend to feel a little bit panic-y when a new season comes around. I already wrote a little blog post about this at the beginning of this year, called ‘finding my SS18 style’. However, right now I am trying to ‘find my AW18/19 style’.

A bit lost in the beginning of the season

Fashion and the season switches are very stressful in my opinion, especially if you’re not a size 6 or have endlessly long legs. I somehow find that fashion is a bit different nowadays. I always feel like the items sold at the high street would only really look good on certain body types instead of something that would look good on both.


13 September 2018

First of all, like I said in my latest post, how is it September already? How are there only 3 months of the year left?! I am so confused by how fast this year is flying by. August especially went by in the blink of an eye, and now I am already back at uni. I have loved so many great things during the month of August that I am so excited to share with you, which I am going to do in today’s post!


10 September 2018

It’s officially September and being back at university for just a week already has given me extreme anxiety. It's been very stressful as I will soon be graduating after spending four years of my life there. So before I get too anxious about becoming a real-life adult, I wanted to reflect back on my summer, as so many lovely memories have been made, which I want to hang on to. Hanging on to those smaller moments that happened during life is one of those things that came with the New Years Resolutions post I made at the beginning of this year. We can all get so caught up into things and only really appreciate the bigger events that happen to us. However, the smaller things in life truly do matter too. They bring a smile to your face in your day to day life and give you so much energy and inspiration to live off of and they are something we all should be a bit more grateful for.


29 August 2018

It’s nearly September, which means it’s nearly time for me to go back to uni soon. This summer has been so much fun and I am kind of sad to say goodbye to summer. So many great memories have been made this summer, but more on that later. I did however find it difficult to create content during my summer break away from uni. I pretty much struggle with this every year when I come back from my summer holiday. I get this post-holiday funk where I feel uninspired and don’t really know what to write about. That explains why I have been posting so extremely inconsistent during August, which I truly hope you can forgive me for.