14 November 2018

It’s that time of season(?) again, I was actually going to say it’s that time of year again but I’m not sure if that’s right, since I write these posts twice a year. But anyway, it’s that time of year again where I feel like I have managed to find all the essentials in my life to get through two seasons. This post always takes a lot of time as it comes with thinking about what kind of items you want to wear and like during a season, as well as buying the clothes. Now I am going to be brutally honest, this post usually takes me a while to post because I can’t afford to buy all of these clothes all at once.

I am super excited to share my A/W 2018/2019 wardrobe essentials with you though. I feel like I have really curated my wardrobe and added some interesting items to really spice up my wardrobe.


12 November 2018

Every season always comes with it’s own perks. The older I get, the more I start to appreciate every season for it’s own reasons. Autumn also definitely has it its perks. I love autumn walks, crisp air and just spending time outside. But because it gets colder during this time of year, I also start using different beauty products. One example I can give you is of my makeup. During the summer I barely use any makeup and love not having any kind of foundation or tinted moisturizer on my face. During autumn I love to experiment a bit more with makeup. It’s usually this time of year where I start to get my love for makeup back. Because I have such a big love relationship with beauty products in autumn, I thought it would be super fun to write a post about my current favourite autumn beauty products.


9 November 2018

If there’s one thing I struggle with, it’s to sometimes motivate myself to get to work for uni. As much as I love my education and going to university, I sometimes find it hard to get myself back to uni work. I think we all struggle with finding your motivation again, which sucks. I can never really pin down why I feel less motivated and I think it’s normal to feel this way. As you might know, I am in the middle of my final year at university, so over the years I have learnt a lot about finding that motivation to get back to work. In today’s post I thought it would be fun to share a few tips with you.


7 November 2018

If you know me or if you have been following my blog for a couple of years then you would definitely know that I am a trainers kinda gal. I am never really one to wear heels or heeled boots and I only recently started wearing my low ankle boots again. However, I would still always prefer to wear a pair of trainers instead. Being comfortable is one of the most important things in life, especially as I am a uni student and spend most of my day either in class or at the library. Comfort is everything in my life, but I also like to think that it’s super normal to wear trainers, as most Dutch people tend to be wearing trainers. All of my girl friends I hang out with can usually be found wearing trainers. So it has become pretty normal for me to just wear trainers every day. In today’s post I thought it would be super fun to share a few of my favourite trainers.


5 November 2018

As much as I love minimalism and minimalist style, I love buying new clothes and looking online for hours and hours to scroll through websites looking at the latest trends. I already have a closet full of tops and blouses and another one filled with jackets and jumpers, yet I still always seem to think I have nothing to wear. In September I already had a massive clear out of my wardrobe, promising myself I would not buy that many clothes I would not end up wearing again anymore. I wanted to become less impulsive and really think about how I spend my money.

Last Monday I went into Primark after a long and stressful day at university. Before going there I was hoping to get myself a really cosy jumper or maybe a pair of cute trousers. While I was walking through Primark I had a big change of heart. While I was walking through Primark I did not want to spend any more money on a jumper or anything like that. It was kind of my intervention and I decided that as of November, I would stop buying clothes for a month. My main reason being that I definitely did not need any more clothes. My other reason being that I had set myself a few saving goals too. So until the end of November I am not allowed to spend any more money on clothes.