Christmas wishlist

14 December 2011

(Photo's: Anecdote, Buon Vivere, Marc Jacobs, Modemusthaves, ASOS, Hollister, Abercrombie)

I kind of don't know what to ask for Christmas. My mum asked me what I would like to get but I just don't know! So I searched a lot of webshops but somehow I just, I really don't know what to ask! Although I really want the wedges! they are amazing!!!
I am not really sure if this is going to be my Christmas wishlist so tell me what are you asking for Christmas? I really need some inspiration hihi ♥


New in / Black Bag

12 December 2011

I told you I did some shopping with a friend of mine, one of the things I bought then is this beauty. I am so happy with it, I think you'll be seeing this one a lot on my blog. It was €18,99 and I bought it with discount, I bought it for €12,99

And hey! It's Monday, a new week started! Hope you all have a great week!

Bag from New Look

Happy Monday!

New in / Getting warm

2 December 2011

Hi! Sorry for my lack of posting outfits. I'm sick so I can't post any outfits. I really hate being sick because I like showing you my outfits!
I bought the beige sweater and the green/blue jeans last Sunday at New Look. My god, I love New Look, I think it will be my new favorite shop hihi
The black sweater with silver came in yesterday, I am so happy with it and I can't wait to wear it in an outfit post to you guys!

I really love these sweaters because now I am (sort of) winter proof 

I am happy that it's weekend, I hope I get better very soon so I can go to school again, and of course take outfit photo's!

What are you up to this weekend? :)

Beige sweater from New Look // Black and silver sweater from H&M // Green/Blue jeans from New Look


Outfit Love

1 December 2011

(photo: Stockholstreetstyle)

When I found this photo I loved it! The outfit it so simple and still so cute! I really love Abbey Lee Kershaw and I think her style is amazing!


Outfit Inspiration

30 November 2011

(Photo's: Google Images)

I really love this outfits because the skirt is amazing! First of all, Shenae Grimes has one amazing style and I would die to take a look in her closet! I think Shenae Grimes definitely is one of my style icons.

I just love her!! 



22 November 2011


I love these photo's like these. Luckily there's tumblr, where people share these amazing photo's! I love reblogging these photo's and if you come on my tumblrpage you'll see lots of these photo's.



14 November 2011

(Photo:'s Tumblr)

Now that winter somehow started I am searching for these cute jumpers and sweaters. Here are some inspiring photo's of girls with sweaters I got from Tumblr.
I really love jumpers mixed with leather jeggings/trousers. I kind of want to wear it all.


On the winter wishlist

13 November 2011

(Photo's: River Island, Asos, Forever 21 and H&M)

Here are a few items that are on my winter wishlist, first one is a cute short and the first bag are from River Island. The leopard hood is from Spirit Hoods and damn I would love to have it but it's really expensive :( The black hat is from Asos, and somehow I really love animal hats and now that it's getting colder I really need hats! I really love this hat from Forever 21! I would love to buy one but somehow I can't find them! And the last one is from H&M, I love this bag so much, I think it's a look-alike Givenchy, which I want but can't afford, too bad.


Lately bought

9 November 2011

I bought this Rituals Powder one week ago and I really love it. I really do think it's one of the best powders I had so far.

Actually I am in love with all the Rituals products. ♥

Rituals compact powder number 3


New in / Sweater

6 November 2011

 Here are some of my latest sweaters I bought/got. If you follow me on twitter you know I went to Antwerp yesterday. I didn't bought that much. The burgundy sweater is from H&M and I bought it in Antwerp, the grey/white scandinavian sweater is from H&M too. And then the Hollister Co. sweater. I got it from my aunt who went to London a week ago. I got it from her just as a gift, which she always does when she goes to a foreign countries. The sweater is reaally soft and I could wear it everyday! It was love at first sight ♥

Burgundy sweater H&M // White wool Hollister sweater // Scandinavian H&M sweater




27 October 2011

(photo: ModeMusthaves)

If you really knew me you know I have a obsession for bags. I want them all, everywhere I go I always want to buy bags. The bags above are letting my obsession for bags extremely grow!
The first one is from Mimic Copenhagen and I need it for the more edgy things in my outfits. The bag costs €169,95 The second one is called It-bag and it's a look-alike from the Hermes Birkin bag, and I know most of us can't afford it so this is a lovely look-alike for a lovelier price; €99,95.

The bags are from ModeMusthaves which is an awesome website for the latest fashion ♥

Now I am hurrying because I am off to school!



24 October 2011

 (Photo's: Tumblr)

Looking at these photo's makes me want to buy all these clothes! Since I've been on Tumblr, I've been so inspired with all these amazing outfits. I actually looked at similar items to buy at sites like Asos, Zara and H&M.


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Meeting Emma from hakuna-ma-ta-ta

18 October 2011

Just a little promotion for my lovely friend Emma. We kind of lost track when we went to high school, she went to another school and there were some tensions between us. But luckily I've got her back in my life and I am having like stomach pain because she makes me laugh so hard.

It's always nice to have your old friends back and I am happy that I've got her back!

So I want you all to meet Emma from hakuna-ma-ta-ta. Unfortunately she isn't blogging on blogspot anymore, but you can still follow her on tumblr with her lovely photo's and inspiration and quotes!


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Outfit / Red

16 October 2011

 Yesterday I went to Scheveningen with my two friends Farah and Emma. We had so much fun and in the evening we went to Crazy, Stupid, Love I looooooved it!! Have you seen it yet?

Because the photo's above are very light thanks to the sun! I have another photo for you with Emma to show you my outfit.

H&M red legging // Massimo Dutti blouse // H&M denim blouse // white Converse shoes // Longchamp  bag


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