The shoes

31 July 2011

(Images: ASOS.COM)
How AMAZING are these shoes!!! I can't see myself walking on them because I don't really know with what I should wear it and if I would wear it to school, but I love them they are so cute! They are designed by Sam Edelman and I found them on Asos.
They're €275,63 and I think it's worth it! 
You can find them here on the website of Asos


Shenae Grimes

28 July 2011

(Photo's: Google Images)

I love Shenae Grimes style! It's a closet to die for and if you look at the pictures you can see she doesn't stick to one style and I love girls who can do that!
In 90210 she plays Annie Wilson and I loved her style in 90210 so I looked Shenae Grimes up and discovered that her style is amazing!


France part II

25 July 2011

So here are some of the items I'm reaaaally happy with, and what I bought in France! The blouse and the singlet are from H&M and the short with flowers I bought in a little boutique but I don't know the name anymore!

Dakota and Elle Fanning for Vogue

22 July 2011

(Photo: Google Images)
Dakota and Elle Fanning are in Vogue! They're seen as upcoming style icons and they're modeling for Marc Jacobs and more! In the latest issue they talk about fashion, their passion for fashion and their movie carriers. I can't wait to buy this issue!

Do you like the Fanning sisters and are you buying the new Vogue?



21 July 2011

As you're reading this I'm probably on the airplane on my way to South-Spain to Marbella! I don't know if I've got Wi-Fi so I've planned some posts to amuse you guys because when I was in France I haven't got a lot of posts!

Adios Amigos and see you in Spain


France part I

19 July 2011

I'm back from France and I couldn't wait to show you some pictures from where I've been to. On the first photo you can see the village I was staying called St. Didier. I went to Avignon (from that song) I had so much fun and I can't wait to show you my boughts!!!


Inspiration: Quotes

10 July 2011

"A person is a person,
No matter how small"

I love this quote I saw it in a movie with an elephant who brings another world with "Who's" to a save place. I don't know the name anymore shame on me :( I believe it was something with Horton :)
I loved it so much cause it is true! I hope it inspires you too!

Bisous ♥

New in: Bikini's

6 July 2011

I bought these two bikini's last week at H&M and I love them so much! I really love the details on the 2nd bikini!

This is just a quick post from France, and I LOVE it!!



3 July 2011

When you're reading this, I'm probably in the car on my way to the Provence!! I'm so excited!
I don't know if I can post things on my blog, but if you make sure you're following me on my twitter you'll see some photo's of St. Didier the place that I'm staying!

See you in France
Bisous ♥

Let me introduce myself...

1 July 2011

Hi my name is Laura and I am 14 years old. I started this blog because I want to share my outfits with you and I would like to write about the things that inspire me.

So why style and sushi?
Well I want to write about fashion, but also about lifestyle like food and stuff like that. Since I love sushi and fashion, I thought this name would be right for me.

Thank you for reading this it honestly means a lot.