New In / Lace Dress

29 September 2011

I bought this dress at H&M I reaally love it!! But it is a little bit too long, but my Mum will make it shorter for me! I can't wait to wear this dress to a Christmas dinner or something like that!
                                    Dress H&M€€

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Fashion inspiration

26 September 2011

(photo's: &

On those days I don't know what to wear, I just take a quick look at Topshop's Tumblr and I'm totally inspired.


New in / Flower scarf

25 September 2011

If you follow me on twitter you probably know I've been shopping with my Mum yesterday. I bought this scarf, and when I first saw it, I just needed it I love it and I think I'll be wearing it a lot with my outfits!

Pieces Scarf // H&M singlet


Recipe Books

23 September 2011

(Photo: Urban Outfitters)
Can I please have these two books? I really like cooking and I can't wait to actually get recipes out of these books. I mean, look at those pictures, even the covers look so delicious! I can't wait to buy them!

You can buy the books on Urban Outfitters, that's actually the site I found them on but I'm sure you can also find them on Amazon or in your own bookstore / cooking shop


Outfit / Ready for Fall

21 September 2011

I was hoping that the summer will show his face around some time, but unfortunately Fall has started sort of started in the Netherlands so I'm thinking wearing sweaters all the time. My red sweater is new but I really love it, it goes so well with my white satin blouse!

Red sweater H&M // Satin Blouse H&M // Jeans Zara

London Streetstyle

19 September 2011


I just found out Topshop has a tumblr account and I saw these pretty outfits on their tumblr. I chose these outfits because I really like them all! I think the last one is my favorite.


Shoe obsession

17 September 2011

(Photo: Kurt Geiger)

I'm loving these red shoes so much! Actually I love the whole outfit.

With that said, I'm promising you, tomorrow there'll be a new outfit post up on the blog finally

Wish-list Items

15 September 2011

Since I've been sick in bed since Tuesday and I want to write posts, I've been searching on the internet for some pretty amazing stuff. I'm dying to have the items. I mean look at that watch!! To-die-for! And The red lipstick from Topshop, is amzing, and Supertrash is just a brand to-die-for so that's why there are a lot of items from Supertrash in the wish-list


Fragrances I want

13 September 2011

(photo's: Google Images)

I really love these two fragrances. I've had testers and I've got the opportunity to smell them in stores but that makes me want them even more. I can't wait to buy them or ask them for Christmas (I'm already making my wish list). So please Santa, hear my prayers!


Outfit Love

(photo: DKNY)

I'm in love with this outfit from the fall campaign from DKNY. I mean look at the outfit! The blazer perfect, the jeans perfect, the shoes AMAZING.


Outfit: The-Stay-Home

11 September 2011

The title actually already explains the outfit. This is the outfit I would be wearing on my Sunday. In these comfy clothes I would be on the couch and read L'Officiel and Avant Garde. However I ended up making homework for school. But I'll find some time to flip threw Avant Garde and L'Officiel and listen some music with that

Sweater Primark
Short H&M
Dutch latest Avant Garde 
Dutch latest L'Officiel



7 September 2011

(photo: weheartit)

So long time no post. First of all I wanted to thank everyone for the sweet comments on my latest outfit, it made me so happy!

Now something that's not much fun. Yesterday I shot photo's of my outfit... but then my camera fell and now ALL my photo's are gone ALL of them!!!! I'm like freaking out! I hope I can put them back because they're still on the card! I just can't open the file! So weird...

Tomorrow there'll be a new outfit post, I hope!


The line

2 September 2011

My make up for today was kind of inspired by Lauren Conrad. I love her make up so I tried it and I think it looks ok, but it can always be better! So I'll keep trying :D