27 October 2011

(photo: ModeMusthaves)

If you really knew me you know I have a obsession for bags. I want them all, everywhere I go I always want to buy bags. The bags above are letting my obsession for bags extremely grow!
The first one is from Mimic Copenhagen and I need it for the more edgy things in my outfits. The bag costs €169,95 The second one is called It-bag and it's a look-alike from the Hermes Birkin bag, and I know most of us can't afford it so this is a lovely look-alike for a lovelier price; €99,95.

The bags are from ModeMusthaves which is an awesome website for the latest fashion ♥

Now I am hurrying because I am off to school!



24 October 2011

 (Photo's: Tumblr)

Looking at these photo's makes me want to buy all these clothes! Since I've been on Tumblr, I've been so inspired with all these amazing outfits. I actually looked at similar items to buy at sites like Asos, Zara and H&M.


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Meeting Emma from hakuna-ma-ta-ta

18 October 2011

Just a little promotion for my lovely friend Emma. We kind of lost track when we went to high school, she went to another school and there were some tensions between us. But luckily I've got her back in my life and I am having like stomach pain because she makes me laugh so hard.

It's always nice to have your old friends back and I am happy that I've got her back!

So I want you all to meet Emma from hakuna-ma-ta-ta. Unfortunately she isn't blogging on blogspot anymore, but you can still follow her on tumblr with her lovely photo's and inspiration and quotes!


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Outfit / Red

16 October 2011

 Yesterday I went to Scheveningen with my two friends Farah and Emma. We had so much fun and in the evening we went to Crazy, Stupid, Love I looooooved it!! Have you seen it yet?

Because the photo's above are very light thanks to the sun! I have another photo for you with Emma to show you my outfit.

H&M red legging // Massimo Dutti blouse // H&M denim blouse // white Converse shoes // Longchamp  bag


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Rachel Bilson

15 October 2011

I love Rachel Bilson. I adore her style. I mean look at this picture!! Leather shorts check mixed with a cute top check and her shoes! I actually noticed this while writing this post and they're AMAZING. Rachel Bilson makes me want to shop her closet



12 October 2011

Do I have to say anything more? These shoes are AMAZING I love them. Since I've been using tumblr I keep finding these amazing pictures of all these pretty girls with amazing styles which are to die for!
So thank you Tumblr


The Blogger List

9 October 2011

(photo: ILFN)
So I wanted to give a huuuuge thanks to I love fashion news  for putting me at ''The Blogger List'' this means a lot to me and I was so happy when I first got the e-mail. I mean, all the huge and amazing blogs like stylescrapbook, color me nana and nathalie off duty are in it! But it has a lot of blog I didn't know yet and I started reading a lot of new lovely blogs!
I read I Love Fashion News everyday and I love their columns! You can check out The Blogger List for yourself here


American dream

8 October 2011

(Photo's: Google Images and Supertrash)

Lately I've been so obsessed with shirts with the American flag on it. I really like those shirts but somehow I've never bought one. So actually I wanted to post an outfit for today... But sadly enough I got completely wet with my friends Emma, Farah and Robert thanks to this crappy weather in Holland.



4 October 2011

I've done this 'what's in my bag' one time before. But I don't think it was a successful one. So I wanted to do another one. So I made some photo's to show you what's in my bag. Besides my schoolbooks and my agenda this is usually in my schoolbag and if I don't have to go to school this is in my bag too.

What's in my bag;
1. All my stuff together; Pay-card and ID liquid for my contacts, cleaning gel for your hands 2. Dutch Elle (Stijlboek), Sonny Boy, mobile phone, camera, Ipod, Ray-Ban glasses 3. Dior powder, Dior Iconic mascara, Etos concealer, Vichy anti-spot and camouflagingstick , Clarins kohl pencil.

So tell me, what do you have in yours?


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2 October 2011

(Photo: Zara Samples)

One word; love 
First I'm dying for that polka dotted blazer. Second that clutch is amazing! I reaaally love the whole picture. It's perfect! Wish I could have those items in my closet!