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9 October 2011

(photo: ILFN)
So I wanted to give a huuuuge thanks to I love fashion news  for putting me at ''The Blogger List'' this means a lot to me and I was so happy when I first got the e-mail. I mean, all the huge and amazing blogs like stylescrapbook, color me nana and nathalie off duty are in it! But it has a lot of blog I didn't know yet and I started reading a lot of new lovely blogs!
I read I Love Fashion News everyday and I love their columns! You can check out The Blogger List for yourself here



  1. Congratulations for making this prestigious list, I'm sure you deserved it! I really love your blog and the layout of it is great too :) I'm 14 as well! Haha, thanks for sharing! xoxo, Veena <3

  2. congratz babe:)
    so cool!

    New outfit post - New dress


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