Outfit / It's what you do to me

30 January 2012

I love these shorts! They are perfect! Although they are a little too wide. I love them so much and I kind of forgot about them, but I luckily found them again! These shorts are probably beside my red & denim shorts from H&M my favourites. I think it's because of the suspenders!

My birthday is coming up in 9 days and I am counting down the days like a crazy person and I think my family and friends are going crazy cause I'm saying it like 4 times a day! I'm sorry I just like birthdays.

Primark shorts with suspenders // Sweater from H&M


Outfit / Let's dance in style, let's dance for awhile

29 January 2012

So when my mum bought this sweater it was like love at first sight. There was no other way then stealing it from her! So now it's mine! and she will never now hehe. :) No but seriously the color is so pretty! I love it

Sweater from my mum // Blazer from H&M 

Happy sunday!!


Diary / Living young, wild and free

28 January 2012

This is my first diary post. I did not really know what to write about, but I really wanted to show you this photo! I really love it! My friend Emma and I had so much fun this day trying to make the perfect normal photo. But somehow we ended up acting all crazy and stuff  haha!



27 January 2012


I know this is like a hugeee wishlist but since my birthday is coming up I thought it would be fun to make a wishlist. Seriously want to have everyt

1st & 2nd sweater and boots : Topshop
Green mint&berry parka via Zalando
Aztec rucksack: River Island from the men department
Orange/yellow blouse: River Island
Burgundy skirt: forever 21
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch via Asos


Outfit / Lacing it up

21 January 2012

This is today's outfit. The blouse I'm wearing is actually a dress, seen here. The dress I wore for Christmas. I really like this outfit because I thought I would never wear the dress again. But now I can wear it with a skirt! I loove it!

I've got 180 followers on GFC now! Yaayy!! I am so happy I would never thought someone would read my blog but now I have 180 followers! This means a lot to me! So to thank you there will be doing a give away very soon!

I also have Bloglovin' where you can follow my blog too
 Dress from H&M // Skirt from Sustilo



18 January 2012

(Photo's: 1st, 2nd and 3d from Tumblr last photo from stylescrapbook)

I love jewelry. I seriously do, I really love to wear jewelry the only thing is.. I always  and then I mean always forget to put it on, especially on school days. The mornings are veeeryy stressful.

I guess this can be like a late new years resolution! Wearing jewelry more often! I think this is probably the only new years resolution I can really like keep up!



9 January 2012

(Photo's: Song of Style)

I love Aimee Song and her blog. Her style is amazingShe is beautiful. She has the most amazing and beautiful photo's. She lives in Los Angeles!(!!!) To me Aimee Song is a huge inspiration and I love reading her blog! 
I just want her wardrobe