Outfit / Red coat

29 February 2012

I've been wanting to show you my red coat since I bought it, which is like a month ago! But I completely forgot! So let me tell you something about my red coat. I bought it in Rotterdam, at Primark for only €11. Best deal ever. I love red, it's something I just noticed since I'm almost wearing my red shorts, coat or jeans every week.

Some people at my school do think I'm weird, for buying a red coat and actually wearing it, but I really couldn't care less about what they think about me and my coat so yeah and some people in my class often call me  "Roodkapje" which is a Dutch word for Little Red Riding Hood  or they call me gnome (because I'm very short I'm only 1.60 meter that's 5.2' or something? But I think it's cute. I like Little Red Riding Hood, it was my favourite story when I was little! But I kind of like those nicknames?! I think they are cute. It's much better than being called an Elephant or Dumbo (You know the elephant who can fly with his huge ears!) Basically this is just turning into a Walt Disney story so I should stop now otherwise you will be hearing a lot about snow-white and her gnomes or what they are called haha!

I noticed that I'm getting very very pale these days. It's not even funny! I look like a ghost, or a vampire or something! So let's hope the sun will come veeeryy soon and I can get a bit of a tan (:

  Red coat from Primark // Jeans from Zara // Bag from New Look


NEW IN / Lace shorts

24 February 2012

I bought these shorts at Pull and Bear in SALE!! God I love sale! They were €9,99 so that's like nothing! My friend Emma saw them and told me I should buy them! I definitely can't wait to wear them! This is just a quick short post because I'm off to Emma, we're probably just like going to hang and discuss and laugh about nothing so that's going to be loooooots of fun! hahaha

Oh yes can I just say I'VE REACHED 200 FOLLOWERS ON GFC!! I'm probably the happiest girl in the world right now! So thank you for all my readers! Shoutout to you guys!! 

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Pull & Bear lace shorts

Happy Friday!!


22 February 2012

I'm officially in love with the body butters from The Body Shop. This cold weather really makes my skin so dry so I needed a good body butter/lotion thingy. Someone at school said to me the body butters at The Body Shop kind of worked so last week after school I went to the city of The Hague and bought these three cuties. I am in love with these three. Why? Well let me tell you
1. They smell amazing
2. my skin is soooo soft & smooth
3. I just love The Body Shop.

So all I can say is if you have a dry skin and you like want to moisturise it! This is perfect. I really like the fact that I bought 3 little pots for €10 instead of 1 big pot for €15.

So tell me, do you use stuff from The Body Shop? :)

Coconut Body Butter - Olive Body Butter  - Shea Body Butter 



21 February 2012

(Photo's from Style.com)

I've been ill in bed the past two days so I've been a bit bored and thought I should catch up watching some London Fashion Week shows. So here's one of my favorite collections so far. It's from Fashion East, designed by Maarten van der Horst (Dutch proud). I really love the colors he used in this collection. I really love the pastel colors. 

I also am in love with the flower pattern he used. I really could see myself wearing all these items (especially the pink blazer in the last collage!) 

I am seriously in love with this collection, I can't really say something else, haha.


Outfit / I think I love you

18 February 2012

As you can see I'm wearing my new top and a new necklace. They are my favorites right now! I haven't posted an outfit post in so long! But le weekend is here and I've been sleeping in alot hihi so I am not really tired!

I am going to a party of a friend of mine tonight and I'm preeeetty excited and can't wait to show you what I'll be wearing!

Blazer from H&M // Top from New Look // Jeans form Primark // Necklace from H&M


NEW IN / Preview

16 February 2012

So here's a preview for you. As you follow me on twitter you might know I did some shopping. I bought way too much the last couple of weeks so I won't be buying anything in the upcoming months! I really can't wait to wear these two shirts and necklaces in an outfit post!


Outfit / If I have a moment, I'd capture that moment

14 February 2012

This is my the-day-after outfit. It was the day after my birthday and I was so tired, and could not get out of my bed. So I wore this comfy sweater from Primark which is actually for guys but I really like it as well! Had so many great gifts and I can't wait to show it all to you!

Primark sweater for men // Skirt from H&M



11 February 2012

So as you guys might know, my birthday was last Wednesday (the 8th of February) and I spent it quiet with just my family. Today is like the big birthday for me because today my family will stop by and we all will have a lovely chat and stuff! But I wanted to show you guys what I got from my Mum & Dad and my friend Emma.

I got a laptop from my parents, I am so happy with it because the old one really couldn't handle the blogging if you now what I mean. It would take me like 30 minutes to write a post and upload photo's! So now this lovely Acer is mine :)

And I got a beautiful dotted blouse from my friend Emma. I really love it and I am actually wearing it now so I can't wait to show you my outfit! Stay tuned!

dotted blouse from Primark // laptop from Acer


9 February 2012

(Photo's: Tumblr)

One word, WOW. I love all of these outfits and I really want to wear every single outfit! They are so pretty!


NEW IN / Primark

8 February 2012


So I went to Rotterdam last sunday with my friend Emma. We had so much fun and we really want to do a trip like that again! These are a few things I bought that day at Primark. The first thing is this beautiful lace blouse from Primark really can't wait to wear it! Second my heartshaped necklace from Primark. Have been wearing that non-stop since I got it! And last my sprite lip smacker and my eye liners from Primark as well! Damn the eyeliners are amazing! Can't wait to show them to you either!

yippiee! It's my birthday today! I am 15 years old now! Really had such an amazing day!

Blouse from Primark // Necklace from Primark // Eye liners from Primark // Sprite Lip Smacker from Primark


NEW IN / Burgundy jacket

5 February 2012

After waiting almost 1 month (!!!) my package from H&M finally arrived. It was love at first sight and I can't wait to show it to you in outfit posts! This is just a very very short post because I have to leave now! I'm going to Rotterdam with my friend Emma if the trains will come today!

Burgundy jacket from H&M


Outfit / It hurts when you get too close

4 February 2012

Just one quick outfit post for today! Later there will be another post showing you something new! I'm quite excited about it! :D Can't wait to show you guys!

There's snow, everywhere! And I want it to leave! I've got plans! and I really cannot use snow with my plans! I don't even know what to wear anymore because of this cold snowy weather! -11 degrees!!!

Velvet leggings from H&M // sweater from New Look 


Outfit / I'm gonna lift it higher

2 February 2012

I really like my pink blouse. I bought in France last summer but somehow I am not really wearing it. I think I am still waiting for the perfect weather and the perfect items to wear it with! let's hope that' soon!
I counting down the days!! 6 days left until my birthday! whoop whoop! I am really excited!

Pink H&M blouse // H&M blazer // Skirt from Sutherland