30 March 2012

Finally had time to shoot an outfit outside again! So here's a little outfit preview. I'm wearing my red coat and  I haven't worn it in quite a while because of the amazing weather. But... it has been pretty cold lately so I really need to wear a coat again!

I can't wait to show you this outfitpost! Probably because it's outside again! :) I should definitely find more time to actually shoot my outfits outside!


27 March 2012

This is probably one of the biggest wishlists I've ever done, but man I loveee everything at Zara. I really love the green parka with the leather sleeves, but it's really expensive and I have to save money first, until I can actually buy it. Which I sure as hell will do! That jacket replaced my crush on One Direction. This jacket is my new crush. Then there is another parka. I won't say much about parka's, I FREAKING LOVE PARKA'S!! Sorry for that... I just wanted you to see my love for parka's! :)

I also really love the details at the collar on the blue/mint-ish blouse! If I would be a billionaire I swear to god I would buy this parka and blouse immediately. Then there are some lovely shirts which would be lovely to wear on a warm festival day. I'm planning on going to a festival this summer. It is in my hometown The Hague and it's called parkpop. I'm not actually going because of parkpop but because of Boyce Avenue. Everyone should check them out! They're pretty amazing! 

Oh shoot... I just started a whole different story in this blogpost. I'm sorryyy :) Let's continue; Then we have this lovely pink jeans, which I just need to have and I don't want to say much more about it, same story for the maxi skirt. I love maxi skirts and I think I will be buying a lot of them this spring/summer. Some cute bikini's! I actually did not know that they sell bikini's at Zara. You should have seen my facial expression when I discovered it! My brother made fun of me because of that face! And a lovely pair of wedges. I really like these and I could see some bloggers wearing them, but I'm not sure if they suit my style. I still love them though! 

What are your favorite items?


26 March 2012

If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed I won a giveaway at twitter from blogger Cyliaaaa. I won this lovely canvas bag from Are You Swedish and I'm pretty stoked about it. I can't wait to wear it in an outfit post!

Many thanks to Cylia and Are You Swedish for giving me this lovely canvas bag! I know my father won't be happy with the fact that there's going to be another bag in my room, but I'm really happy with it!


Outfit / All I am is the bones you made for me

25 March 2012

This is just a quick outfit I shot a week ago. I really like the first photo because my face it like not covered in pimples!

If you follow me on twitter you might have notices I've been to IKEA this weekend and I bought some pretty awesome stuff. I'm going to redesign my room and already bought some things to start a bit. In April when I have a day off of school I will be redesigning it with my dad and I'm pretty excited, not sure if he is but yeah.. hahaha!

Blocked blouse from Hollister Co. // Shirt with Aztec print from New Look // Shorts from H&M // Shoes Unknown // Sunglasses from Ray-Ban


Outfit / I just want to see you smile

23 March 2012

This week has been quite stressful, filled with tests, presentations etcetera and I'm absolutely knackered. I'm kind of exciting to jump into bed this weekend and never come out of it again. Besides all the stress at school my week has been amazing. I'm kind of excited for something but I still want to keep it a secret! If you want to know what it is, stay tuned! :)

Happy weekend! 

Blouse with white collar from New Look // Leather Jacket from Vero Moda // Black lace shorts from Pull & Bear // Pocket watch necklace from H&M // Ray-Ban aviators // Unknown shoes


Outfit / Happy days

21 March 2012

Here's the rest of my outfit! I kind of like the last photo. I know my eyes are closed but it's the only photo where I had a spontaneous laugh! If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed that I've been extremely happy this week (besides all the tests I have at school that don't really make me happy) but I got some pretty exciting news and I won a giveaway from Cyliaaaa. So far my week has been pretty awesome, tell me how is your week so far?

PS. Thank you guys so much! I just discoverd I passed the 220 followers on GFC! This means so much to me! 

Blazer Vintage  // white blouse from H&M // Skirt from Bershka // Necklace from H&M // Necklace with purple stone from my Grandma // Ring from Bijou Brigitte // Bag from New Look // Shoes from Michael Kors



20 March 2012

Here's a little outfit preview of what's coming up tomorrow. I really love the purple necklace I'm wearing which you can't really see on the preview, but it is so pretty. It's from my grandmother and when she passed away I had the honour to get one of her amazing and beautiful necklaces. Whenever I'm wearing this necklace it reminds me of the great times I had with her so it's a very sentimental necklace and I will keep it forever.



19 March 2012

I loove taking pictures. I wish I could bring my camera with me everyday and make photo's of everything. But that would be kind of awkward, walking around on school with my huge camera which isn't a light-weighted camera! I actually think I would be like exhausted at the end of the day if I would carry it with me all day. But whenever I get time to go out somewhere, I always bring it with me. I've always liked photographing people sneaky but some of my friends and family would actually kill me by doing it. Here are two random shots taken last weekend.

The first photo is of me, taking a photo of something, I can't really remember why I was taking a photo. The second photo is this beautiful street lamp at Noordeinde Palace in The Hague. I'm kind of in love with this picture and I don't think I've had my photo's this clear. It's probably because I'm using a new lens! It's kind of awesomee :)


Outfit / Graffiti walls

17 March 2012

I'm not really happy with my face on these photo's but I just had to show you them. I mean the graffiti in the photo's is pretty awesome! I really love it! I'm glad I took these photo's with this wall because my friend Emma from Gocky Emma was walking past the graffiti wall last Wednesday and they cleaned it! The whole thing is gone! That's so weird to me... It's also kind of sad cause it was such an amazing place to make outfit photo's!

As you might have noticed I'm hanging a lot with Emma from Gocky Emma. Today we actually found out that we've know each other since we were 3 and now we're 15 so that's like 12 years! Ok we had a fight of 2 years but since we forgave each other and moved one my life has been crazy! I have had so much fun and I actually have a camera buddy! Big shoutout to Emma for being such an amazing friend and blogger! If you're reading this Emma; I love you honey :)

Blazer from H&M // Ramones shirt from H&M // Shorts with braces from Primark // Shoes unknown // Sunglasses from Ray-Ban stolen from Emma


Spring Wishlist

16 March 2012

Asos dotted blouse, jumper, coral shorts
Forever 21 Maxi dresses, destroyed denim shorts, lace skirt
River Island white lace dress, black shoes
Topshop heart shorts, black & cream pleated skirts
H&M heart-shaped cropped tee, the beatles shirt

Here are some of the many items I want to have for Spring/Summer. I craaave these maxi dresses from Forever 21. Actually I'm kind of craving all of these items so I can't say what I want more!


Outfit / You're my falling star

15 March 2012

I seriously can't wait for the weekend! I'm so tired! I can't wait for tomorrow afternoon, coming out of school and relax!

The weather today oh my goodness, it was amazing! Never have I ever been this happy with the weather! I could actually use my sunglasses on my way to school! I think Spring is on it's way now! :) I can't wait for Spring cause that means the school year is almost over and that means that summer holiday is coming which means I can go abroad! whoop whoop

Blouse from Primark // Jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch // Necklace from H&M // Cross bracelet from Fashionology


Outfit / It's empty in the valley of your heart

14 March 2012

I'm obsessed with Mumford & Sons, The Kooks, The Strokes, Boy & Bear and every other band lately. I don't really know why to be honest. I just love their music! Everyone should check all of them ouuut :)

Blouse from Hollister co. // Shirt from H&M // Shorts from H&M // Black cross bracelet from Fashionology


Outfit / Shot me out of the sky

13 March 2012

I'm quite excited showing you this outfit. I really like the all black look with my red All Stars and the H&M clutch. The weather has been amazing lately so I kind of took advantage of it and shot some photo's outside. I'm planning on doing more outfit shoots outside. The thing is, I need to find more beautiful places in the city I live. I live in The Hague and there are some pretty places but they're like a half hour drive with my bike so that kind of sucks!

Blazer Vintage // Blouse New Look // Jeans Zara // Necklaces from H&M // Ray-Ban sunglasses // H&M clutch // YSL-Inspired Ring from Sieradenkistje.nl  // Red All Stars Converse 



12 March 2012

Here's a little preview of my outfit from tomorrow. I bought this clutch at H&M, in fact it isn't a clutch but a make-up bag. I really like it so I thought it would be fun to maybe use it as a clutch for one day.



11 March 2012

Hi guys! As you might now I went vintage shopping with Emma from Gocky Emma this weekend and I bought this amazing vintage blazer which is like way too big for me so I think I'll use it as a coat and these three old books. I can hear you thinking, why would she buy old vintage books? Well I'm planning on re-designing my room and I already have a vintage camera which will come in my room and I thought it would be fun to have one shelf with all these old vintage stuff. These 3 books all together were €2 and my blazer was €7 so you could say I did some budget shopping this weekend! After this weekend I should really start looking for a job and try to save my money for London, well what can I say, I'm a shopaholic.


Outfit / There’s no beauty like your face in the morning light

10 March 2012

I went shopping today with Emma from Gocky Emma and we went to some vintage shops and we had such an amazing time! After the vintage shopping we went shopping in The Hague and after that we went to Noordeinde Palace to make some outfit photo's. It was such an amazing day and I had so much fun and the photo's actually turned out to be more beautiful than I thought they would turn out!

I actually bought a lot of amazing items these last couple of days and I really can't wait to show them! So if you're curious yourself, stay tuned

Blouse from (Sfera) // Blazer from H&M // Jeans from H&M // Scarf from my brother from WE // Bracelet with heart from my friend Amber // Bracelet with heart from my brother // Black cross bracelet from Fashionology // Ring gift from my aunt // Necklace from H&M  // Shoes from Michael Kors // Bag from New Look


Outfit / Polkadots

5 March 2012

I wanted to wear my blouse a bit different than I would normally do. I normally tug it into my jeans but I really wanted to wear it with a skirt. So here is my blouse with a skirt! I really like it tugged in a skirt but I need to buy more skirts so I can combine it with others! But since I'm on a shopping diet (started today, for real this time) I can't buy skirts! So I'll just have to find another creative solution! If you know one let me know! 

Blouse from Primark // Skirt from Sutherland  // Necklace from H&M


NEW IN / Michael Kors shoes

3 March 2012

Check out my new beauties. I got them for my birthday from my aunt. As I told you I went shopping with her and my cousin yesterday and they got me these! I really love them and they were on sale! They actually walk like heaveeeen! I walked on them for 4 hours today and my feet aren't even sore! Good thing! I can´t wait to show them to you in an outfitpost!

I'm so happy with my new shoes and I love my family so much. They got me the best presents I've ever had so far and I'm so grateful for having such an amazing family!

Michael Kors wedges