OUTFIT | I have to get one step closer to you

30 April 2012

H&M shorts & necklace, Massimo Dutti blouse, Vinage blazer, Fashionology bracelet, V&D bag, Converse All Stars, Club Manhattan ring

This is what I wore to Antwerp. The weather was absolutely wonderful and we had a lot of sun! I bought a lot at Forever 21 and will show it to you in my upcoming post. I had such a lovely day in Antwerp and my parents and I went by car since it is just a 2-hour drive! I'm pretty exhausted now so I'm probably going to bed early!

Also you can really see my "new" hair on the first photo! :)



29 April 2012

H&M shorts, flower printed shorts and singlet

Bought these cute shorts and this singlet from the Beatles at H&M. I think I may have a obsession with The Beatles, so I couldn't resist not buying this singlet, and to be honest, I don't regret anything!! So I'm going to Antwerp tomorrow and I am preeeetty excited! I will bring my camera with me and will take some photo's! :)

I just saw I'm only 2 followers away from the 300! This is crazy! I never expected someone to actually read me blog! And I got a lot of amazing opportunities this month. This month has been truly amazing to me and I'm kind of sad that it's almost over



28 April 2012

I just came back from the hair dresser and I think I can say I had a big change! They cut off 10 cm. That's a lot and I really have to get used to the new length. But that's not all! I also wanted to dip dye it but I didn't want to overdo it so I ended up getting 2 tones lighter than my normal brown hair. I'm really happy with my new hair and I just can't wait to show it proper in an outfit post! It was already getting dark and it has been grey and shitty weather all day so this was the closet I could get to get a good quality photo!


OUTFIT | Everytime I look at you the angels sing

27 April 2012

H&M shorts, blouse and necklace, Vintage blazer, Unknown shoes, Club Manhattan bird ring, Bijoux Brigitte ring with stone, V&D bag, Barry M 272 shocking pink nail polish 

SPRING BREAK YEAHH BUDDY!!! I'm sorry for my excitement but finally! I could really use a break from school now! I have a looot of fun things planned this break so I can't wait, if you follow me on my twitter you probably know why I am so excited! I AM GOING SHOPPING ALL FREAKIN' WEEK! I am the luckiest teenage blogger alive! On Monday it's Queens day in Holland and I'm going to Antwerp then, Tuesday I'm going to Primark with my brother and his (amazing) girlfriend, she encouraged my brother to come with us (he has to drive us), and finally Wednesday until Friday I am going to Maastricht with my aunt and my lovely cousin. I am so excited to visit all these different cities and I am like one energy bomb while writing this 'cause I can barely contain my excitement!

Oh yes before I forget! I'm going to the hair dresser tomorrow! :) I already wanted to go a few months ago but I wasn't sure what to do but now I know! I'm going to get it cut and then there's a bit of a surprise for you guys, I will show you when I'm back from the hairdresser tomorrow and I really hope it turns out well! Gahh I'm really excited!

Sorry for the overdose of excitement in this post but it feels like I'm already having the best month of this year! :)


Outfit / Every teardrop is a waterfall

26 April 2012

H&M Blazer, Shirt and necklace, Pull & Bear shorts, Converse All Stars
Yihoee finally an outfit post! But my godness... The weather is really weird lately. Then it's raining and then again it is warm and the sun is shining. When I wanted to shoot these photo's it was pouring so I had to go back inside again and we waited until it was dry again. But here is my outfit! I haven't worn my Ramones shirt in ages so I thought it would be fun to wear again. Well actually this is a 30-seconds-put-together 'cause I was in a hurry this morning! :)

1 more day of school and then finally my spring break, I'm sooo exciteed! :)



24 April 2012

Primark black dress

I think I'm allowed to say my brother's girlfriend or "my sister-in-law" is one of my favourite people in the world! She bakes with me, she buys me unexpected gifts in Ireland, she gives me her old clothes!

So let me tell you the story behind this dress. She bought herself this dress from Primark around last year, I think. Around last month she cleaned her closet and she gave me a pile of clothing and I must say there were definitely some things I wanted to keep. This dress included. So basically she gave me this dress and I seriously love it. Not much of a story but yeah, I'm just so happy with it!



23 April 2012

photo's: Afterdrk, Vogue and Google Images

I am having a major migraine attack at the moment and I had this awful headache all day. I wasn't able to shoot my outfit so here's a little inspiration post for today. I am off to bed now so I can get tons and tons of rest!

Have a lovely evening!


22 April 2012

I want to share this webshop with you! I recently discovered it and I think I'm falling more and more for everything. As you can see the webshop is called Mooij Designs. It is a Dutch webshop and they sell the cutest things! I picked some of my favourite things together.

One of my favourites is the cross necklace in the first collage. I'm probably going to buy it after writing this post! :) And I kind of have this weird obsession and love for the black heels in the first collage. I just think they're amazing! Maybe I'll buy them too! ;)

The owner of Mooij Designs is the 21-year young Lucia. She designs clothing and furniture. She made the cross leggings in the first collage. I really do think she's talented and can become a big designer!

Make sure you check out Mooij Design and like Mooij Design on Facebook!


OUTFIT / We can dance all through the night

21 April 2012

Zara parka, Denim Co denim blouse, H&M silk blouse, trousers and necklace, Michael Kors wedges, New Look bag, Vintage sunnies from my mum

Weekends. They're my favorite. I can sleep until noon and I actually don't have that much stress! I can't wait for my spring break. There's one week of school left and then finally I can sleep and have fun and I finally don't have to worry about all the homework and tests that are coming up!

Ohh did you noticed my hair is curly today. I only have curly hair when I don't brush it when it's still wet. I really like my curly hair and I wish I could have it more often but most of the time I'm in a hurry and I brush it veeery quickly! And I'm wearing my wedges again! Haven't worn any heels/wedges or so in such a long time! I've been living on my All Stars! It's becoming a habit to kind of only wear them! I will try to wear my All Stars not as much as I did before!


20 April 2012

As you may have seen my outfit post "I told you about strawberry fields" I discovered these vintage sunnies from my mum in a cupboard. I can't wait to wear them this summer! I think this is like one of the things I love from my mum's "closet".  I think I will love it forever!


Outfit / Talkin' about the young style

19 April 2012

Vero Moda Jacket, Primark blouse, Pieces scarf, H&M shorts, Converse All Stars

I got this blouse from my brothers girlfriend. She bought it for me at Primark when she was in Ireland for a dance competition. I really love this colour because it is so bright! It gives me summer vibes and it make me feel like a sunshine on these dark, grey days!

I've been a bit obsessed with this song covered by The Kooks, you should really listen to it!



17 April 2012

Photo's: http://forloveandlemons.wordpress.com/

Oh my God. Check out this new collection from For Love and Lemons. It is the summer 2012 collection called Viva la Vida meaning Live the Life. This collection is inspired by Frida Kahlo and I looove it. I can stare at these photo's for ages and never get sick of them!

Photographer: Zoey Grossman, Model: Valeria Efanova


Outfit / I told you about strawberry fields

16 April 2012

O my god. I'm obsessed with the Beatles. Their music is amaaazing! There are a few songs that actually are my favorites like Lucy in the sky, Glass Onion and From me to you. That were just a few examples! I won't be writing down my whole list of favorite songs! That would be too much to post!

I really like how these photo's turned out! Have you seen my sunglasses? THEY'RE VINTAGE. They were from my Mum, she bought them in 1986 or something I think and I discovered them in our cupboard which is filled with all these unused sunglasses. I'm pretty happy with them and they are so prettyyyy!!

Zara parka // Primark blouse // Skirt from H&M // V&D bag // Converse All Stars // H&M gold stone necklace // Vintage sunglasses


Outfit / Is your heart taken

15 April 2012

Yes I'm wearing my parka, again. I can assure you there will be posts up without me wearing this parka all the time!

I know I should have taken my parka off but it was freezing and there were two little boys (they were 9) at the place where I was shooting and they were annoying and kept saying we were playing "Topmodel" thanks to my big camera. Oh yes! And they were playing soccer and I was a target, so I got hit by a ball a few times! 

Zara coat // Primark blouse // Pull & Bear lace shorts // V&D bag //  Unknown shoes



14 April 2012

Check out the new loves of my life, besides my new coat of course. Every season there's this sale called "Het prijzencircus" in a big warehouse called V&D. In that warehouse they have a Sephora section as well. Every season they have this 3 products for €10 sale. I love this 'cause when you buy these products when they're not in sale these three lovely products have a total price of €49,95. So like, that saves me a lot of money! I lovee sale.
I bought a Black waterproof mascara, which I haven't really used yet, a smoothing primer, which I loooove 'cause it really works, and a mineral powder. I've used the sephora mineral powder and primer this week and so far I'm pretty happy with the result. Hopefully there'll be another sale very soon so I can buy some other Sephora items!

Do you use products from Sephora?


Outfit / You know I’ll take you to another world

11 April 2012

This outfit shoot was probably one of the worst but still funniest outfit shoots I've ever done! It was raining, and omg the bloody wind! I found loads of photo's where my umbrella is like half broken thanks to the wind! and my hair! It kept blowing in my face! I think I shouted at least 5 times "GODDAMN BLOODY WIND" but yeah... I also really enjoyed it 'cause it was kind of a challenge to hold an umbrella and also shoot photo's!

OMG I'm wearing my Zara parka! You probably already noticed! I'm in loooooveee! I wish I could wear it every single minute of the day! Oh yes! And these shorts! They make me feel funky, whoop whoop!

ZARA parka // New Look black blouse // New Look shorts // Unknown shoes // V&D black bag