29 May 2012

New Look maxi skirt and bralet, H&M  leather skirt & Zara bag

These are the items I bought last Saturday. I needed a new bag for school but didn't want to walk with a backpack so I bought this Zara bag which is very common with a lot of other bloggers but I just needed him in my life. It is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to prance around school with it. OK I hav|e to be honest, I'm actually carrying it around with me at school today and I am so happy with it. Then I bought this leather skirt from H&M, I was dying to buy a leather skirt but somehow never found the perfect one. I bought this one on sale at H&M for €10 so I was really happy with that! I can't wait to wear this skirt with blouses and in also can't wait to wear it in the Winter with jumpers! 



28 May 2012

Photo's: Google Images, Olsen Anonymous & Tumblr

I can hear you thinking, how original! Ashley Olsen as style icon. I think she is a style icon to almost every girl. I was about 9 when I watched my first Olsen twin film and after that I was obsessed with the her style. And eventhough she's out of the film business she deserves some creds for her amazing clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth and James! I would love to nick some (everything) of her clothes! How about you?



27 May 2012

H&M blouse, Bershka skirt, V&D bag, Vnas sneakers, Primark ring with three stones, Vintage sunnies and White cross ring from a market in Amsterdam

So here's a full outfit of what I was wearing yesterday. I actually was planning on wearing heels with this skirt but thanks to the immense heat in The Netherlands I just didn't want to wear heels at all. I somehow can't pull the no socks in sneakers trend off, because after a day of shopping my feet were covered in blasters.. They still are!! 

I can't wait to show you what I bought though! :)



26 May 2012

A little preview for tomorrow's outfit! I went shopping and just came home and I am kind of in a hurry now 'cause I have party over at my friends house! But I bought loads of new things that I really love so I can't wait to show you!!



25 May 2012


A few weeks ago I went to the hair dresser and as you might now I got ombre hair but since it is bleached I have to take care of it a lot more than I usually did. So I bought these two products at the hair dresser which will treat my hair and will make sure I don't have loads of split ends. 

The first one is an oil for your hair from Orofluido. I once got a tester from my aunt from Orofluido and it really did make my ends soft but I kind of forgot about, I was too lazy to it as an everyday routine. I usually used it after I straightened my hair.  But since my hair is dip dyed now I just had to buy it. You just put it in your wet hair and you can also use it after you blow dried your hair. I must add DON'T put it on your hair roots, that'll make your hair greasy within seconds! (I did it the first time I used it.. oops..) I can guarantee you that it will work. The ends of my hair are so soft and ever since I'm using it, I just can't stop touching my hair!

So the second items is the Uniq One all in one hair treatment. This product is magic. It helps you repair your hair, it has a shine & frizz control, it protects your hair against heat, it'll make your hair silky en smooth, it protects your hair colour,  it's incredible detangling, it gives you a long lasting hairstyle, prevents you from split ends and adds body
I just spray this in my hair after I showered and obviously washed my hair so it'll make brushing my hair out a lot easier since my hair always is completely tangled. I think it's really nice for me because I'll spray this in my hair in the morning, give it a quick brush and then go to school. It's a lot easier than spending 10 minutes on brushing my hair out! Also, it smells delicious and if your spray it onto your skin, you can actually feel how soft it is. 

Have you ever used one of these products? If you did, did you like them? :)



24 May 2012

The temperature in Holland has been absolutely amazing. The sun is out and I just can't wait for Summer break! So I had a little peek at the photo's from my holiday from last year when I was in Marbella in the south of Spain and I just couldn't help to post these photo's. So you're looking at two amazing photo's from the beach and one photo of the sushi plate my brother and I had (we couldn't finish all it was wayyy too much) at a beach club.

So just to be short, these photo's and the weather we're having this week are making me want my Summer break in Marbella so bad,  and even though my I have to wait like more than two months until I'm returning, I'm just way too excited!


OUTFIT | And I'll be yours to keep

23 May 2012

H&M shorts, top and necklace, Denim & Co denim blouse, Converse All Stars, Cross ring from a market in Amsterdam

If you follow me on my twitter you already know I am obsessed with Ben Howard. I seriously love his voice and his song Only Love makes me want summer so bad! To have freedom and just cycle around in the woods and have a picnick! Just to finally be carefree again. School is making me so stressful but Ben Howard's songs are amazing for destress! Look at the video clip and I promise you, you can relax a bit! :)



22 May 2012

New Look flower headband 

So if you follow me on twitter your probably know I went to Rotterdam last Friday with my two friends Robert and Farah. I wanted to buy a flower headband for such a looong time but I somehow couldn't find the perfect one. Until I walked into New Look. On their webshop I saw loads of cute flower headbands before we went to Rotterdam and I just had to go to New Look, so I ended up buying this one. I can't wait until the weather really is warm and sunny so I can shoot a dreamy look with this headband. Can you imagine? In the park, a dreamy look with a floaty skirt. I can see myself wearing it right now. All I need now is just some sunny and warm weather!



21 May 2012

Photo's: Tumblr & WhoWhatWear
Just a little inspiration post today. I got inspired by leather, black and an black and white photo. I found these photo's over the last week and they really inspired me. 


OUTFIT | Relaxing Sunday

20 May 2012

H&M top, Forever 21 shorts, Vintage sunglasses and Converse All Stars

I just hopped out of the shower and  had breakfast. Perfect lazy Sunday. I'm not really planning on doing much today and the weather is absolutely beautiful today so I'm probably going to enjoy the sun and read a bit of Company magazine in the garden.

I am off to the garden now to enjoy the sun, Happy Sunday!!


OUTFIT | Neon trees

19 May 2012

Primark shirt, Zara parka, H&M shorts, V&D bag, Vans sneakers

I really love the neon stripes on the shirt I'm wearing, the best thing is it actually is an aztec neon print! I love aztec and I adore neon lately! I'm actually had second thoughts about buying it 'cause my brother's girlfriend wanted to buy it as well so I thought that if I wanted to wear it, I could borrow it from her but then again, I couldn't wear it whenever I wanted so I just bought it since it was from Primark and only like €10 or something! 

I have an exciting day planned for today. First up I'm going to the city of The Hague (again) with Emma (her blog) to shoot some outfits and maybe buy some things and after that I am celebrating my brother's 20th birthday (he had his birthday on May 15) soo yeahh, I'm really excited! :)

What are your plans for this weekend?


OUTFIT | Won't stop running till we reach the sun

18 May 2012

 H&M Blouse & blazer, Pull & Bear shorts, Converse All Stars, Forever 21 necklace, Fashionology cross bracelet, Ring from Bijou Brigitte

I've finally worn this new necklace from Forever 21. I have to admit, I kind of forgot I bought it and it was under a pile of my schoolbooks so when I cleaned up my room I found it again and I couldn't wait to wear it! So here it is! :)

Happy Friday!



16 May 2012

1. Romwe dress, 2. Romwe skirt, 3. New Look playsuit, 4. New Look maxi skirt, 5. New Look red maxi skirt, 6. Topshop skater dress, 7. Topshop checked shirt, 8. Topshop neppy tee, 9. Topshop cross tee, 10. Topshop neppy sweatshirt, 11. Topman burgundy hoodie, 12. Forever 21 speckled trousers, 13. Forever 21 jacket, 14. Asos jumper, 15. Topshop loafers 16. The Row sunglasses via Asos.

So I made a little wishlist. I kind of wanted to do one in forever since I already want some new clothes! I want some new jumpers and hoodies 'cause even though it is May, it still is absoluteeely freezing in Holland! Although the weather was a bit better last weekend! I can't wait for summer. I just want to wear pretty tops, skirts etc. Maybe I will buy some things from Topshop at the end of the month at Payday because I am in need of some pretty Topshop stuff hihi.



14 May 2012

I thought it would be fun to show you what is in my bag. I might add that this is what's in my bag when I don't go to school, 'cause if I would bring all these things with me to school I might need an extra locker or something!

So I use my V&D bag a lot and the items that are in my V&D bag are; My Monki purse, a notebook from Marie Claire, my Ipod, my Blackberry or should I say Crapberry 'cause the Blackberry is hating on me a lot  (can't wait until I get an Iphone!!) then there is some anti-bacterial hand gel, my I love.... Vanilla & Ice Cream hand lotion, wet wipes from H&M with Coconut & Pineapple fragrance, my Vintage sunglasses, my pencil/pen case for school from Pip, my powder brush and mineral powder both from Rituals, my Soap and Glory mascara (I absolutely looooove that!), My liquid eyeliner from Maybeline New York, my NYC Cover Stick, and a lip balm from Labello. I keep all my make-up products separate from my other stuff in the cute white and pink pouch from H&M

Well as you can see my bag is one chaotic mess and I always seem to have loads of useless things in my bag but these items are like 99% of the time in my bag, with my camera of course which I couldn't show 'cause I took photo's with it!


OUTFIT | I'm sick of dancing with the beast

13 May 2012

H&M shorts and cardigan, Primark blouse, River Island bag, vintage hat and sunglasses, Vans shoes, Cross ring from a market

I got some weird looks while wearing this outfit 'cause it's not what normal people in my home town nor in The Netherlands would wear. I got a bit uncomfortable by that but it wouldn't stop me. I think it's hard for me to not care about what other people think about me and the way I dress. But over the years I care less about those people.
So when I shot this look with Emma (her blog) it was windy and cold, so when we got back at my home I made her and myself a  cappuccino to warm up a bit. I haven't had such a great laugh with Emma in such a long long time and I can't wait to have many more of these amazing laughs!
I'm writing this post now in the garden while studying for Maths and German 'cause I have two tests coming up this week! Boohooo I can't wait for our summer break, just one more month to go. 



12 May 2012

I'm wearing Primark shirt, H&M shorts & Zara parka

So I brought my camera with me to Amsterdam and I kind of had a lovely time I think. My feet were absolutely killing me when we got home. Have you seen the photo of me and my friends! It looks like I'm wearing no make-up! :( I was wearing make up actually!!

Let me tell you my day. I had to be at school at a quarter to 9,  at nine we left our school and went to Amsterdam, I have no clue when we arrived, I think it was around 10.30 or eleven or something, we went to 'Het Rijksmuseum' then had some spare time, went on a really pour cruise for only 20 minutes or so, and ended at het Waterlooplein. At the market there I bought the two t-shirts under here. So yeah.. I spent money again. I'm such a bad money saver. I really need to save money now since Mother's Day is tomorrow and my brother's birthday is on Tuesday, he's turning 20 then!! You old brother! Still have to buy him his fragrance since it's almost empty and my mum some small presents.

These shirts are actually for men, but yeah.. I have a weak spot for The Beatles and The Ramones so I couldn't stop myself and bought them almost immediately! They have to be washed first because I noticed they were extremely dirty at the ends so I can't wear them until like later this week!

OK I really have to go now. I am going to buy Mother Day's presents with my brother now and he's shouting at the end of the stairs saying I have to come now or he'll leave without me! No you won't do that 'cause I have all the money, brother!  Ok no, I really should go now!