29 June 2012

Having an Iphone really isn't good for my social life. I am playing Fruit Ninja all the time and I looove Instagram. These are some photo's I shot in the past 3 days since I got my Iphone. But life has to continue and I need to stop with the Iphone obsession so I am off now to buy my daddy a birthday present now since his birthday is tomorrow, and hopefully I will have time to shoot an outfit! :)

What shall I buy for my daddy! I seriously have nooooo clue! :o 


OUTFIT | Lights out, Words gone

27 June 2012

New Look vest, H&M Beatles top & shorts and Vans sneakers

Whieee I just saw I hit 350 followers on my blog and I am so excited, overwhelmed and grateful that you guys read my blog! So that's why I have a little surprise for you coming up by the end of this week! 

Then if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I got an Iphone (yahoee big huray) and if you want you can follow me on Instagram under the name styleandsushi, just like my twitter.

I don't have much to tell you guys, I wish I did but I had loads of fun the past two days hanging out with friends, but I am really tired right now and I am planning on cleaning my room (It's a part two) because if I will clean it properly, my father will actually paint my room white and I will be able to change it! :) So that is it for now 


24 June 2012


Hello obsession with New Look. I know what you're thinking, but New Look just have so many amazing clothes! I might have gone a bit too far the past two weeks and the staff at New Look probably know me by now. Obviously this isn't everything I bought at New Look the past two weeks but if I will show you everything I bought at New Look I'm sure this would have been a really long post, and I just thought I would show you the items I am most happy with! Although I also bought a pair of leggings but they are in the wash so I couldn't show you them! But I will show you an outfit post with them very quickly!

The first item is this amazing sleeveless jacket, which is perfect for summer and I have been eyeing it for quite a while but it was €40 and I didn't want to pay that much money for it so when I went to the city centre on Thursday evening and saw it was on an AMAZING sale i had to buy it, I mean if it's only €15 who wouldn't buy it!! Then I bought this dress last week somewhere and unfortunately it wasn't on sale, but it still was too beautiful to leave behind. Then last this amazing top, I actually bought it for a friend of mine who had her birthday that evening but I thought it was so amazing so I bought one for myself as well!

 I'm really happy with everything I bought, and I am soooo exciteeed to wear everything! I have loads of spare time now since I have no school at the moment so hopefully there will be loads of outfit posts up soon! :)



22 June 2012

Topshop camo sleevles denim shirt, Topshop red bikini,  Zara blouse, Topshop sunglasses and Topshop loafers

I know what you're thinking! That's a lot of Topshop, Laura! I know I know, there are no excuses for this kind of Topshop wishlist. It's just, everything at their webshop is so freakin' pretty! And I've  been at the Topshop website a lot lately 'cause last week I discovered there's a Topshop in Spain, where I am staying. So I told my parents they could find me in Topshop if they lost me in the shopping centre hehe :)

I am off buying a present now for my friend because I have a little b-day party tonight! 



21 June 2012

This is just a really quick update on how my life is for now. I hadn't got time to post any posts beside the inspiration post on Monday because of my exams but they're over now so I have loads of time, so be prepared for loads of posts!

001. So I finished my exams and I am so relieved, I only got 1 of the 11 grades yet which is my German exam, which I passed! Yaay happy times!

002. I am off to the city centre now with two of my classmates to have dinner and maybe shop a bit, just to reward myself  hehe :)

003. Big shoutout to my friend Farah, 'cause it's her birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTAHHH


18 June 2012

Photo's: All from Tumblr

Just one more week of school for me until I have some freedom. And in exactly 2 AND A HALF weeks I have my official summer Holiday. These photo's just remind me of having fun and of course take time to relax and be carefree (especially when your on holiday).


OUTFIT | Let's get down with the trumpets

17 June 2012

Pull & Bear top, Bershka skirt, New Look shoes, Vintage hat, Cross necklace from Mooij Designs. 

I really loved wearing this outfit. I felt so not like every other Dutch person. It's mostly because of the skirt, because fact most of the people in Holland would never buy a skirt like this. Their loss. This skirt I'm still so in love with it but omg it is hard to cycle with it!! Ok so if you've visited Holland, you know that in Holland it is all about the bikes. Well this skirt makes it bloody hard to cycle haha! 

Sorry for the puffy eyes on these photo's! It is this bloody hay fever that does crazy things to my nose and my eyes!

I am off to my cousins graduation celebration thingy! What are you going to do today? 

Happy Father's day to all of you and your father's I hope you have a lovely day! :)



16 June 2012

bag & kimono both vintage

So this is what I bought yesterday. I went to the city centre with Emma from Gocky Emma and we couldn't resist not going into a vintage store. The bag was only €4,50 and I really loved it so when they told me it was €4,50 I couldn't stop smiling! It is a bit damaged though but that did not stop me from buying it!  Then the kimono, I know it's not very pretty and all but I thought it was cute and I will probably wear it some basics. Emma was such a sweetheart and gave it to me as a gift! I am really happy with it and I can't wait to wear it! :) 


OUTFIT | Jump into the fog

15 June 2012

Primark blouse, H&M jeans, New Look loafers, Zara bag, vintage sunglasses 

Yaay finally a proper outfit post. I had my first two tests today which were Economics and Dutch. It went ok but after it I wanted to go shopping or have some fun, so I went to the city centre with Emma (from Gocky Emma) I bought a really lovely vintage handbag and Emma gave me a lovely vintage kimono which I will show you in tomorrow's post.

So now that I finally wore these New Look loafers, I am allowed to say; they walk like shit! For real!! My feet are covered in blasters and I have loads of wounds on my feet so I'm not going to be able to walk for about 4 days or something! 


OUTFIT | Where you've been hiding lately

13 June 2012

Vintage blazer, Grey H&M cardigan and shorts, New Look jumper, Zara bag, Vans sneakers, rings from Primark and vintage, Necklace from a market in Amsterdam

So I'm sorry for these crappy outfit photo's. I wore this comfy outfit to a birthday of a friend of mine after I went shopping last Saturday. But the weather was awful, and it was cold! As in winter cold

I'm absolutely shattered and I would love to dug into bed but since I have to revise all day long it is kind of impossible to shoot outfits, which I really don't like because I love to post and I love to read blogs, but somehow my days don't have enough hours. So I am off revising now, again :) Or I might watch the soccer game between The Netherlands and Germany. Not quite sure! haha



11 June 2012

All photo's from Tumblr

These photo's make me crave my summer holiday so bad. The fact that there's one week of classes left at school isn't really helping as well. Oh yes and let's not forget the crappy weather. Urgh just everything makes me even more excited for my Holiday. I actually am checking the weather forecast of the place in Spain I'm going to non stop, and to see that the around there is about 31 degrees Celsius is leaving me sobbing in my bed. Ok it's just not fair, it has to be freaking summer and it feels like autumn... Well enough with the sobbing over the weather, I'm off revising again for my test week.



10 June 2012

H&M grey cardigan, New Look mint coloured jumper & bandeau tops, New Yorker striped jumper, Marie-Claire, Dutch Vogue with black canvas Vogue bag, The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks, Sepora nail polishes and Ciaté lilac nail polish

Here are some of the items I bought over the last few weeks. I bought the Dutch Vogue in the beginning of June. I love reading magazines but I am so busy with school, I haven't even had time to read this Vogue issue. Then I bought Marie-Claire and The Lucky one when I was in the city centre with Eline. I got the Ciaté lilac nail polish with it. I really love this colour and I can't wait to put it on my nails! Then I went to the city centre with Emma. We had to buy a friend of ours a gift and we couldn't really contain ourselves, so I bought this really warm and soft grey cardigan at H&M at the men department. I think this is perfect for when there're colder evenings when I'm on holiday, the New Look mint coloured jumper is perfect for summer 'cause it has no sleeves which means I can wear it in summer with one of these bandeau tops, which are also from New Look. Then I bought the striped jumper, which was on sale, for only €5,00 and I thought it was kind of cute so I couldn't resist not buying it.

The upcoming week is my last week of school, and Friday my week full of tests will start so I'm currently revising and finishing homework. But I hope I'll be able to still shoot some outfits this week and maybe next week! 



8 June 2012

I went to the city centre of my home town again today. I feel like I'm there every single week. But I have so many things that I want and I just keep searching in my home town but they don't have it. So today I went with my friend Eline. I haven't known her that long, for like a year, but we have such a good friendship and I couldn't imagine my life without her.

So what we did was we went on the bus, got her dad's girlfriend a present for her birthday, went looking at MAC & Bobbi Brown and omg, we couldn't contain ourselves. You should have seen my hand when I left the store... It still has make-up on it.. went to eat something cheap. I had the panini with all the seeds on it, and a blueberry shake, which was deliciouus, then we went to The American Book Centre, a book shop where they sell magazines from every country, I always buy my magazines there 'cause I get 10% pupil discount from my school, so big hurray for the CJP-pas! :) Oh yes, I bought some things which I will show you tomorrow! :)

I am currently babysitting and I am really bored so I'm probably going to read some blogs. Then I am going to walk home and crawl into bed 'cause guess what? I am going to the city centre of my home town tomorrow again! With Gocky Emma this time. We're going to go there by bike, we usually go there with the public transit but my goodness I can't afford another trip with a bus/tram. Do you actually know what a tram is?


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6 June 2012

dress from Zara

June 2nd. The day Atelier Indigo magazine got out. I am a contributor at Aterlier Indigo and our first issue was launched on June 2nd I was so excited for the launch 'cause I actually wrote some posts and also was able to be a model in the magazine. The theme for the first launch was fairytales and dreams. On June 2nd I had the opportunity to read the magazine and I was amazed by the work Kelsey and the crew had done. Eva who is our cover model looked absolutely stunning and I loved every single article in the magazine! 
If you want to read it yourself, you can read it here on our Atelier Indigo website or just scroll down a little bit more to read the magazine on my blog. I can't wait until the next issue which will be released in August.   



4 June 2012

Here are some of my favourite may outfits. I had such an eventful May and I can't really believe it is June already. This school year went by so quick! I know I still have a month of school left but my big test week is coming up (June 14).

Tell me what are your favourite outfits of May? :)



3 June 2012

New Look loafers

I wanted these beauties for ages and ages but at the New Look where I live they didn't have them in my size for such a long time. So when I went to town centre of The Hague to drink something with a friend of mine last Saturday I couldn't resist not looking in New Look and then I found them! In my size! They were only €20 so I bought them immediately! Big hooray for New Look!  I can't wait to wear them in an outfit posts! Although they walk like shit... I wore them Saturday evening to the surprise party of my aunt and lets just say standing all night on these loafers is something you probably shouldn't do! 



2 June 2012

Zara coat, H&M Beatles shirt, Forever 21 shorts and Are You Swedish canvas bag, Converse All Stars

I am so sorry for my lack of posts this week.. The things at school just got really hectic and I couldn't find the time to shoot outfit photo's because I have tons of homework, which really isn't normal and next week I will be having loads of tests again but I will try to plan this week so I still have some time to shoot some outfits! 

These photo's were taken yesterday before I went to the city of The Hague with my friends Emma (from Gocky Emma) and Merle to have a drink. We had loads of fun and I can't wait until I finish school so we could do this more often (and shoot more outfits) I'm counting down the days like crazy. I'm still stuck at school for two weeks (!!) then we have a big test week and after that I my non-official Summer break begins! :)