31 July 2012

Episode camo jacket, New Look top, H&M jeans, Bracelets from a market and Barong Barong, Rings from a market, Forever 21 necklace

I told you guys I wanted to dye my hair ends lighter, and here is the result. I actually really like this colour in these outfit shots, because in real life it is way more blonde. But after having it for three days, I just think it is too blonde. So I went to the hairdresser again today and they made it darker. It'll go lighter when I am on my holiday but if I kept my hair as blonde as it was, it would have been really blonde, and I don't know... I can't imagine myself with blonde hair! 

I am postponing packing my suitcase but I must start today so I will! I know I can haha! 



 The Iconemesis giveaway is now closed, and this was my first (ever) giveaway on my blog, I chose random.org to choose the winner. I am verry happy to announce the winner. Drum rolls please....

Laura from Dreams and Dresses
Congrats Laura! I will send you a tweet and e-mail you!

And if you didn't win, don't worry, there probably will be a giveaway up very soon! :)



30 July 2012

(Photo's: Tumblr & Google Images)

I haven't done an inspiration post in such a long time! So I thought it would be time to do another one. Basically these photo's all are details of outfits. These kind of photo's inspire me the most! I'm really into tumblr again so I might use it more, so there probably will be more inspiration posts coming up in the future!


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29 July 2012

Another week has passed so here is another instagram diary. My next instagram diary will be way more fun than this one is, I think because I am in Spain then. So what you're looking at:

My delivery finally came // Pretty pink flowers in my garden // An quote // With my lovely friend Farah // Moustaches and Farah // Pretty weather in Holland // Perfect summer with Ben Howard's album // My new hair // With my friend Elke // Working on my tan with John Lennon

I kind of want to start packing my suitcase already.. But I won't because my parents will say I look like my Grandma... She always packed her suitcase like 3 weeks before we left on our holiday, she was such a cutie! :)


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27 July 2012

Forever 21 shorts and triangle necklace, H&M blouse and purple stone necklace from my Grandma

Oh look at me wearing my hair up in another outfit post! I've been wearing my hair in a bun every since the weather has been this great, I'm not sure why but it makes tanning a lot easier haha! Sadly there are loads of clouds while I am writing this post, so I think the great weather might come to an end, I'm so sad! 

I am going to the hair dresser tomorrow and I kind of am in doubt if I want to dip dye my hair a bit lighter? I need your help let me know what you think! I will post a photo on my twitter after I posted this post and you can see what I want! 


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26 July 2012

H&M top, shorts, New Look dotted bandeau 

Why do I look so pale in these photo's! I'm not pale at all! I actually got a tan, as you can see on the last photo! Ok, enough moaning this is my outfit for today. It's very casual, but I am going to catch up with two of my friends today in my garden so I thought this would be an relaxed and comfy outfit. I'm wearing a bandeau top under it just because I didn't want my bra to shine through! 

Also my camo jacket finally came in the mail today and I wish I could wear it, but jackets are a bit overrated with this weather so I probably won't be wearing it in an outfit post until I come back from holiday! boohoo :(


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24 July 2012

Vintage jacket, H&M jeans and top

I absolutely love this jacket. I wore this outfit last sunday, when summer decided to show his face, I was boiling because who wears all black with this jacket when it is boiling, well I was! I really love this jacket but I think it is too hot to wear it now (read 26 degrees celsius) so this really keeps the spirits up for my trip to Spain!

I am now off tanning a bit more! Don't forget to use sunscreen! :)


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22 July 2012

What you're looking at:
Dutch Summers // With my lovely friend Kim // Breakfast, chocolate sprinkles // Need to wear my Timberlands more often // Watching Teen Wolf // My favourite pair of jeans // Found this coin in my purse // Made guacamole with Kim // Raspberry Blackcurrant at Starbucks // Old photo of me and Gocky Emma // Cappuccino from Bagels and Beans // Some cheeky shopping I did // An old outfit I actually quite like!

Another Instagram diary, number 3 already! Time's flying!! After the horrible weather we've had the last two weeks the sun finally decided to show up, I am planning on getting a bit of a tan already before I leave for my holiday in Spain!  


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21 July 2012

Primark shirt, H&M skirt

I was kind of scared posting this outfit. I think it is because of the leather skirt. I don't really know why.. I think it can look wrong in some kind of way. Also the price tag was still on it when I wore this for the first time. But now that I am posting it, I still kind of don't know... So I need your opinion, shall I keep it or I would like to say bring it back but I can't, so or shall I keep it hidden in my closet until I will like it?



19 July 2012

So since I got my Iphone for about three weeks and now I am dying to get a cute case for my Iphone. I now have this one but I really want a new one. I love discovering new websites and was very happy when I discovered iconemesis, they have the cutest cases!
I am going to buy a case at their website myself, and you can win one yourself too! If you would like to win an Iphone case (3G,4, 4S) of your choice from the whole website simply follow the steps below.

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Giveaway ends July 30!!



18 July 2012

Pull & Bear skirt

Remember my wishlist from last week? I bought the Pull & Bear skirt I wanted! It really is beautiful in person and I was thinking about buying it already, and Jan also told me it was on sale so I couldn't resist. It is really beautiful and I can't wait to wear it on Holiday with bare tan legs!



16 July 2012

I wanted to post this post yesterday but due some stupid problems with google (I apparently was underage and they blocked my account and they temporarily deleted by blog) I wasn't able because they disabled my account. But my dad came to rescue and paid $0.30 to google so now I can use my account again! Happy me!! :)

What you're looking at:
My outfit post with my dungarees // Ben & Jerry Cookie Dough // Road trip with my auntie // My perfect bun // Hello from me // Obsessed with Princess of China by Coldplay and Rihanna // Michael Kors heels my brother's girlfriend let me borrow // I love this album from the Wombats // Little Buddha in Amsterdam // My favourite pair of Ray-Ban's 

Not a very exciting week! But I still wanted to give you a little update! :)



14 July 2012

New Look top, H&M Skirt, Converse All Stars

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago and I wish I could wear this top everyday! I really love it! The fabric is so soft and it feels so looovely! I am kind of in a rush writing this because I have a very excited day ahead of me and my aunty is going to pick me up in less then an hour and I still have to get dressed! If you would like to know what I am up to today, just follow me on twitter or instagram (or both) and you will know very soon! :)

Note to myself! Wear more jewellery!!


12 July 2012

Topshop white dipped hem skirt, New Look Coral dipped hem skirt, Pull & Bear skirt, Asos The Strokes vest, River Island hotpants, Deathly Hallow shirt from Orange Circle, Topshop Cross necklace

Here's another wishlist! I am kind of already mind preparing for my holiday so I really want to buy some last minute summer sale pieces for my holiday, and I really wouldn't mind putting these pieces in my suitcase!



11 July 2012

 New Look dungarees, Primark shirt, Red All Stars

I never really showed you my dungarees! That's because I thought it would be way more fun to show them in an outfit post! I bought them in May and I wanted to wear it with bear legs but the weather isn't really working so I kind of still have to wear them with tights! :(  Ok, enough moaning of the weather!



8 July 2012

So now that I finally am an owner of an Iphone I can finally do Instagram diaries! I know this first Instagram diary is not big at all but I still wanted to do an Instagram diary, mostly because I like reading other ones too!

Let me tell you what you're looking at:

Drinking coconut water with Gocky Emma // The outfit I was wearing on my dad's birthday // A yummy sandwich I made with melted cheese // Pulling weird faces with Emma while waiting for a friend // A yummy croissant mum bought me that morning, mummy is the best! // baking cookies and cupcakes with my friend, EPIC FAIL // My brother's girlfriend her shoes, which I adore, I might steal them hehe // Tanning // Pulling weird faces with the cutie I am babysitting // another one // My grean tea obsession // me // Marbella, Spain last year I am so excited for this year!

 I might do this as a Sunday standard because I want to bring more of my daily life into this blog, would you like that? Seeing my week in photo's? :)


6 July 2012

(Photo's: Google Images & Tumblr)

Ever since I watch 90210 I have been in love with Shenae Grimes' style. Her style is feminine with some rocky edges and now and then she has her boho flow, just how I like it! I wish I could steal her leather jacket with studs on the third photo! I luuuv it!



5 July 2012

(Photo from Episode)

I've seen this camo jacket on a lot of blogs lately! I wanted it since the beginning of May when I went to Amsterdam but I never went back to Amsterdam since May. I saw this jacket on the webshop from Episode! They have loads of these jackets in their shop and I just wanted it soooo bad but hadn't got any money left!

So I ordered it online yesterday evening and now I am waiting for it to come into my mailbox! Wihoee I am so excited for it! :)



4 July 2012

New Look top, H&M skirt, Vans shoes, Vintage bag,  Forever 21 necklace, Primark watch, Bijou Brigitte ring, blue bracelet from Spain, black bracelet from Barong Barong

This finally is a outfit I am really happy with! I rediscovered this skirt on my dad's birthday, and I want to invest in more skirts for summer 'cause it makes some outfits a lot more feminine! I really love my bag which is vintage and after wearing it with this outfit I want to carry it along more often! I really think it looks cute and gives your look some classiness!