EVENTS | Soigné

1 July 2012

 Amsterdam Fashion Week is coming up in about two weeks and  I am so excited to see some shows at fashion week. On Saturday July 14 there's a fashion show part of the Soigné experience. Francis Beukeveld put together this show and at this edition there will be a designer called Chanelva Maclean from Angel & Maclean to present us her perfect image for the summer of 2013.

Angel & Maclean is he last fashion show at AIFW and will be hosted by an international guest, and after the fashion show there will be music by Fedor Limjoco, Mo MC and many more! 


  1. i have a new outfit...

  2. Nice! Ik zie je misschien daar, XO

  3. ooh that sounds like such fun! id love to attend amsterdam fashion week! :) x

  4. Klinkt goed! veel plezier daar


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