30 August 2012

 (Photo's: Tumblr)

Another inspiration post! These photo's make me wish I could ever be this pretty, or be such an amazing photographer! I wish I took some photographer lessons when my cousin (who is interested in photography) asked me if I wanted to take a lesson. 

My first day back at school yesterday was well.. exhausting! No I was shattered when I came home but aren't those first few days always like that? The getting in the waking up early rhythm, days at school until 4. 



29 August 2012

This is just a quick post to tell you I'm back at school. It is my first day back at school today and I have to be there until 4 pm :( But I'll have time to do my homework at school which means more free time when I come home which means I can read blogs when I come home!

When are you getting back to school/college/university?



28 August 2012

Meet my new loves, my pistol boots from Sacha. I've been wanting them for like a year or so and I really don't know why I never bought them, so now that I got the money from working and with a bit of help from my Mum I finally bought them! I am so happyyyy and I can't wait to wear them to school and shoot outfits with them!



27 August 2012

I'm a bit late with this weeks instagram photo's. But better late than never so here it is.

What are you seeing
A photo I took in London, almost 2 years ago // It's was an All Stars kind of day // I bought Pistol Boots at a Dutch shoe shop called Sacha // Arizona iced tea, heaven // I had a date with my bed and Lost the series, sooo good // Tea time with my friend Mara // Bloody excited for the Ed Sheeran concert // Outfit of last week // hi // This green tea literally is amazing!

If you would like to follow me on instagram my instagram name is styleandsushi, just like my twitter name!



24 August 2012

1. Glamorous UK blouse // 2. New Look jumper // 3. Topshop jumper // 4. Topshop hat // 5. Runway Shoes Chelsea Boots // 6. River Island skirt  // 7. Glamorous UK jumper with studs // 8. Topshop jumper // 9. Topshop jeans

Here is another wishlist. I am kind of excited for winter finding all these items that I found. I really want everything and I know I would wear everything on this wishlist! I really wish I bought the Topshop jeans in Spain now, and I really regret not buying them because they were perfect! Since I am pretty petite when it comes to length these jeans were made for me, and other small people! I just have to save some money to buy these jeans and then I can embrace these jeans and welcome them into my wardrobe!



23 August 2012

Another post about my new stuff! I'm pretty excited about most of the things I bought at Topshop, especially the black skater dress, the loafers and the socks! I can't wait to wear the dress and the socks, I've worn my loafers already and I all I can say is they are my heaven. For real, they're so much better than the New Look loafers I bought. I really love these shoes so much that I want to kiss and hug them, or is that a bit too much?



21 August 2012

Zara top, Bershka skirt, River Island bag, Converse All Stars

I'm wearing a complete new outfit! I thought it would be fun to show you the clothes in an outfit instead of on a hanger. I had my eyes on this Zara top for such a long time and it was on sale in Spain so I had to buy it! The skirt is from Bershka, and was a complete bargain and it wasn't even on sale, but I had my eyes on like cross leggings from New Look that were almost the same but since these were a complete bargain I bought these. 



20 August 2012

Pull & Bear top, H&M shorts and shoes, Are You Swedish bag

My outfit mode photo's are not working at all! I've been out of this for two weeks and before that I did it in my room, I still have to get used to the fact that there actually is someone behind the camera. It has been really warm in Holland the last few days and I really like it 'cause it gives me my Spain "feeling" back a bit. But I actually also can't wait for when it is a bit colder, when I can wear a jeans again without starving from the heat! 



19 August 2012

Waiting to check in at the airport // Waiting to board // Mind your step // Happy that we arrived safely in Marbella // Got my hands on these beauties // The view from the penthouse // Market time with my brother and his girlfriend // Fanta naranja my favourite drink in Spain // Beautiful view on the highest point of Marbella // A lazy morning // Cheeky shopping  // Sunset // Tanning // Lunch with my family // We could see Africa on some days // 39 degrees which felt like 45 degrees! // Landscape // A photo I took with my camera from the sunset // My new favourite espadrilles // We were up so early that it wasn't even light outside yet // 6 AM wake up call for that day // My outfit I wore for dinner when we came back // Sneaky photo of my brother and his girlfriend // pretty garden // the beach

That is a lot of photo's! The past two weeks literally flew by. I wish I still was in Spain enjoy the beautiful sunsets and all. We had loads of fun, as you can see. Now I have one week of vacation left and then school starts again, I'd rather not think about that for a moment and just enjoy what's left of my holiday!



18 August 2012

The first part of the things I bought on my holiday! Everything is from Pull & Bear. The white shirt and the black shirt with details on the collar both were on sale, they were only €5.99 which is a complete bargain! I can't wait to show you the tie dyed shirt in an outfit post, I fell completely in love with it and I've worn it loads every since I bought it! I am off for a little nap now, I'm not feeling that well :(



17 August 2012

Topshop top, Forever 21 shorts, River Island rucksack, Cross ring from a market, Ray-Ban sunglasses

If you follow me on twitter you know that I am back from my holiday in Marbella. I am kind of sad that it is over, but also really glad to be home, I missed my bed, my friends, reading blogs all day! So that's what I am doing now, catching up with blogs! 

This is the only real outfit I kind of got to shoot and in these I was in a rush and I was embarrassed because there was a whole group behind my brother's girlfriend, who shot these photo's! There are no excuses for the lack of outfits I shot in Marbella anyway, I'm sorry for that! 

I bought loads of stuff at Zara, Topshop & Pull & Bear and many more, I am thinking about showing you that in different parts so it isn't a big bomb of photo's from my new clothes! What do you want me to start with? Zara, Topshop, Pull and Bear, Market items? 



13 August 2012

(photo: Google Images)

I absolutely love this outfit on Gillian Zinser. Everything looks perfect! I really love the dress, the jacket! The shoes!! Basically I want this outfit in my wardrobe.

Ever since I started watching 90210 I might have a bit of a style crush on Gillian Zinser! Her outfits in 90210 and her "normal" outfits always inspire me! 



9 August 2012

1, 2, 3, 4
5, 6, 7, 8

So here's another wishlist! I really am after some of these things, especially number 4! Also I am going to buy number 6! I've been wanting Acne pistol boots for a while now, and I found a really good replacement at a Dutch shoe store called Sacha, so hopefully they'll still have them when I have to get back to school! :)



7 August 2012

I thought it it would be fun to show you my favourite outfit details from the past 4 months. I wish I had more to show you but I think I deleted everything.. I am so rubbish when it comes to technology haha!

There haven't been outfit posts up recently since I'm on holiday but I promise there will be very soon! :)



6 August 2012

(Photo's: Tumblr)

I absolutely love collars and I loved these collars so I had to share them with you! My favourite one is the first one! I absolutely love this collar and I need to get my hands on collar tips!!



4 August 2012

From left to right; White bikini H&M, Green top H&M, Black bottoms H&M, yellow Primark bikini

I thought I would give you an insight of what bikini's I am bringing (and maybe currently wearing) on my holiday! I really love the details on all these bikini's. I bought a bikini at Primark in May but I didn't want to show you it yet so I could post it in a post like this. I am quite curious if my Primark bikini will be kept together long. Have you ever had a bikini from Primark? And where do you usually buy your bikini's? :)

This post is planned and I really hope that I have wi-fi and I still can do my usual Sunday instagram diary! 



2 August 2012

I am on my way to Marbella right now, and I thought it would be fun to just show you a bit of my suitcase. As you can see I brought way too much but you just never know! I know my suitcase looks like a mess and I admit that I absolutely can't pack! I also admit that there is a huge teddy bear in my suitcase, and that the teddy bear is wearing clothes (I was 5 when I got it so I wanted to get it dressed). And for now I will talk to you later!!