30 September 2012

So after not posting for a while, which sucks. I'm back!! I still haven't received the results but I'm sure that will come soon! I wanted to do a diary post and announce the winner of my latest giveaway! So what you're looking at:

My face // The Hobbit, the book we're reading in English class // Reading timee // big bag full of school books :( // On my way to a birthday with my parents // OOTD // My face again // My pyjama & cosy cardigan // Really tired after one day of shopping // My physiotherapist taped my knee :( // My brother and I, old photo, obviously // My nailpolish from OPI, do you lilac it? // New pyjama bottoms which are soo cosy and warm!

I'm off to Berlin tomorrow with school but I'm sure I'll have some posts planned for you! :)

And now!!!!!! I chose the giveaway winner with Random.org and the giveaway winner is...

Emma! Congrats Emma! 
I already contacted you, thank you everyone for entering and I'll be holding a giveaway really soon again! :)



25 September 2012

H&M trousers, Jumper stolen from my dad, unknown shoes, hat from bijenkorf

If you're following me on twitter you probably saw that I went to the hospital this morning to take some blood tests because I'm tired all the time. I did wanted to shoot my outfit of today, but basically my face looked horrible because I had to wake up really early to go to the doctor, then I had to go to the hospital to take those blood tests, and when I came home I was too weak and sleepy to take outfit photo's, so I went straight to bed and well when I woke up I looked so... pale and dead! So for this one time, you'll get an outfit like this!


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(Photo's: Tumblr & Google Images)

I've grown this kind of weird obsession with black and white photo's. No wonder that there was going to be an inspiration post coming up with black and white photo's only!



23 September 2012

H&M jumper, Episode jacket, Forever21 shorts, unknown shoes, bracelets from Pull & Bear, a market in Spain and gift from my mum

So I kind of have been chilling today. I haven't done much. I read some magazines, done my homework, watched New Girl. Awesome lazy sunday. But I forgot I had homework for English and I have to read like 2.5 chapters of a book and write a summary so I'm kind of stressing it out a bit! So this is just a short post before I will lock myself up in some kind of room with no laptop, iphone or any other kind of distractions and read this book!



22 September 2012

Episode jacket, Zara top, H&M trousers, Vans shoes

Remember me wearing these trousers in burgundy-ish here? These are the exact same trousers but in black of course. They actually are high waisted to me because I'm very short so I can wear them like some kind of disco pants thingy. So, I would like to know what you think about it! Do you like them worn like this or in this post?  

I'm really tired, I feel like that's the only thing I'm constantly writing on my blog but I don't know what it is that I'm so tired lately! I've actually slept 12 hours today so I really shouldn't be tired! I must overcome the tiredness for this evening 'cause I have an Economic test on Monday and I need to study and do some other homework, so I can relax a bit more tomorrow! :)



20 September 2012

New Look cardigan, Zara top, Bershka skirt, vans shoes

This is my outfit today. It is veery cold so I thought I should wear this new comfy cardigan from New Look. I cant believe how comfy it is! It is sooo soft and pretty and I love it! I am really tired and now I'll have to make some homework, and then I have to babysit! But I probably finished my homework by then so I can respond to your comments and read your blogs! :) 

I am looking forward to my bed now.. 



19 September 2012

Nelly shoes

I bought these lovely shoes last week at Nelly in the sale and they came in yesterday. I am so in love! And for how much I paid they walk sooo good! They were only €5,95 so that's a big bargain! But these shoes are a bit summer-ish so I won't be able to wear them. In case you didn't know it is freaking cold in Holland, with wearing jumpers and everything.  And I can't walk on heels any more because my physiotherapist told me so... Big bummer I'm only allowed to walk on my topshop loafers, converse or vans. Well not that it is that bad but I was looking forward to wearing my pistol boots to school but now I can't! :(



18 September 2012

Soooo here is my autumn wishlist. I can't post an outfit post because I've been ill since yesterday. I think I catched some kind of flu or something. Any way, I want to go back to school tomorrow, so then there will be some outfit posts. 
I wish we had a Monki in the city where I live, the closest Monki is in Rotterdam and I have to take a 1-hour trip there and a train ticket actually is sooo pricey! I hate buying train tickets! :( 


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16 September 2012

Now that I'm back at school I don't really have time to instagram my whole life. So I may stop the weekly diary and turn it into a monthly diary. I am really hectic with school and have loads of homework and tests to study, and I'm sure you really don't want to see me posting all these photo's of books!

What you're looking at:
Studying French // Really bored in class so I made it clear I'm going to Rizzle Kicks on the 22nd of October // My bag for school // Writing a French Letter for French class // My motto in life // Watching the Little Mermaid on telly // My giveaway, enter here // Hiii // An outfit I was wearing :) 

I am now off to a birthday party. I've had such a busy weekend. I had my mom's birthday on Friday, my aunt's birthday on Saturday and today I have my Uncle's birthday. I know I'll be even more exhausted and will feel more awful after this weekend than I already am and feel right now!


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15 September 2012

H&M top, Bershka skirt, Asos hat, Vans trainers

I really like this outfit because it consists two of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. My hat and my skirt. I wish they would allow it to wear hats in school, then I would wear it everyday! I have grown quite an obsession with Asos lately. I just want to buy everything from their shop, but I can't spend any money because I will be going to Berlin with school on the 1st of October. Hopefully they'll give me some free time to go shopping there! If you have any tips of where I should go let me know in the comments!

Also I'm obsessed with Florence and The Machine lately. I can't stop listening to their music, it is soooo good! And omg have you heard the new album of the Two Door Cinema Club? I looove it! I need to buy the album asap!!



13 September 2012

To celebrate my almost 400 followers on my blog via GFC, the lovely people over at sieradenkistje and I teamed up to give away this amazing bracelet. Het Sieradenkistje is a Dutch jewellery shop who sell the most amazing things for the best prices. I love their webshop so so much!

This giveaway will be open worldwide

So what do you have to do to participate: 
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 Extra entry:
4. You can tweet about this giveaway something like "enter @styleandsushi giveaway to win a skull bracelet on http://styleandsushi.blogspot.com"

If you tweeted about the giveaway make sure you leave it in the comment so I can count you in two times! 

The best of luck to all of you, I will choose a winner using random.org. The giveaway will close on Friday the  28th of September at 8 PM London time, so I can send the present just in time before I leave for Berlin! :)

Good Luck! 



12 September 2012

H&M jumper, Abercrombie &Fitch jeans, Sacha shoes

I am just quickly writing this in between school. I have one period off so I decided to come home and write a post! I saw I just need 1 more follower on my blog until my 400 followers, so I'll be posting the giveaway tomorrow already! I picked the giveaway myself and I really hope that you'll like it! And the best news is that it can be shipped worldwide!! 

I'm now going back to school until 4! and I am shattered already! Probably because of the babysitting! 



11 September 2012

New Look jumper, Bershka skirt, Vans shoes

I bought a lot of clothes last week, and I am really excited to wear these, but somehow the weather won't let me. Yesterday I wasn't feeling that well so I decided I could have a reason for wearing this jumper, and believe me I was happy I did, some people at my school wearing shorts and vests were freezing! I am utterly in love with this jumper and it probably is a jumper I will wear a lot this winter! Only thing I need now is some more jeans and other sorts of trousers to wear with it. Do you have any tips for me, where I could buy such things? :)

I have loads of homework to do now and I have to babysit tonight so this will be it for today. I already am exhausted from these first two weeks at school, but luckily I found some lovely girls who I can hang with in class, they're funny and kind of crazy! I think this will be fun when we'll go to Berlin with school! 



10 September 2012

(Photo's: Tumblr)

This will probably be my last summer-ish inspiration post for now. I'm not sure if I will be able to resist not posting summer photo's throughout the fall and winter, but for now, I really am looking forward to it! 



9 September 2012

Another week has passed! I can't believe this is my 9th instagram diary post already! I had so much fun the last two days with my friends and couldn't help and instagram it! So what are you looking at:

Photobooth fun with friends // awkward faces while outfit shooting, my thing // collar tips // kakkmaddafakka, my new favourite band! // my school bag for one day // beautiful view // outfit shooting // midget golfing // with Emma // i'm so cool with my neon pencils // almost 400 followers (when I reach 400 followers there's going to be a giveaway up!!) // being weird with Emma // Outfit



8 September 2012

Jumper stolen from my dad, Nelly sunglasses, vans shoes, Vogue Nederland bag

I had so much fun shooting this outfit with Emma, as you can see on the last photo of me and Emma. Don't mind my weird face. This is just a casual day of Emma and me hanging out! haha

I am going midget golfing today with two of my friends and I'm really excited! haha I will probably upload some photo's on my instagram. My instagram is Styleandsushi!



6 September 2012

Episode jacket, Zara top, Forever21 shorts, ring from a market

This weather is so weird lately, some days it is superhot and other days I'm dressing like it's summer and I'm freezing. It won't surprise me if I'll be ill next week or so. I'm really tired and looking forward to going to bed and sleeping this weekend.



5 September 2012

Pull & Bear shirt, Bershka skirt, Nelly collar tips

My collar tips arrived yesterday finally and I had to wear them in this outfit post, I will show you some other's very soon so you can see some more. Also, this is what I do with my hair when I'm having a bad hair day, and with that I mean massive bad hair day. I've been really tired and somehow my hair just wouldn't cope with me. 



4 September 2012

I made these photo's in while I was in Marbella, but I never really showed them on my blog. Of course there are loads of other photo's but I picked a few of my favourites.



3 September 2012

 Jumper stolen from my dad, Asos hat

Mehh these photo's are crap. It's because it get's dark really early again now, at like 9 or so! This is what I was wearing on Sunday, a really comfy outfit because I did some homework and when I finished that I watched a lot of episodes of Revenge, damn I love that show. I will have better light in the upcoming outfit post! 

Also I already am really busy with school so I won't be able to shoot a lot of outfits outside so you'll probably see some outfits in this place in my room. I hope that's ok? :)



2 September 2012

It's sunday, and you know what that means! Another instagram diary! Can you believe it is September already?! I've started school last Wednesday and I already am completely exhausted, I am looking forward to my next holiday!

What are you looking at:
Pretty Wednesday morning // A healthy lunch // Pretty boy I found on Tumblr // My outfit for my second day of school // Babysitting, have you seen that my feet look mahusive in these vans? // My ASOS order planned to be delivered // got my Asos delivery the next morning // My tennis shoes // Watching the tennis matches of my family after playing 3 matches myself // My bright red hat from Asos // My cousin found the camera on my iPhone, isn't she adorable!! // Smarties nom nom nom

So that's it for this week's instagram. I'll have an early night tonight 'cause I have school tomorrow again! And I'll be at school until 4 mehh :( What are you up to next week? Are you getting back to school?



1 September 2012

Zara top, bershka shirt

This is a really quick post. I'm about to leave for my family tennis tournament! Yes my family has it's own Wimbledon. We do this every year and have loads of fun, and this is what I'll be wearing after the tournament when we will have dinner. I'm really excited and will take some photo's with my which will be shown on Instagram so if you want to see some, stay tuned or follow me on instagram. My instagram name is styleandsushi