31 October 2012

Zara jacket, Primark shirt bag, H&M shorts, Vans trainers, Asos beanie

This is what I wore to Utrecht and Rizzle Kicks. I quite enjoy my new beanie from Asos. It is just perfect for me. I want to wear it all the time. If I was allowed to wear beanies to school, this would be my every day key item thingy for winter.


30 October 2012

Whaaa that's a lot of photo's! We all took these photo's when we were in Utrecht to see Rizzle Kicks. Our plan was to go shopping before Rizzle Kicks, but when we got to the train station in Utrecht, we saw that all the shops were closed! bummer. But we still had a good time.

When the concert ended we waited outside for Emma, from Gocky Emma, her parents to pick us up and then Rizzle Kicks came out to say hi to some of their fans who still were waiting outside. Emma hugged Jordan and also took a picture with Harley, so if you want to see that I'm sure she'll post it on her blog too. Hanna got her old iPhone case signed as a present for her sister and after that we took a photo with Harley.

I've had such an amazing time, even though it was freeeaking cold. We also promised each other that we will go shopping some time in Utrecht. Utrecht is such a beautiful lovely city. It kind of reminded us of Amsterdam and some other cities near our town.

I really wanted to go to this concert already, and we have this subject in Holland called CKV, it has something to do with culture, visiting museums, concerts, films, musicals etcetera. And every now and then I have to hand in an essay about one of the things I've been doing that term. So I asked my teacher if I could write an essay about Rizzle Kicks and she actually reacted soo funny! Because she is in her forties I think and she actually knew them! I think she's a fan. So now I'm allowed to write an essay about Rizzle Kicks.

 Whaa... Now that I'm looking at that picture of Hanna, Harley and me I still get that excited feeling I had when Emma took that photo! I'm such a sad person haha


29 October 2012

Primark shirt, H&M trousers, Topshop loafers

This weather is just too confusing! One day the weather is sunny and kind of warm, next day it is dark and raining. It has been raining a lot today so it has been really dark outside. 

I went to see Rizzle Kicks last evening and THEY WERE BLOODY AMAZING!!! I'm just uploading some of the photo's we shot from my phone to my computer now and I will post some photo's tomorrow! :)

I'm just going to study Maths now, my favourite subject in school... 


28 October 2012

This is kind of what I'm still waiting for to arrive at home. I should've received the shoes already but they didn't come yet. I was on the hunt for that coat but they didn't have my size so I had to order online! And the disco pants is a prize I won at The Little Magpie by Amy. If you haven't already you should follow Amy, her style is AMAZING, just like her blog, her hair and she is the sweetest! :)



26 October 2012


Primark men's jumper (current collection), shirt and bracelet, H&M bag, Converse All Stars 

I shot these photo's with Emma last Wednesday. We didn't have a lot of time so we had to shoot it quickly but we're both kind of very happy with the end result. I think we photograph well when we're under the pressure of time haha! So this became it.

I had to wear my glasses like Wednesday and Thursday because one of my contacts dried out and the other one ripped. I'm just so clumsy. So well I don't have to wear my glasses today 'cause I picked up my new contacts but I can't be arsed to put them in haha. This is just going to be one weird story!

I'm just doing some work for school today, which is about politics and history, so yay.. I have to write an essay about Politics, and one with another classmate about the Roman Empire, so I'm just doing that for today.

Rightyright I should go and type my essays like a maniac now!


25 October 2012

I swear this is the last Primark haul. I still have like a nice hoodie and pyjama bottoms to show you but I'm sure you're not that interested in that! So I think this will be the last one. Unless you would like to see the other stuff!

Now I really can't wait to wear this shirt 'cause I think it is like all the colours together it is so beautiful!


24 October 2012

 Primark shirt, bag, hat and bracelet, H&M shorts, vans trainers

Part two of my kind of Primark haul. I'm wearing almost everything that I bought that day. I actually quite enjoyed wearing this outfit although I felt a bit like.. I don't know. I really love the hat, it is from the mens section and it was only like €2,00 so I had to have it ('cause I don't have enough hats already)

I'm going to shoot an outfit outside today which is fun, but it sucks that I have to wear my glasses 'cause one of my contacts fell out and I ripped the other one. You go Laura! After we've shot that I have to do some grocery shopping for my mum, I'm such a good daughter and maybe I can beg the optician to give me a pair of contacts so I don't have to wear my glasses until like, next week! 

Righty right. I'm off now! Gooood byeeeee


23 October 2012

I bought this lovely jumper and this shirt at Primark yesterday. I've been on the hunt for a jumper which is a bit longer but where I can still wear a collar under it without showing the whole shirt. So I ended up buying this mens jumper and I really love it, so I can't wait to wear it. The shirt is just a plain white shirt with like pleather collars (amazinggg) and yeah, I'm sure I'll show it very soon in an outfit post!

I will show you the other stuff that I bought in an outfit tomorrow, since well.. I'm almost wearing everything from Primark.. I feel a bit sad for that but I just thought it would be a fun new way to show my new things :)

I'm still waiting for an H&M order to arrive because I actually wanted to post a big fall haul but H&M delivery sucks and they just won't come to me. I feel like everyday the postman skips my house when he drives through our street. To be completely honest. The postman just delivered a package but it was for my Mum.. So I either think they've lost it or H&M just didn't send it yet..

Now that I've bought so much in the last month, I think I'll be going on a spending ban. No no no, I don't think so, I need to go on a spending ban, I need to save some money for Christmas, for buying Christmas presents. I feel really gutted, 'cause I saw this lovely Christmas jumper in Primark yesterday and now regret not buying it so I could wear it for Christmas. (I hope my brother reads this and sees it as a hint, hint brother, hint hint).

So yeah.. I'm off  to Emma from Gocky Emma now, 'cause we're going into town now with our friends! I'm so excited, but I'm on a spending ban!!!! So I'll just buy a smoothie in town, or is that cheating 'cause actually I am spending my money?  I'm so bad and spending bans haha!

I feel like I've told you my life in the past couple of weeks or so, I haven't written such a long post in such a long time. I hope you don't mind :)


22 October 2012

Shirt Pull & Bear, H&M Bag, trousers and scarf, vans trainers

When you're reading this post, I'm pretty sure I'm or shopping, or eating sushi or I am on my way home. I planned this post for today 'cause I have no time to normal post it. I can't wait for Primark, hopefully they have an amazing collection here in Holland! Otherwise I will cry! haha :)


21 October 2012

H&M shirt and cardigan, Zara jeans, Topshop loafers

This is what I wore yesterday, when I went into town to have lunch with a friend of mine. It's not very special but I wanted to keep my outfit simple and comfy. I decided to hold an PJ day today, so I'm in my PJ's today. I've been watching some movies, and if you have any movies that I should watch, just let me know in the comments below!

And tomorrow I will be going to Primark and Haarlem with my aunty! I honestly can't say express how exciting I am, partly because I haven't been away with her since like February or so and well I'm going to Primark, and we're going to eat sushiiiiii. Oh I feel so sad for being excited for that.. 


20 October 2012

 Episode camo jacket, Floral shirt from Forever21, H&M shorts and bag, vans shoes
This is just a really short and quick post since I'm in a hurry! I'm going into town with some of my friends, and I might go shopping, I might not.. So yeah..That is it for now 'cause I already am 5 minutes late and I always am late when I'm hanging out with friends because I'm lazy!!! 

Enjoy your Saturday! 


19 October 2012

 New Look jumper, H&M skirt and studded belt, Sacha boots

Yaay!! Vacation!!!! I have some pretty excited things planned upcoming week such as a visit to Primark, Ikea and RIZZLE KICKS! I think I'm really excited about this. It isn't until the 28th though so I still have to wait a little longer. Although I think it is a perfect way to end my vacation. 

I'm planning on buying a lot in Primark, since I've heard that the collection is amaziiing! Furthermore I will be shooting some outfits outside 'cause I have more time now. But for now it is another inside outfit. This is from the preview I posted yesterday.


18 October 2012

Here's a little preview of an outfit. I'm excited and scared to show you this outfit because I'm still not sure about this skirt. I told you here that I'm not sure about it.. And well.. I'm still not sure about it. I do like it a lot though. So I'm not sure why I am so insecure about it. Maybe I have to get over my fear and just wear it and don't give a shit about what others might think of it. That's probably the main problem of this all.. What others might think of me..


17 October 2012

Forever21 shorts and shirt, pistol boots from Sacha

I feel like such a bad blogger. Taking these photo's with awful lightning.. But I'm just like extremely busy with school, so it kind of sucks with taking outfit photo's 'cause when I have time it is dark already! I ordered this shirt from Forever 21 on Saturday evening and it came in the mail like, yesterday I think, so that's super duper quick! I really love it. Especially the studs on the collar. I've never owned anything with a studded collar before so I kind of am in love with this shirt! 

I'm currently doing some research for a piece I have to write about the Roman Empire and it basically sucks. I hate it. I hate that time of History. I just think it isn't interesting at all... So yeah.. I will go and find some more information now then...  gooodbyeeee



16 October 2012

Another week passed, it's time for a new Instagram diary. It's hard to make photo's with all the busy things that are happening at school so it isn't much but well. It is something:

My homework from yesterday // Casual whatsapp talks with Gocky Emma // A sweet monkey my mum gave me as a get well soon present // already am on 100 followers on instagram, that's crazyyy // My new Iphone cases // So excited for Rizzle kicks with Gocky Emma, Kim and Hanna // outfit details, collar tips // Gambas Pil Pil, it was delicious // Outfit  detail

So I know this isn't a very interesting diary but my vacation is coming up next week and I have a few excited things planned so there will be an exciting diary post coming soon! :)



15 October 2012

H&M shorts & scarf, Zara top, Topshop loafers

I think I'm becoming obsessed with tartan. I was wearing this scarf on Saturday, with this outfit, and I'm wearing it today to school as well. Partly because my throat is beginning to get sore, partly because of the cold weather, partly because I just want to go to bed with it. I think you can call that an obsession now ain't I right? 

Yesterday has been a stressful day for me filled with loads of homework and projects, so I wasn't able to post my Instagram diaries. I am thinking about posting it tomorrow though, would you like that?

Then I have another band that I discovered. The band is called Bastille, if you've heard of them and love them as much as I do, well done! If not, you must listen to this song by them, it is sooo good, and I actually can't believe they sing it acapella! Just one word wow. 


13 October 2012

H&M scarf and leather shorts, Iphone cases from miniinthebox.com

Here are a few of the things I ordered in the past weeks. I see the H&M clothes as some kind of feel better treat to myself, I've been on the hunt for a tartan scarf for a while now and when I saw it on H&M for just €9,95 I needed it, but when I got an email saying they had a 10% off of the whole collection, I needed these leather shorts as well. I can't wait to wear these shorts and the scarf with tights and booties surrounded in fall leaves. That would just be an amazing fall outfit! Ahh now I want to get better even more and make an outfit post of this imagination haha! 



11 October 2012

Pull & Bear shirt, Forever 21 shorts, unknown Shoes, Nelly collar tips

So I think you waited long enough with the preview, I wanted to keep you all waiting (no actually I wanted to post this at noon today but I kind of had a 6 hour nap because I'm still ill in bed). So yeah. Do you like the outfit?

I found a really cool new artist on youtube. I'm not sure if you already know him, his name is Alex Johnson. I really love his song Fall Away and I can't wait for his EP to come out! :)



10 October 2012

Nelly.com collar tips

So I found an outfit on my laptop from like before I went to Berlin, I think. I wore this to the birthdays of my two cousins and I thought I already posted this outfit but apparently not. So here's a little preview of what I was wearing. :)