29 November 2012

Primark mens jumper, Forever 21 shirt, H&M jeans and shoes, Whatever I Like ring 

This was my outfit from last Sunday. As you can see I'm as pale as a ... vampire? I didn't know what else to say!
I'm still sick in bed. I have a fever and it is really annoying. I've been walking around with a cold for a while now and I think I'm facing the consequences now. Which sucks. I'm just trying to sleep as most as possible so I can get back to school, and get back into my blogging life.


27 November 2012

 H&M jumper, Glamorous disco pants, nike blazers, WhateverILike ring

As you can see I went to the hairdressers. I didn't do something extreme or so, I just let them cut off the dead ends. For once in a really long time, I'm really happy with my hair so I don't want any major changes. 

I'm currently feeling awful. I think I catched a major cold, my ear hurts, my nose keeps running and I keep having these foggy headaches. I hope I can go back to school again tomorrow, 'cause if there is one thing that I hate more than spiders, it is staying home when your sick. I just tend to miss my friends too much. 


26 November 2012

Nike vintage Blazer trainers

I'm in love. I bought these gorgeous trainers last Friday. I've wanted these beauties ever since I saw them on Camilla from Into The Fold. I know that I've bought another pair of trainers which I shouldn't have done. I should invest in a pair of boots for winter or something. But I don't know. Maybe that will be my next purchase ;)

Do you have any tips where I can find a pretty pair of boots? I don't want to spend too much.


25 November 2012

1. Warehouse mink shopper
2. Warehouse purple clutch
3. Warehouse studded clutch  
4. Steve Madden black satchel bag 
6. Kenneth Cole red bag
7. French Connection grey tote bag

I'm obsessed with bags, and I adore these. If my Dad will read or actually see this post he will probably kill me for actually making a wishlist out of bags only. (He thinks I own to many bags, but I always tell him a girl can't ever have enough bags). But if he reads it I have an explanation for them. I really need a new bag for school (see number 5). I need a clutch for our annual family Christmas dinner (see number 2 or 3). I need a bag that isn't black (see number 6). Now you're wondering. What about the other bags? Well I just want them. Basically I wish I was a millionaire so I could buy all of these bags.

I found all of these bags over at House of Fraser, they have such an amazing and wide range so there's something for anyone. These were my favourites of their handbags collection.

*This is a sponsored post
(Please note that although this is a sponsored post I picked out all the bags myself and created this wishlist on my own)


24 November 2012

A little while ago, I think around two or three weeks ago I ordered these triangle rings at Whatever I Like. Whatever I like is a really lovely webshop which sells unique jewellery. Just like the rings. I had to have them so I bought the rings.  

Now that I have the jewellery for a while I wanted to write a blogpost about it, because I really like them! The lovely Sharon also send me this really cute red bracelet with the cross. I think it is adorable and so cute. Now I want more gold jewellery so I can match more things with it.

Whatever I Like is a Dutch webshop and is (for now) only shipping to the Netherlands. Hopefully you will be able to buy the jewellery in other countries too! And I'm sure you don't have to wait much longer, 'cause isn't her jewellery just amazing?! 

Check the Whatever I Like collection out here at Whatever I Like

*This Item has been gifted to me 


23 November 2012

New Look jumper, H&M shorts, Purple Topshop under top, unknown shoes

TGIF!!! Damn this week passed by way too slow. I'm just glad it is almost weekend. 

I wore this purple Topshop top under my jumper 'cause when I wore this it was cold and I ran out of black tops to wear underneath it. I'm just going to town this afternoon to by my friend Emma her birthday gift, 'cause it is her birthday today! whoop whoop 

I'm planning on shooting an outfit too but I'm not completely sure if I will make it because of the light. It get's dark at five which is insane and makes it almost impossible to shoot outfits. Damn winter weather. That's the only thing I hate about the winter. Happy weekend to you all! 


19 November 2012

(Photo's: Tumblr)

Here are some photo's that are inspiring me. I absolutely love that first photo of the lion! It is just gorgeous and I would buy this photo of this photographer if I knew who he/she was! I mean look at the details!! Wow.

I have to do this art thing for school so I'm just going to do that now and then I'm heading off to my bed. I'm such a party animal. No but for real. I'm really tired so that is it for today! :)


18 November 2012

H&M trousers jumper, Unknown shoes

I'm just wearing this really simple and comfy outfit today to the cinema. I bought this jumper at H&M yesterday and I really like it. I just like the bird. I don't know what bird it is. Do you know what it is? :')
What are you doing on your lazy Sunday? 


17 November 2012

 H&M jumper and trousers, Primark bracelet and bag, Vans trainers

I have a really excited weekend planned! I am going to see Skyfall today with a friend of mine and we're also going to do some shopping, then when I'm home I'm going to do some homework, not so exciting, and then tomorrow I'm seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2. OMG I'm such a fan of Twilight, and I'm so excited to go and see it! Tell me what are your plans for the weekend?


15 November 2012

 Forever 21 shirt, H&M jeans, Converse All Stars

Can I just say, before I begin, Islay and Ellie are god. I thought I had a really long day at school yesterday. Till five... and they "prayed" for me and then they just cancelled my last period. So I just want to say a big thank you to you two lovely ladies.

Then, Little Talks is a song by Of Monsters and Men. And well I was searching for a title for this post and I was thinking about what I wanted to write, and then it hit me. Everything begins with little talks! Love, friendship, blogger friendships everything. I made such lovely friends through blogging whom I would love to meet and our friendship all started because of Little talks. So yeah it kind of inspired me, and I also wanted to thank my blogger friends for praying for me, so I think this is just the best.

This actually is the most inspiring thing ever my brother heard coming out of my mouth. I'm not sure if he was sarcastic though.. Oh well. I think I just am in a very grateful mood for having everything that I want in life, having the best family and friends, meeting so many new lovely friends through blogs. This world really is beautiful. Man I feel like a hippie. 


13 November 2012

Glamorous disco pants, zara shirt and bag, topshop shoes

School literally is sucking out all my energy. I just want the Holidays to start already. I'm done with school. I'm just too tired. I also am studying for French at the moment so I will keep it short and simple.

These are the disco pants I won over at Amy s blog. I love them! I'm not sure if I will wear them to school 'cause I know that some people will hate them. And they will think I'm weird. And I am weird but just not weird in another context.  Basically this story is full of shit. I love the disco pants and I must wear them more 'cause they are amazing and they fit me. End of story Laura.



11 November 2012

photo by me.

My dad showed me pictures from when my mum, my aunt and he went to Florida ages ago, in 1979 or so, and when I asked him what camera he used he told me he used this beauty. I just love it. It is GORGEOUS! My dad found it in an old box yesterday and I thought that I had to show it to you guys!

I really really love photographing, and my dad told me that this beauty only need new batteries and a new film and then it is ready for use. It would be awesome if I could use it, 'cause damn this thing is vintage and damn pretty!

Don't  you just love to find old things from your parents in your house to use them yourself?


10 November 2012


Mango coat, zara shirt, H&M shorts and bag, Sacha pistol boots, Ring from WhateverIlike

I got my coat almost two weeks ago now, and I really love it. I just do. I think it is an amazing coat, and an amazing bargain, this beauty only was 30 euros. I've been really lazy today, I did a tiny little bit of homework, which should have been more.. and I went out with Emma, which was fuuun.  
I'm sorry for the chipped nails, I just don't have time to remove my nail polish due to school, yes school is giving me that much stress. 

This ring is just utterly amazing, I think. No it is gorgeous. I love it. Thank you Sharon for sending it over! :)


9 November 2012

001. Boohoo red bag. Basically I need a new bag. I like this bag. I like this colour. Hint for under the Christmas tree.

002. H&M pink jumper. Zara did a jumper like this last year I think and I should have bought that one back then, luckily they have them at H&M now.

003. H&M white jumper. When I like any piece of clothing, that is comfy as well, I just want to buy it in every single colour, and why not?! So yeah.. I also want it in white.

004. Nike Blazer Hi tops. Ever since I saw these Nike Blazers on Camilla, from Into The Fold, I just want to buy them. And they're not even that expensive! These are so old school and my brother has them too but i burgundy I think and I just want them too. They're so too cool for school.

005. Ever Ours silver cross bracelet. This bracelet is just amazing. I discovered Ever Ours through Ellie, and now I just want everything on there! Everything is GORGEOUS

006. New Balance trainers. I love New Balance. They're just so gorgeous, I want a pair. Ever since I saw them on my friend I want them even more. There's a lot of shoes on my wishlist, 'cause I actually have some more shoes that I want, but thought it would be boring if I would have a shoe wishlist only.   

So when are you allowed to make a Christmas wishlist? 'cause I'm kind of making mental notes of some items.


7 November 2012

Primark jumper, Bershka skirt

This is a really quick outfit post because I'm off to school now and I planned this post in. I took these outfit photo's in a hurry as well, I forgot to show you my shoes, how dumb am I?! I will keep it very short today and I'm now gonna rock my sociology test, I hope. 


5 November 2012

H&M boots

I know that I have these boots in black already, but I think these are really lovely as well. I had to buy them. I bought them with a 10% off discount so they were a bit cheaper, not that they were expensive or so! 

I've been waiting for these beauties for around 4 weeks now, let's not talk about the delivery service from H&M. So yeah. I'm really excited to wear these! 

There's just loads of homework to do this week so that is going to be my main priority this week, I really hope you don't mind! 


3 November 2012

H&M trousers, shirt, Topshop loafers, New Look hat

I bought this shirt when I went shopping with my aunt almost two weeks ago. I saw Zoe from Zoella wearing it in one of her videos. She wore one from American Apparel with like disco pants I think and I really loved it so I wanted to buy a baseball shirt too! I've also had this beanie for quite a while now but haven't really worn it but I'm not sure why. 

I have to share my dream of this night with you. I dreamt about Primark, three freaking times in one night!!  I feel kind of sad for dreaming about Primark. But I actually dreamt of going to Primark with Ellie from Style and Starbucks. We had so much fun trying everything on hahaha! Also it is Ellie's birthday today so everyone should wish her a happy happy birthday! Happy birthday lovely! :)


2 November 2012

(Photo's:  Pinterest)

I haven't done an inspiration post in such a while! So as you might see in this post.. I've grown a bit of an obsession with Elizabeth Olsen. I blame my old Nylon magazine from when she was on the cover, that I read again. She's just so gorgeous.

Sometimes you see a photo, and then you're in love with it. Just like that. Well I have that with the first photo of Elizabeth Olsen with the yellow ochre jumper. It is such an amazing photo, isn't it?