9 November 2012

001. Boohoo red bag. Basically I need a new bag. I like this bag. I like this colour. Hint for under the Christmas tree.

002. H&M pink jumper. Zara did a jumper like this last year I think and I should have bought that one back then, luckily they have them at H&M now.

003. H&M white jumper. When I like any piece of clothing, that is comfy as well, I just want to buy it in every single colour, and why not?! So yeah.. I also want it in white.

004. Nike Blazer Hi tops. Ever since I saw these Nike Blazers on Camilla, from Into The Fold, I just want to buy them. And they're not even that expensive! These are so old school and my brother has them too but i burgundy I think and I just want them too. They're so too cool for school.

005. Ever Ours silver cross bracelet. This bracelet is just amazing. I discovered Ever Ours through Ellie, and now I just want everything on there! Everything is GORGEOUS

006. New Balance trainers. I love New Balance. They're just so gorgeous, I want a pair. Ever since I saw them on my friend I want them even more. There's a lot of shoes on my wishlist, 'cause I actually have some more shoes that I want, but thought it would be boring if I would have a shoe wishlist only.   

So when are you allowed to make a Christmas wishlist? 'cause I'm kind of making mental notes of some items.


  1. ilike the pink sweater and the new balance a lot


  2. I love this bracelet! Ever ours is awesome, I've banned myself from the website for a while for the sake of my pennies! xx

  3. I want the nike blazers after seeing camilla wearing them too!! She looked fab

    Julia x

  4. mooie dingen! de truien en de armband zijn mijn favorieten!

  5. That Boohoo bag is so yummy, such a nice colour!

    The Style Rawr!

  6. Superleuk! Die truien vind ik echt leuk! X


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