31 December 2012

2012 was an amazing year for me. I got to know loads of new bloggers who I consider as friends now, really good friends. I think 2013 will be an even better year. Here are some of the outfits I wore in 2012. I really think it is funny to see a change from tights with skirts to tights with shorts to jeans. Also I really like the change from my hair this year. I went from brunette, to dipdyed brunette to a bit more dipdyed brunette. I sometimes miss my long brown hair but then again love my shorter dip dyed brown hair.

I want to thank all of my lovely and most of all amazing readers. I recently reached 500 followers which is crazy for me. No for real, I don't even have that many Facebook friends. 500 is a lot. So to all of my readers thank you so much for all your sweet comments, tweets, tumblr messages and so on. This will be the last post of 2012 which seems crazy. This year literally flew by. But my parents tell me that is life when you're getting older, and I'm only 15!  I would love to hear what your favourite outfit is, if you have one!

I wish you all a very happy new year full of love, peace, happiness, family and friends!


30 December 2012

 Vintage jacket, Zara top and bag, H&M jeans and Topshop loafers

This jacket probably is the best thing I found "again" in my closet. I've worn it once before on my blog here, but then it kind of disappeared again. I don't know why. I think I didn't like it as much as I thought. But then I wore this outfit without the jacket then... And it needed something special. Then this bad boy jacket came out and told me to wear him. I don't regret it at all. I'm just more into basics lately so I really want some lovely jackets like this to wear over it. That is going to be my next mission. Find more of jackets like these :)

Now I am off revising while my parents are out having lunch. How is that even fair haha.


29 December 2012

 H&M shorts, jumper and scarf, Vintage blazer, Unknown shoes

I've been revising all day yesterday, so I am giving myself a little break to hang out with friends to recharge my "battery" today. We're not quite sure what we will do, but it probably will be a lot of fun!

This scarf has been around my neck a lot lately. It is just really cosy and warm and I really love it. It really works with some outfits. It makes most of them stand out a bit more. The jumper is from the men section from H&M and it is so warm and snugly. The amount of stuff I buy at the men section just proves that I need a boyfriend. 'Cause that would save me sooo much more money! :')


28 December 2012

Mango coat, H&M jeans, bag and scarf, Zara t-shirt, Nike trainers

I'm becoming slightly obsessed with these jeans. They actually fit me right so that is a mega plus! Is it just me or do you also have problems with finding the right pair of jeans?! Buying jeans probably is the worst thing to buy when it comes to buying clothes for me. I don't know why. I just want them to be perfect but some just seem too tight, others seem to be way to baggy! Most of them are way too long (Oh how I love being short). Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this problem? :)

I got loads of packages today, one included something for the giveaway I will be hosting, one included my Forever21 clothes that I bought. Oh so cheeky. My dad went a bit mad 'cause he had to open the door 4 times today, and I actually felt a shame of not knowing what was in some of the packages... I think I need to just calm down on the online shopping for now. Any kind of shopping maybe? Since I now finally found a pair of jeans I like. 


27 December 2012

New Look cardigan, Topshop dress, Forever 21 necklace

This is another outfit I wore with Christmas. I don't wear this dress often enough.. I don't know why! Also it is too cold to just wear it like that 'cause it has no sleeves, so threw this cardigan on. 

Also I saw that I hit the 500 followers yesterday! Which is amazing!! I'm so happy with each and everyone of you who likes to read my blog! :) Thank you all so much! Because I hit the 500 followers I am planning on hosting a giveaway soon! I just need to get some stuff to give away :) I don't really know what to give away though. What would you like to receive if you would win a giveaway? Please let me know in the comments so I can have a look and some inspiration! :) 

I'm off revising now. I have exams in two weeks and I should really start doing something! :( 


26 December 2012

TFNC dress via Asos, Di Lauro heels

I really hope you all had an amazing Christmas full of family, friends and laughter. I know I had! I think I have been spoilt with amazing presents, and I had a blast with my family! :)

This is a diary and outfit post in one. I also wanted to share some photo's from Christmas with you! I got Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! I've been wanting this book for about 2 years now, then my Dad got this book about London for me, and then told me it was a hint for my birthday, as in I will be going to London for my birthday! :) I also got an OPI nail polish from the Skyfall collection called moonraker. Haha and my brother told me he forgot to buy me a present, and after telling him it was okay he still insisted on buying me something, so I still have to get something from him! :)

Christmas presents! :) | Home Alone, Christmas Tradition | Candles at Christmas | Cheeeese!! 

So now that Christmas is over all the big sales started, and luckily I have some money left! So maybe I'll have a cheeky look at Monki, Asos, Zara and River Island later today! :)

How are you spending your boxing day? 


24 December 2012

New Look jumper,  H&M skirt

The things you find when you're cleaning out your closet. I found this jumper at the back of my closet, after realising that I don't even wear 88% of what is in my closet. I'm probably going to give away some of my clothes to friends and otherwise I'll bring them to those containers where you can send your clothes to Africa. 

I'm really excited, CHRISTMAS IS HERE!!! We're going to unpack our presents tonight 'cause my brother and his girlfriend won't be home tomorrow. We are going to have lunch tomorrow with the whole family. I bought a really lovely dress and a pair of cute heels, so I will show you my Christmas lunch outfit tomorrow! Whoo I'm excited to see all my family again! :)

Merry Christmas!!!! 


23 December 2012

Primark blouse, H&M trousers, Mango ankle boots, sieradenkistje.nl necklace

These are the jeans I went into town for yesterday when it was crazy busy and very rainy. I also now know at what time of the day to shoot an outfit haha! I forgot to shoot an detail of the necklace I'm wearing so I copied this one from my instagram, where I had a picture of it. 

I've been liking these little boots a lot lately. Also now that I can walk in them without getting blisters I think I'll enjoy them so much more haha! 

Also can you believe it is just ONE more day until Christmas!!!! I'm soooo excited!! The only thing I'm gutted about is that there is no snow though! I was hoping for a white Christmas! :( 


22 December 2012

Jumper from my dad, H&M jeans, Forever 21 Necklace

I'm getting slightly annoyed by the fact that it is getting dark at 4 already. The past two days I've been really busy but I wanted to shoot an outfit but just couldn't because of the weather. Luckily I'm finally done and ready for Christmas so I don't have to go out again and buy things, so I will be able to shoot an outfit at 12 or so instead of at five! 

Urgh, Christmas shopping was crazy. I just went into town to buy myself a new jumper and a jeans, and there were people EVERYWHERE. Why must people always  go and buy there Christmas presents at the  last minute!! (Mom!!!) Don't get me wrong I love the whole atmosphere of Christmas but not when the rain pouring down from the sky, there are umbrellas constantly making you wet  and I just can't stand the people who stop right in front of you! This happens all the time whenever I get into town... 


20 December 2012

H&M shorts and jumper, River Island bag, Converse All Stars

Comfy clothes. That's all I could think about this morning. I woke up and I actually slept good. But I still was very tired. So I decided to wear something comfy. This was my last day at school until the Christmas holidays. I have to go to school tomorrow in the morning to have breakfast there. For Christmas, fun times. But luckily it won't take that long. So then I will head into town to buy some last Christmas presents and buy myself some heels for the Christmas dinner. 

Also thank you for your concerning questions on if I survived on the mango boots from my latest post, and yes I did! :) I'm really happy I did survive haha! :) 


19 December 2012

H&M jumper, jeans and scarf, Mango boots, Vintage bag

I wore this when I went out to do some Christmas shopping last Saturday. Last time I wore these boots I got massive blisters on the balm of my feet. Yes both of them. I wasn't able to walk for three days but I'm willing to try these beauties out again! Maybe I should have worn socks back when I wore them haha! 

I think I have a problem. I just really want some new clothes. Preferably my jeans from Topshop and an amazing jumper I saw from Forever21! Luckily I will have some money soon so I will be buying some new things soon. Because I'm kind of getting tired of wearing this jumper every week. It is comfy and all, but I just want new clothes. I know... I have a problem.  A big problem. But then again, I will probably clear out half of my wardrobe because I'm not even wearing 2/3 of it! Let me know if you would be interested in maybe a blog shop? Otherwise I will give it away to developing countries. :)



18 December 2012

Love and Otherdrugs | The Christmas tree | Festive socks :)
 Cosy pyjama's | Pistachio yoghurt, so tasty! | Being cosy with my niece
 Bought these two books | I love avocado at the moment | Favourite tree ornament from when I was younger

I thought it would be fun to do an Instagram post again since I haven't done one in ages!! :) Here's just some photo's I've been uploading to Instagram in the last month.

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17 December 2012

 H&M skirt, Primark blouse, Sacha boots

This is what I wore to my brother's girlfriends party. I had a blast!! I haven't worn these boots in a very very long time. It's because they walk awful. For real. I don't know why? Maybe I still have to break them in. I don't know... 


15 December 2012

Orange Circle deathly hallows t-shirt, H&M shorts,  Converse All Stars, Whatever I like geometric ring, Cross ring from a market in Amsterdam

I feel like I haven't put my mind up to blogging in the last few weeks. That's just because I have been really busy with school and stuff. Now that I have my Christmas holiday in prospect I feel a bit more relaxed so I'm just going to try and enjoy the last few weeks of 2012 more. 

This tee is from Orange Circle they make the coolest tee's and jumpers and hats ever. It was hard picking just one tee, but I didn't have enough money to buy more so I chose to buy this one! I'm really happy with it!!

Now I am off to buy some more Christmas presents for my parents! Can you believe Christmas is so close?! :D I'm so exciteed!!! :)

Also I am going to the birthday of my brother's girlfriend tonight. She turned 21 yesterday. I'm really excited 'cause I will finally get to meet her family, I'm sure they all are just as lovely as she is. Also she is Irish, so this party must be good haha! :)


13 December 2012


(Photo's: Tumblr & Google Images)

Just some inspiration for today. I absolutely love black and white photo's. I really hope you like it! :)  oh and THANK GOD IT IS FRIDAY TOMORROW!!!