31 December 2013

I can't believe this is the final day of 2013, so here are my favourite outfits of 2013. What are your favourites? I have a final question before I wish you all a happy new year. I am thinking about cutting my hair back to the length I had in the 4th row, what do you think? Yay or nay?

Have an amazing and lovely new year! I will see you next year! ;)


30 December 2013

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Can you believe that this year is almost over?! 2013 literally flew by, but has been such a great year! I discovered some amazing bloggers and vloggers this year and I thought it would be nice to make my favourites known. These are the bloggers that are on my "favourites" list on bloglovin' so it's obviously 100% the truth.

My long lost twin, the queen of nail art and probably one of my best friends for the rest of my life even though we have never met. I am so proud of what Islay has accomplished this year! She has an amazing YouTube channel where she is so close to 2000 subscribers. Not only does she have a YouTube channel, she also is a nail art queen. I honestly envy her for her designs. Islay is an amazing and talented girl, whom I was supposed to meet last Febuary when I was in London, but it was a total fail. I will meet you in 2014, long lost twin!! 

Her love for cats is gigantic and my love for her is enormous. I've know Ellie quite a long time know and I can tell you one thing. This girl inspires me so much! Whenever I feel a bit uninspired I just pop onto Ellie's gorgeous blog and I am instantly inspired. Besides the inspiration boosts she gives me she has an amazing taste in music. Ellie is the inspiring type I would love to be!

Meg has such an amazing style that I absolutely adore. I often find myself going through her posts for hours and hours making immense long wishlists, wishing I could be as gorgeous as Meg. Megan's blog has grown so much over this pas year and I am so proud to be a reader of such an amazing and growing blog!

First off, Amy's hair *sighs*, it's absolutely gorgeous! Amy is such a beauty and I often find myself lost on Amy's blog taking notes for outfit inspiration.

Kaute Kouture
Kat is just the prettiest girl I have ever seen and she just switched her blog from a Tumblr blog to a Blogspot blog. She's such a talented lady and I honestly think her blog will become huge next year!

Not only is Christina the loveliest lady every, she also has an absolutely amazing style and an amazing room!! 

Ellie is such a stunning girl whose hair I, again, envy. Ellie has an amazing style, which I want and no one can argue with me about that.

Sophie has such a gorgeous smile and she pulls off red lipstick like no one else can. I am so happy that I discovered Sophie's blog earlier this year as she's one of my absolute favourites.

If I had to pick my favourite vlogger of this year it would have to be Anna. I totally got into Anna in May this year and it now has become my Sunday routine to watch Anna's video. It's the first thing I do when I wake up.

Estée is such a hilarious girl, she never fails to make me laugh in any of her videos. I absolutely adored her vlogmas this year and she totally got me hooked on olives during vlogmas!

I stumbled onto Claudia's YouTube channel during the Summer and she's an absolute beauty. She did vlogmas this year and I got so excited seeing a new vlogmas video of Claudia popping up into my subscription box. 

Lucy is the funniest girl out there! I kind of want to be friends with her. My flippin' YouTube some how unsubscribed to her and after noticing that this weekend I obviously resubscribed (is that even a word?), anyway I love her videos and she seems like such a lovely girl.

Who have you been loving this year? I'd loveee to know! :) 


29 December 2013

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 photo IMG_00922_zps4c17b7c3.jpg
 photo IMG_00912_zps4ea694b5.jpg
Zara cardigan (similar), Missguided dress, Sacha boots (similar), H&M bag and New Look necklace 

Today has been such a productive day. I finally catched up on all of the emails for my blog, I cleared out my closet and did some revising for my exams. I feel like I finally am getting in a bit of a routine when it comes to revising for my exams. I just could not be bothered to revise last week, but luckily I have one more week to revise!

I bought this cardigan in the Zara sale yesterday and I think I am utterly in love with this beauty! It's perfect to snuggle into!


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 photo 2_zps9a6aa435.jpg

I am a bit late with my Christmas diary but hey, it's still 2013 right?! I thought it would be fun to show you guys how I spent my Christmas with these photos. So it all started off on Christmas eve, when I had a lovely meal with my family and while watching Elf, I was testing out my new camera see first photo. When I woke up the next morning I was feeling festive and put my jumper on and ran downstairs because I was veeeerry excited for my mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend to open up the presents I got them. We opened our presents during breakfast. My mum bought the cutest Santa (from butter) ever. I couldn't help but shoot the Christmas tree one last time before we headed out for dinner with all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. One of my uncles always surprises us with fun stuff and all the uncles and aunts were having a great time with these photobooth cardboards. So when they were done the "kidstable" decided to have some fun with it, as you can see on the last two photos. I had an amazing Christmas full of joy and laughter with my family. I really hope you all had an amazing Christmas too.

Before I forget I am going to announce the Christmas giveaway winner! Rafflecopter chose the winner and I am so happy to say that one of my readers who always leaves the nicest comments on my blog and visits my blog a lot won the giveaway! Congratulations Nora! :) I will be sending you an email later today, so keep an eye out for that! :)

Since this post was kind of short, I decided to post an outfit post later today too, so you will have two posts to catch up on if you're, like me, the one who reads blogs before you go to bed.


27 December 2013

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 photo IMG_00472_zpsa1ba7ce6.jpg
 photo IMG_00502_zps319fed31.jpg
 photo IMG_00442_zps8aa70c14.jpg
jumper c/o In Love With Fashion, Mango shorts, Asos scarf (similar), H&M bag and Aldo shoes (similar)
Christmas is officially over! I am kind of sad that it actually has come to an end, so I went to Primark today to do get over my sadness. We found lots of lovely stuff and I can't wait to wear it. I think I have been to Primark enough now. I believe I have been almost every week during December, so I might just have to go and spend my money elsewhere ;) 

I got this scarf from my brother and his girlfriend for Christmas and I absolutely love it! They know me so well, buying me tartan haha!


26 December 2013

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 photo IMG_00572_zps0f33f16b.jpg
 photo IMG_00582_zps729505c5.jpg
Primark textured top, Glamorous skirt (on sale!), Aldo boots (similar)
This is what I wore on Christmas eve when I had a lovely dinner with my parents. I had an amazing Christmas and I will be doing a Christmas diary soon! I can't believe Christmas is over already! So this is the last time you will be seeing that cute little Santa hat on top of my name!
Stay tuned for my Christmas day outfit and a boxing day outfit! I can't wait to show you what I wore! :)

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24 December 2013

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 photo IMG_2076_zps78d43553.jpg
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 photo IMG_2077_zpsae313d0e.jpg
Asos cardigan, Topshop shirt (similar), Zara skort, Primark bag, Aldo shoes (similars) and Nelly sunnies (similar)

Happy Christmas Eve! I'm going to enjoy a lovely meal with my parents tonight and we will be having a Christmas breakfast all together with my brother and his girlfriend tomorrow morning. Then we're heading out for a huge family dinner, which is fun! I'm not sure if I will post tomorrow as tomorrow is a really fun/family day and most of you probably agree and put those laptops aside, but I definitely will shoot my Christmas dinner outfit and maybe my Christmas morning outfit so have an eye out for that! 

In that time where it will be a bit silent on my blog because of Christmas, I definitely will be shooting lots of photos during Christmas so if you would like to keep up with me you can follow me on twitter and instagram!

I also want to say that I finally have my new camera, a Canon EOS 600D, which means I can film some proper videos if you'd like! So if you have anything that you would like me to film, like a Primark haul or something, please leave a comment below!! :)

Happy holidays and have an amazing Christmas!! 

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23 December 2013

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 photo IMG_2080_zpsf6b9b196.jpg
 photo IMG_2087_zps7df1bb86.jpg
 photo IMG_2083_zps66ccb764.jpg
Primark cardigan (similar) and crop top, H&M jumpsuit (similar) and bag, Topshop shoes, Ray-Ban clubmaster

It is surprisingly "warm" for this time of year, which means I am able to rock those thin tights. It kind of ruins the Christmas spirit but at least there has not been any snow yet. I have been revising all day, because yes.. after the Christmas holiday it is time for exams again. So that is basically my main occupation during the Christmas holiday. It kind of sucks but I planned everything really well so I also have time left to blog and read some posts and to of course celebrate Christmas! Who's excited for Christmas?! 

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22 December 2013

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 photo IMG_2055_zps097a389b.jpg
jumper c/o In Love With Fashion, Glamorous skirt (on sale!!), Sacha boots (similar), H&M bag, Ray-Ban aviator

This leather skirt has been my obsession lately. I know that my last outfit also consisted of this leather skirt but I just can't stop wearing it!! I have a few other things that will be coming in the mail soon, because I ordered a lot lately and I can't wait to wear some of the items I bought. Finally something else than this leather skirt.          
 photo 151ca6bf-56f2-4750-a394-bafbbd326d1c_zps4ed14b45.jpg


21 December 2013

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1, 2, 34, 5, 67, 8, 9

Pay day has arrived aaaand I am sorted with the Christmas presents, so I thought it would nice to show you a few of my item cravings again! I am in desperate need of number 8, because my bag literally is falling apart! What is on your wishlist at the moment?

 photo 151ca6bf-56f2-4750-a394-bafbbd326d1c_zps4ed14b45.jpg  


20 December 2013

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 photo IMG_2063_zpsa7fd8b47.jpg
 photo IMG_2064_zpsc610c940.jpg
ZARA jacket, Glamorous skirt (on sale!!), H&M jumper and bag, Aldo shoes (similar)

I finally have my Christmas holiday. I am really excited for this holiday as I have been looking forward to Christmas since like, forever! Even though I have a sort of holiday I am going to be really busy because I have to revise for exams again, which sucks. 

I am now off to have sushi which I have been looking forward to since forever, so I finally have something tasty to look forward to! :)

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19 December 2013

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This is a cheeky little giveaway I'm doing over Christmas. Since I love all of these products, I thought it would be fun to host a giveaway with my favourite products. If you know me you'd know I love a beanie!
This giveaway is open worldwidePlease note that you can enter this giveaway if you're over 16 (or have your parents permission) because we will need your address to get the giveaway to you! 
The giveaway is open until 28 December 2013. Good luck!  

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18 December 2013

 photo IMG_2056_zpsd547a4d5.jpg
 photo IMG_2061_zps8d00d370.jpg
 photo IMG_2057_zps917429db.jpg
dress c/o In Love With Fashion, H&M jacket (on sale!!) and bag, Nelly sunnies (similar) and Sacha boots (similar)

This dress is GORGEOUS, I am having a  bit of a love affair with tartan lately, if you haven't noticed already. I can't wait to wear this dress on more occasions. I might just wear it on Christmas eve too!

I have been put in charge to write the Christmas cards so that's what I have been doing for the past two hours... BUT CHRISTMAS IS SO CLOSE! I'm going to wrap my presents for everyone now so I can put them under the Christmas tree already. Wish me luck, I'm REALLY bad at wrapping presents... 

 photo 151ca6bf-56f2-4750-a394-bafbbd326d1c_zps4ed14b45.jpg


17 December 2013

 photo IMG_2045_zps1dbacdbc.jpg
 photo IMG_2044_zps5e2e7618.jpg
 photo IMG_2043_zps01179bf6.jpg
Topshop jacket (on sale!!), Primark jumper, Zara skort, scarf and bag (in blue), Aldo shoes (similar)

I bought this scarf last Sunday after being on the hunt for it for over a month. I looked everywhere on their website, on eBay even and then I found it... it turned out to be in the zara in my hometown anyway, I have been living in this scarf ever since and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect scarf to get really cosy in. 

I'm not quite sure why I was dressed in all black. I just chucked on a few clothes while getting ready while I was half asleep and it kind of turned out to be an all black outfit! 

 photo 151ca6bf-56f2-4750-a394-bafbbd326d1c_zps4ed14b45.jpg