30 January 2013

Primark blouse, H&M jeans, New Look necklace, Mango boots, WhateverIlike ring

This is my outfit from Sunday. It's just  a really comfy look. Whenever I don't know what to wear or I just want to be comfortable I pull out one of my blouses out of the closet. You can never go wrong with a basic blouse, you can always dress it up or dress it down. I dunno I just think I'm in love with basic blouses.

I still want to buy some new blouses, but I'm trying to save up money for my trip to London, so I can go crazy there and buy every blouse in Primark. As much as I love buying plain blouses, I really love printed blouses as well. I really love this blouse from Primark, that Lily from LLYMLRS is wearing. It makes me want to cry that there isn't a Primark in my home town yet. Just two more years until we have one.

I also found this blouse on the Zara webshop, and now I want that one too. So pretty. Oh and I also found this one on Ever Ours, that I also just want to buy, and I probably will, I just need to get my money back from Paypal.

You can call me blouse crazy and I don't care. My motto for now is that you can never have enough blouses. Maybe I've gone a bit blouse crazy.. Ah well.. I just love clothes haha! 


29 January 2013

(Photos: amsterdamfashionweek.com)

Amsterdam Fashion Week is sadly over! I enjoyed watching loads of live streams online. One of my favourites by far was Laura Smith's collection. It's such a gorgeous collection and I definitely could see myself wearing these items! Its such a gorgeous and clean collection! favourites are the parka/coat and the peach/pink shirt! I would love to add these to my wardrobe!

Laura Smith is a designer from Nottingham and now lives in The Hague (My home town yay!) Laura Smith's collection is inspired by the time she spent in California. I like it that she didn't use loads of bright colours, but the textures look absolutely amazing and so soft!


28 January 2013


 Vintage jacket, Topshop dress, New Look necklace, Sacha pistol boots

So I guess this weather is just making me dress like it is summer, when in real-life it still is a bit too cold.. Last Saturday I went to the art academy in my town, which was amazing! But it was snowing and I wore this coat over my Monki dress... And we had to walk a lot in the snow so just to make a long story short. I'm sick now. I already wasn't feeling that well, so now I have a cold and a fever. the perks of having Summer in your mind.

This necklace is new. I love it. I spotted it in New Look on Saturday after my friend and I went to the art academy! So I was at the tail waiting for my friend to pay and then I saw this beauty. I've been dying to get a statement necklace, and I guess you can say this is one! :)


27 January 2013

 Vintage blazer Topshop t-shirt and loafers, H&M jeans, Primark ring and watch

The sun finally started to show, and it has been raining which means the snow, or ice or whatever it is, is melting! I'm very happy that this horrible weather is over and I can wear normal shoes again! My god this whole mood swing thing that I had going on is completely gone! Isn't it weird what sun and even a blue sky can do to lift your mood?! 

I haven't worn this ring and this watch in quite a while. I don't know why, but it seems like I've been wearing less and less jewellery this school year. I think it is because I want to be comfortable and I don't really think jewellery is well.. comfortable. Don't get me wrong I love jewellery but not at school. It probably will distract me too. 

I'm still planning on making a music favourites post, but I've been listening to the same 2 songs last week and I don't want the post to have just 2 songs but a bit more! :) I probably need to just write down the songs that I like at the moment to have a list of songs that I like. Of course I can do this in iTunes as well, but I'm just too lazy to make a new playlist and I don't have all the songs that I listen to on iTunes so that is a bit inconvenient!  


25 January 2013

Monki t-shirt, Asos skirt, New Look hat, Mango boots

You could say that this outfit is well summer-ish. I wore this outfit with my big cardigan over it and of course I wore it with warmer socks. I wasn't that cold and I'm not sure if that was because it is starting to get a bit warmer which means that the snow will be gone soon, or because I'm just getting used to it? I hope it is the first one. I just can't wait for it to still be light outside when I come home from school at 4! 

I'm so glad that it's weekend. I became obsessed again with Grey's Anatomy so I'll probably watch that all weekend. My Dad, my brother and I are going to visit Ikea too because I found the cutest duvet and I want it so bad. While my dad, my brother and I are stuck here my Mum is shopping in Maastricht with her sisters I'm extremely jealous

Happy weekend! :)


24 January 2013

So every now and again I go mental and I'll just buy every nail polish that I can find. Or when I'm just bored, I'll paint my nails. Luckily I have a small stock of nail polished and today I wanted to show you some of my favourites! :)

1. Models Own Peaches & Cream. I found this nail polish on sale a few weeks ago at Asos, I just love it. I think it's a perfect colour for around spring and summer but gets me over this rather depressing weather. It's just such a lovely colour!

2. Gosh Berry Me. This nail polish was a Christmas edition from the Gosh nail polish collection. It's such an amazing berry colour! I absolutely love it!

3. NYC City Blackout. You can't go wrong with black nail polish. Whenever I don't know what nail polish I want to wear I just go for black. This nail polish actually is lovely for how cheap it is!

4. OPI Moonraker. This nail polish is from the James Bond collection and I just love it so much. It is such an amazing silver colour. gahh I just love it.

5. OPI Do You Lilac It? Well I sure do. This probably is one of my all time favourite nail polishes besides the black one. I think I am growing quite an obsession with anything lilac and I blame this nail polish for it. It is just such a lovely colour that reminds me of spring/summer. So every time I'm sad, depressed and basically craving beautiful weather I just paint my nails in this colour. Problem solved.

This was my first beauty post, but I would like to know if you want to read some more every once in a while.  Like my daily make-up or even more favourites? I'm not quite sure if I will be able to be as good as real beauty bloggers though! Please let me know if you would like to see more beauty posts! :)


23 January 2013

New Look cardigan, Zara top, H&M jeans, Sacha pistol boots

Yay for me being uninspired and tired today. I would just like to say that from today on, I actually can think about the weekend. I think I've had enough of this snow, and because of that I just feel like I have to cover up in big jumpers and cardigans until this whole snow thing blows over. Now you probably know how much I love snow now do you. I love it though, when I'm inside wrapped up on the sofa or in my bed reading a book or when it's Christmas. Not when I have to go to school. One of the reasons I hate snow while I have to go to school is all those freaking pupils that decide to just throw ice balls at your face. I hate you pupils.

Hopefully this weather will be normal again, so I am not this uninspired any more. I just want to wear all my pretty Springy/Summery clothes again! So let's all do a pretty weather dance instead of a rain dance, which makes me happy, which makes it possible for me to wear all my new pretty Monki clothes! :) 


22 January 2013

 H&M jumper, Glamorous disco pants, Topshop loafers, WhateverILike ring

I would like to point out that I did not wear those shoes outside. I haven't worn them since the first of January to be honest. Well I wore them, but not outside! That would mean death to my toes! I just noticed that it isn't dark at five any more, which just makes me insanely happy, 'cause that means that winter is almost over!! Or at least I hope so.. This snowy thing makes me cringe every time I go outside. Thanks to this weather I'm also over my Nike blazers. You may wonder why? Well let me explain... These shoes are the only ones that won't make me drop down my face while it is still snowy/icy outside Which means I've been wearing these shoes for over a week now. Which means every freaking day to school. I just want to wear my normal shoes again!!! Let this snow and ice melt soon!!

I've been thinking. I had this idea to create a post every once in a while to show you what music I'm listening to at that moment. This is because I'm not always able to shoot outfit photos, so instead of just posting inspiration and stuff I would like to add a music post like say every two weeks? Would you like that? :)


21 January 2013

 Forever 21 turtle neck jumper, H&M  ripped jeans, Mango boots, Vintage rings

So I've been dying to get ripped jeans for a while now. When I went onto the H&M website to see if they had any, I found these. I love them. At first they were around €30 which made me doubt if I should buy them, but then I found some discount codes online so I had a good €12 off of these jeans so I immediately bought them! :) 
This is a thing I discovered, apparently there always are discount codes from H&M which you can find on the internet, so if you want to maybe buy something, always check google first! 

Even though I haven't done anything this weekend, I'm still really tired. I think I haven't told you guys but I have the glandular fever, also known as the kissing disease. It's just really annoying because I have to miss out on some great opportunities and fun things at school because I'm this tired all the time! :(


20 January 2013

 Monki dress, Topshop loafers, Unknown hat

This Monki dress came in the mail on Wednesday and ever since I saw Lily from LLYMLRS wearing it here I wanted it. I think this dress is just so flattering and you can make it an amazing piece in your wardrobe if you mix it with the right things.

I chose to wear it just simple with an amazing hat, but I already know what I could wear with it. I'm kind of dying to get more kimonos and blazers now so I could wear it with this dress. 

This weekend hasn't been one of my most exciting weekends. I basically have been doing homework, watching youtube videos, getting back on my emails, response to comments and all that! :) 


19 January 2013

 New Look jumper, Asos skater skirt, Sacha boots

I'm in love with this Asos skirt. The postman delivered it on Thursday but was a bit scared to wear it to school not because I think it is weird to people but because it is freezing outside. Well I just got over it and wore this outfit on Friday to school. This jumper actually is from last year from New Look and it actually is a size 14 but it shrunk in the washing machine I think. 'Cause I thought it was a lot smaller when I wore it last year. Or maybe I just grew like 5 centimetres. 

Also I'm just done with this weather. I love snow but when it turns into ice it is just dangerous for me to be outside with all clumsiness . I think that this week I almost fell around 10 times. Which is a bit sad I know! I think I should be living in Australia or something from September until February and in Holland the other months of the year haha!

I'm not doing much today I'm just going to watch some movies maybe and catch up on some blogs, emails and comments! :) How are you spending the day today?


18 January 2013

 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

So this is a little birthday wishlist. I know that my birthday isn't until February 8 but my friends and family keep asking me what I want so I thought I would just share some of the things that I would like to receive.

1. Owl iPhone case. Isn't this just adorable? I absolutely love it! 
2. Monki wallet. I basically need a new wallet. Well I don't need a new one. I just want a new one.
3. Rayban clubmasters. These sunnies are amazing. I want them, they're soooo cool! 
4. Asos passport cover. I would love to have a passport cover. It would be so cool to have my rather boring passport in this amazing passport cover.
5. Kindle. I read a lot of books during the summer and it I need another suitcase for all the books I read. So it would just be a lot easier to just have every book I want on that Kindle!
6. The Body Shop seaweed exfoliatior. I want to try a new exfoliatior and heard some lovely things about this one so I would love to try one. If you have another good exfoliator for combined skin I would love to hear from you! :)
7. Topshop skirt. Basically I love skater skirts. So I would love to receive some skater skirts for my birthday haha! 
8. This Canon EF 50 mm lens is absolutely amazing!! I want it. I would love to just get a new one
9. This probably is the best present I will get for my 16th birthday. My parents are going to get me a trip to London. So this is just AH-MA-ZING 


17 January 2013

Asos coat, H&M jeans and bag, New Look cardigan, Zara shirt, scarf stolen from my brother, Nike trainers

This is the outfit that I wore while we had the day off from school because of the snow. As you can see there was a lot of snow. A LOT. So I wanted to wear a coat that actually kept me warm. As much as I love this coat I also kind of hate it a lot. It makes me look like a dwarf. I'm not really that tall at all. 

The snow turned into ice which makes it even more difficult for me to walk to school. I normally always trip over my own feet, this is when there's no snow. So with the snow and ice it is just dangerous to walk in a 2 metre distance of me. When I walked to school yesterday with one of my friends I almost tripped and accidentally smacked her on her bum. awkward. Let's just say I'm probably the most clumsy person you will ever  meet. Hopefully it will just get really warm very quick so I can embarrass myself without all the snow and ice. 



16 January 2013

 (I do not own any of these photos)

Just another little inspiration post. I feel like tumblr is a place that inspires me a lot more than it used to a few months ago. I'm not sure how this happened but I like it haha!


15 January 2013

 H&M skirt, Orange Circle deathly hallows shirt, Converse All Stars

A lot of snow came down the sky the last 24 hours. And with a lot I mean a lot. Think 15 centimetres or maybe even more. So it was hell to get to school today. Luckily I live really nearby so I could walk, but when I got to school they told me that they had cancelled school because of the rather awful weather conditions! So I then I went home with some friends, we actually went completely childish and rode a sledge. It was fun, I had fun and I fell in the snow. But that's what's necessarily when there's snow. I need to be the clumsy one and fall. 

I actually didn't wear this outfit today because I would freeze to death if I did, but I forgot to show you it. I wore it about two weeks ago. I still wanted to show you it because a lot of you seem to like this skirt. I love it too! But I still am not so sure about it. I feel so insecure when I wear it! I feel like it isn't really covering my bum or something, when it is... I'm such a weirdo!