27 February 2013

Little present from my Mum | Throwback Thursday with my cousin | Early birthday card
 Selfie | Belated birthday card from Ellie | I hate math...
Excited to use Effaclar Duo | I hate economics | Cheeky self promotion on the iPad
 OOTD | Fitting room selfie, I bought the blouse :) | Subway is the best! I shared it with my friend 

I decided to do a monthly Instagram diary because I don't instagram that often when I'm at school. So this is it for the month February. You can expect a London instagram diary though so have a look out for that! 

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26 February 2013

 Thrifted coat, Ever Ours blouse, H&M trousers, ZARA bag, ASOS hat, Vans sneakers

So I'm probably in London shopping right now when you're reading this! This is a scheduled post since I'm not sure if I will have wifi! 

I decided to immediately wear this coat, as it is so lovely. As you can see it's quite broad so I'm thinking about removing the shoulder pads that are in it so I'm less security guard and more a lady. 

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25 February 2013

Thrift Shop coat

So this is my "new" coat that I bought at the thrift shop. I guess it's kind of the same as my Mango coat, but I prefer this one. It was only €7,00 which is a complete bargain! 
I'm now going to pack some stuff for London, because I'm leaving tomorrow morning very early! I'm reaally excited! I planned some posts so you still will be able to read something on the blog, when I'm not there. I'm not quite sure if I will be able to blog so I wanted to be sure! :) I will have 30 minutes of wifi a day so I can keep you posted.

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Have an amazing upcoming three days, I know I will! :D


24 February 2013

 Primark blouse, Topshop skirt, New Look necklace, Vintage hat, Sacha shoes 

The lightning in these photo's is just awful. I blame the weather. It has been grey and snowy outside, which is horrible for shooting outfits... I just want summer and sunshine.
I haven't done much today. I had a really lazy day that's why this post is going up this late. Basically I've been in bed all day.

Oh yes I went thriftshopping yesterday with my friend and found this ahmazing coat which was a complete bargain, so I will post it up on the blog tomorrow! :) 

I really want to invest in a good pair of ankle boots without a heel, which would be a lot easier to wear to school due to my clumsiness. I'm not quite sure what sort of ankle boots I want so if you know any good shops in London, or online even, please let me know so I can have a bit of a look.


23 February 2013

Monki dress, Jeffrey Campbell studded lita's

This is an all black outfit. I thought it would be amazing to show you these amazing shoes when I'm just wearing a plain dress without any necklaces and all. 
I woke this morning realising that I will be in London on Tuesday and I couldn't get back to sleep at all. It just excites me so much!

I'm going to do some thrift shopping today with one of my friends, which is exciiitiing! :) 



22 February 2013

 Episode jacket, New Look jumper, River Island skirt, Mango boots

Can you find my rediscovered wardrobe favourite?! Yes it's my camo jacket. I absolutely love it and I can't wait to wear it without having to wear another coat on top of it. If that even makes sense I've been loving it lately and especially wearing it over skirts and dresses. 

This skirt came in last Friday and I absolutely love it. It's such a beautiful and girly skirt which can be a bit floozy, but you can make it more "normal" with the right items, like my camo jacket. I'm excited to style this skirt in more outfits! 

Yay for half term break!


21 February 2013

Pull & Bear jumper, TFNC London dress worn as skirt, Forever 21 necklace, Mango boots, ZARA bag

So I've been quite busy the past couple of days. I've been studying for a Economics test yesterday. Lets just say that Economics isn't my favourite and best subject in school. Anyway I had that test today and completely screwed it up. Which sucks. 

Now that it's Thursday today I think I'm allowed to start thinking about my half term break now. Which means I can get even more excited about London. Is it weird that I kind of want to pack my bags already?! I kind of like packing my suitcase and this might sound weird, but when I was younger 5 years ago I used to pack my "baby" suitcase two weeks before we left for our Summer holiday. That's kind of... sad.. But holidays just excite me extremely and well there are no excuses for me wanting to pack my suitcase 5 days before I leave. 
But before I can do that I'll have to do some more homework. Which includes writing a 100 word story for English about why you should date me for an online dating website. Why?! no but for real. Why?! What's the point?! Besides, I can't explain myself in 100 words. I'm such a boring person.

Oh yes and before I forget! If you have any suggestions of where I should go to in London please leave them down below in a comment, or tweet or email me even! :)


19 February 2013

Episode jacket, Forever 21 jumper, H&M shorts, ZARA bag, Sacha boots

I actually am in need of a holiday. Next week is my half term holiday and I'm utterly excited and in need of it. This week is full of presentations, tests and assignments that I have to hand in. Why do teachers decide to do these tests a week before the freaking holidays.

Am I the only one who is bloody excited for Summer? I went through some photos from last year, and it makes me even more excited for this year.
Also did you notice how much my hair has grown in the past few months?! I remember having my hair done in Summer and not liking it because they didn't do the dip dyed effect how I would like it to be, like you can see in this outfit post. I just like it a lot more how it is now. I actually need to get a haircut to get the split ends out but I also really want to start growing my hair again. So what should I do?! Maybe I should get it cut a little bit. Like 4 to 5 centimetres.


18 February 2013


Yay for me being officially obsessed with Topshop boutique and unique. Okay maybe not a yay, 'cause it kind of is expensive to me. I mean when you compare everything with Primark everything is expensive, and I find myself comparing loads of things with Primark. Who does this too or is this a weird habit of me All of these things are just so goddamn gorgeous!

After seeing Topshop unique's livestream yesterday, I can't even wait for those clothes to come in store! I may go and buy number 6 when I'm out in London 'cause I just love it so much, and every once in a while I can treat myself with something that actually is extremely overpriced, now am I right or am I right?! :) 


17 February 2013

 Zara jacket, Pull and Bear jumper, Ever Ours shirt, H&M leggings and Vans trainers

So if you follow me on instagram you may have seen this outfit already in a "from where I stand" photo. If you would like to follow me on instagram, you can find me here

This shirt came in last Tuesday. It's from Ever Ours! It's a lovely shop in the UK. You might recognise this from Zara. That's why I bought it in the first place I wanted to buy the Zara version last Summer or Spring even, but couldn't find it in my size anywhere so I just gave up hope. But then this beauty came by and it was on sale too so I just bought it.

I've been feeling a bit like crap today. I have a fever and a sore throat. The sore throat has been here since Monday but I ate a disgusting hamburger yesterday evening after babysitting and I think it might be the cause of my fever and the nauseousness I've been having. Hopefully I won't be sick the upcoming two weeks because I don't want to be unfit in London!

Happy Sunday!  


16 February 2013

(L-R) La parisienne a style guide, ZARA bag, London clock/alarm, Topshop gift card,  ZARA giftcard, Velbon tripod, A trip to London, horseshoe necklace, chocolates from Quality Street, Asos passport holder and some money

So as most of you know it was my birthday last week, on the 8th. I had the most amazing sixteenth birthday you could ever had. I had a birthday party on Friday and Saturday, I ate loads of cake, pizza and pasta and had a lot of fun!

My family and friends spoilt me a lot so I thought I would share my birthday presents with you. Please don't think I'm bragging or showing off! I got loads of lovely replies whether I should do it or not.

My main present is the one I'm most excited about; my trip to London! My parents knew that I wanted to go to London for such a long time, so they thought it would be nice to give this as a special 16 birthday present. I honestly am so happy with this! My mum and I will be leaving for London on 26 February and arghjah (this was excitement) I'm going to be such a tourist and I will shop 'til I drop!


14 February 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Studded Lita's c/o EtailPR

AREN'T THESE SHOES ABSOLUTELY AMAZING?! The lovely ladies over at EtailPR chose me as their winner of one of the many lovely giveaways they always have. I received these gorgeous shoes yesterday and I honestly am extremely excited to wear these in an outfit.

They may not be a shoe you would wear on a daily basis, especially for me being at school extreme clumsy loser over here but still I love them so much and every opportunity I get to wear this gorgeous shoes, I definitely will wear them! I can't thank Kim and Emily enough for this! 

If you would like to win something awesome as this just sign up for the Etail blogger programme here. This may sound all cheesy and all but ever since I signed up to this programme a lot of great things happened to me, including these shoes! So who knows what chances there are for you! :) 

Oh my god I forgot! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I really hope you all have lovely valentines! I will be spending my time with my lita's cuddling and kissing them. the excitement of my life


13 February 2013

Asos skirt, H&M shirt and belt, Sacha shoes, rings are Vintage & Whateverilike, Tonymoly lip balm 

I stole this shirt from my mum. She bought it with me one time when we were in H&M and I thought I would just wear it for a day. Also I think I've been wearing this skirt way too often lately so I decided to buy a new skater style skirt over on Asos, just so I can start wearing other skirts instead of wearing this skirt all the time! Good reason to buy new clothes now isn't it?

I keep getting e-mails from brands that say my order has been dispatched but I honestly can't remember what I bought online! It's kind of sad I know, but I must stop ordering right now, because I'm leaving for London in less than two weeks! I honestly am SO EXCITED!!!  whoeee 

Also my Ever Ours order came in yesterday. I will show you what I got after my birthday haul, which will be posted on either Friday evening or Saturday morning! :)