31 March 2013

 Vero Moda old leather jacket, H&M jumper (similair) and trousers, Converse all stars, Primark bag (similair) and ring with stone, ASOS rings, NYC nail polish in I ♥ NY

I shot this outfit on Friday, when I went into town with a friend of mine to run some errands. It was just a really basic and comfy. The weather was perfect and it was fun to walk around in just a light jumper and a leather jacket.. Until we came home and I decided to shoot this outfit. It started snowing and I swear to god I thought there was a snow storm coming, although the snow was melting before it hit the ground, luckily. 

This weekend has been quite a busy weekend! I got my hair cut yesterday and had a birthday lunch/dinner with my whole family for one of my uncles! I had loads of fun but did not have any time to write a post yesterday. 

March has come to an end and so did my giveaway month! I want to thank you all for entering both giveaways! :) The winner of my second giveaway is Floortje! Congrats Floortje! I already contacted you so please check your email! :)

I'm sorry if you weren't one of the winners of the giveaways! Hopefully there will be another giveaway up soon, so you still will be able to win something! :)

Happy Easter! :)
ps. I'm currently obsessed with Bad Blood, Bastille's album! You should really check it out if you haven't already! :)


29 March 2013

(Photo: tumblr)

Everything about this outfit is perfect. It is comfortable yet stylish and I absolutely looove it! I wish I had striped trousers and a jumper like this myself so I could recreate this outfit haha!


28 March 2013


Forever 21 turtle neck, H&M trousers, Topshop trainers, Vintage sunglasses, Ebay hat

Yay happy Easter break! I'll have a long weekend off luckily! So I probably enjoy it! I feel like I don't wear this jumper often enough but that probably is because it has a turtle neck and I'm not just like sure if it suits me. 
I feel like I haven't been fully into blogging and stuff this week, but that's because I have been really busy with school! So now that I have some spare time, I will get back to your comments and catch up on some blogs. 


26 March 2013

 Vintage jacket, Primark alphabet blouse, H&M shorts (similair), Aldo shoes (similair)

So the weather is starting to be a lot better. I even woke up with the sun peeking through my window this morning. But don't get too tempted by that, because I did and decided that it would be fun to wear my zara parka with leather sleeves. I live just two minutes away from my school, but good god I was freezing

Also I am going to the hair dressers on Saturday because I am tired of my loooong hair. I can actually touch my bellybutton with my hair and because it has been dipdyed and all, my hair now is very frizzy, especially at the ends. So I think it will be good to have a change! :) Also I am dying to get some more volume in my hair, because it is like really long and my hair is 99.9% split ends it makes my hair very sleek and just frustrating, so if you have any tips to create more volume in your hair, please let me know in a comment below! That would help me out soo much! :) 


25 March 2013

 ZARA skort, Zalando sunglasses

So I had some money and decided it was time to invest in some summer items. The weather has been crap lately. As in very windy and flippin' cold. So this weather makes me crave my summer holiday even more and I kind of decided to just buy summer clothes to lift my mood! :)


24 March 2013

 Thrifted coat (similair), Topshop jumper and skirt, Primark socks (similair) , Aldo shoes (similair)

This is what I wore yesteday when I went shopping with my friend. She also took these photos and we have this thing that she just keeps shooting and 9 out of 10 photos that we shoot are me pulling weird faces. Maybe it's because of my habit of constantly talking haha! Anyway the outtakes usually are horrible to look at! 

I bought something at Zara yesterday and I received some of my parcels, so I might show you some of the items I bought! :)


23 March 2013

 H&M Trend blouse (in stores now), ZARA jeans, Topshop shoes, Primark hat

This outfit was shot at least a week ago. I just completely forgot to post it!! This blouse definitely is my favourite blouse at the moment. I absolutely love the dots and all haha! I realised that these jeans became way too big for me but only realised that when I went to school. I know awkward. So the minute I came home I decided to throw these jeans in a developing country bin. Say goodbye to these black jeans. I will be of later to buy some new ones from Zara though well I hope I am.


21 March 2013

 Frontrowshop sweater, H&M trousers, Topshop shoes, Vintage sunglasses

So I did not wear an all black outfit two times in a row on purpose. It kind of happened..  Luckily the sun is shining and I have a bit of my mojo back or something. By the way, look at how cool this sweater is, I absolutely love the tartan bit on the shoulders! 
Now that it is Thursday and the week is almost over, I can finally breathe again. The sun has been shining all day today which makes my day even better. It is days like these that you realise how much you actually need sunshine! 


20 March 2013

Zara jacket (similair), Monki dress (similair), Topshop shoes

These are the kind of outfits I go for when I have school. Just simple all black outfits that are comfortable. I think it's mainly because of the crappy weather. It makes getting dressed just not fun. It's because I just want spring and I want to have sunshine and summer and pretty dresses, thinner tights blablabla. 
I am just going to cry in my bed dying from the lack of vitamin d or something I'm bad at biology and vitamins and stuff I'm sorry
Okay no I wont. I have to study something for French, write something about a book I read and all that stuff. I just want to die for the amount of homework my teachers have been giving me this week. I can't wait for this week to be over...


19 March 2013

 Ebay Céline top, Vero Moda old pleather jacket, Asos skirt, Aldo shoes (similair)

I rediscovered this pleather jacket in my closet and I am just kind of dying to get another jacket because this isn't the perfect one. I am just saving up some money for this leather jacket from Topshop. It is just puuurfect.


18 March 2013


Every now and then I come across new blogs that I haven't seen before, but where I will become addicted to. This blog is one of them. Danielle from weworewhat has such an amazing style and I don't know how I didn't know her blog already! She lives in NYC, which awesome. Danielle wears the loveliest outfits that I really like because she looks so comfortable in what she's wearing, which is exactly what I like! Anyway go and have a look at her blog if you haven't already! :)


17 March 2013

Time for another Giveaway!! I told you March would be a giveaway month so here is the second one! You can win this make-up bag with skulls, my favourite lip balm I love coconut & cream and a neon beanie. I chose to give these items away because I love the make-up bag, I already told you about my lip balm and  I am loving neon beanies! They're my favourite so I decided that one of my lucky readers should have one as well! :)
This giveaway will run until 31 March. So you'll have 2 weeks to enter! :) Also this giveaway is open worldwide so everyone can enter! :)

The winner of the previous giveaway is Nieke! Congratulations Nieke! I already sent you an e-mail! :)

Oh and I'll tell you again, you have to be over 16 (or have your parents permission) to enter this giveaway because I'll need your address to send the giveaway over to you! :) 
If you would like to enter this giveaway please use the rafflecopter widget below! :)


16 March 2013

Episode camo jacket, Primark blouse, H&M jeans, Topshop wedges

Okay so as I told you before I've been quite uninspired lately because of the weather. That's why I am wearing this Primark blouse again. I'm also wearing it again because it is absolutely gorgeous. I love it so much!  
I finally have some money again and now I am trying to save it up but I also am dying to buy this skirt/short thingy from Zara and I probably am going to buy it since I've been wanting it for quite a while now. 

Also if you may or may not be aware of this weird thing with GFC! I don't really know what is going on and all but if you don't mind you still will be able to follow me on bloglovin here. That would be great! :) 


15 March 2013

Thrifted coat, H&M trend blouse (In stores now), River Island pleather trousers, Aldo shoes, Ebay beanie

I already feel like I'm getting unoriginal and uninspiring. I just don't know what to wear with this weather and on days like these, where there's snow and rain, I just tend to pull a lot of the same outfits together. So please excuse the boringness in this outfit. And I'm sorry for wearing this blouse way too often!

I have to babysit tonight and I am so extremely happy with this because I am in need of money oh and I love those kids, it isn't just about the money! I really need to find a real job, but every store that I've been to told me that they didn't need anyone. I'll just keep trying but it's just really frustrating to not be able to get a job and not have money when you're a fashion blogger and you have to buy items on the internet to show your followers see what I did there. That's what I tell my parents when I buy new clothes.