3 March 2013

I decided that I should probably host a giveaway for the lovely readers on my blog. I reached 500 followers two months ago, which is crazy! I want to thank every single one of you! You guys all are amazing and I wish I could give you all kisses and hugs! Never ever did I expect to reach 500 followers when I started blogging. Basically I just want to thank you all for reading all of my rambling nonsense on my blog so I decided to let March be a giveaway month!!!

In this giveaway are a pair of velvet leggings, a purse/wallet and two of my favourite nail polishes from NYC called I ♥ NY & City Blackout. Velvet is quite on trend right now so I liked the idea of giving away a pair of velvet leggings, I saw this purse from Primark in London and instantly fell in love with it so I thought why not give this away and I already told you that I love these nail polishes from NYC, they have such an amazing range but I thought it would be fun to give away these nail polishes, because they are my favourite!

This giveaway ends on March 17 so you have two weeks to enter this giveaway! The giveaway is international so yes, everybody can enter this giveaway! 

Oh yes! You must be over 16 (or have your parents permission) to enter this giveaway because I will need your address to ship this prize to you! 

To enter this giveaway please use the Rafflecopter widget below!


  1. Hele leuke giveaway!

  2. Amazing giveaway! New followers, I love your blog! The nail polishes look lovely, I've used NYC before and they were great :D

    Alex - xoxo

  3. Entered! Great prizes, fingers crossed :)

  4. perfect giveaway! ♥

  5. Geweldige give-away! Ik hoop echt dat ik win :) liefs

  6. This is so lovely of you to do this giveaway! The leggings are really cool too!

    Chloe xx

  7. Thanks for having a giveaway! xo

  8. Hey! I tagged you in a recent post I just posted on my blog,
    you can check out the post to find out more in how you can
    take part, it is quite very simple :-)

  9. Fabulous giveaway! I'm yet to try out velvet leggings :) Congratulations on hitting 655 followers!

    abby - abbzzw xx

  10. Wat een leuke giveaway. We hebben alleen zelfs nieuwe portemonnees dus we laten het helaas voorbij gaan. Volgende keer doen we zeker mee!

    PS: bedankt voor je altijd zo lieve reacties:)

  11. 1st time across here..
    This posts look interesting..
    Good luck...

    Do you have twitter account?


  12. this seems like a great giveaway!

    Nicole from the green raybans

  13. Super toff ! Ik doe mee


  14. Ooh hele hele leuke giveaway, ik vind die velvet legging zo mooooi! Ik doe zeker mee met de win-actie! ik volg je ook vanaf nu want ik vind je blog echt leukk!

  15. Waarvan is de legging? dan kan ik hem kopen als ik niet win hihi! xx


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